UG do WET Christmas Party


Josie was kind enough to allow me to be her plus one at her company’s Christmas party at Twin Palms last night. It was nice because it was right in my Pasadena backyard. Since coming back from Tokyo my sleep has been off, Josie called me to check in and woke me up from my midday nap since my new bedtime is 5:00 AM. Anyway, I was able to quickly get dressed and forgo a shower in order to show up at the start of the party (aka before the appetizers get cold).

The company WET Design was celebrating not only the holidays but also their 25 years as the premiere water feature company. Yup, they are responsible for the famous fountain at the Bellagio. Speaking of which, I will be in Vegas for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Oh yes, back to the party, it was a blast! Josie was responsible for the uncouth moment of the night. She placed her oversized bag on the back of a chair and caused the whole thing to tip over producing a large thud and worried looks from all party attendants. When it was time to eat Josie and I were thrilled as we are hungry girls with insatiable appetites. We are also ladies of very little patience. We examined the food stations and chose solely based on the shortest line. That means we skipped appetizers, pastas, and salads and went straight to the carving station. The first thing out was turkey and that is for turkeys so I looked at the carver and remarked “Where’s the beef?” 15 pounds of prime rib were then brought out and Josie’s eyes got enormous and we both salivated. We then worked our way to the other stations utilizing the uncouth gourmands secret of the buffet and went to whatever station had the shortest line. That means the last thing we ate were appetizers.

Josie, as coordinator of Client and Team Services at WET, had to work the door at the end of the night to provide guest with gingerbread men and women as they left the party. I was responsible for grabbing her dessert. I was an idiot and asked her what she wanted, of course, there was only one answer, “one of everything”. I obeyed. It was a great night.


Tonight we met up again for a quick business dinner at Buca di Beppo. I mentioned that we should have a continous feature on our blog of the uncouth moments of the night. When our food arrived, prosciutti stuffed chicken and a 4 different pasta platter, we dug right in. While talking about god knows what and with a full mouth I looked over at Josie who made an awful face.

I said, “Oh did I spit on you?”

She said, “Oh no, I wouldn’t have cared….I would have been like ‘oh salt’….no, I just burned my tongue”

To which I responded, “Oh no, not those precious taste buds that is our money maker”

Anyway, we are and will remain uncouth for lyfe. Yup we’re gangsta.

By the way, good news, over dinner tonight we *finally* solidified our mission statement for the Uncouth Gourmands

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