UG on the News


The new issue of Los Angeles Magazine names the best new restaurant in LA and the winner is….


I have only been once and was quite impressed. I even reviewed it on yelp.

Palate Food + Wine

Category: American (New)
Neighborhood: Glendale

5 star rating


Palate tantalizes my palate!

I have been wanting to dine here since its opening. I was very excited when I had a food based business meeting of sorts here. It started in the wine bar with a lovely bottle of wine from Santa Cruz (my hometown) and delicious cured meats.

For dinner I had the pork belly and it was amazing. The fennel salad and the pickled onions were big pluses as was the whiskey bread pudding. The wine with dinner was also phenomenal, unfortunately, it was brought by my dinner companion not the restaurant. The butter is handmade and worth every calorie.

After our business meeting ended and I was left alone with my friend and we finished the tables wine and asked for more and more bread with butter the night begun. We asked to meet the chef Octavio. He was truly charming. He had a big Japanese knife tattooed on his arm and when I asked him if he would be attending Savor the Season on Sunday he said he would be working at Meals on Wheels. That is the kind of chef he is thoughtful and creative he also told us about his plan for working with local gardens grown by hoodlums (my word not his). When my friend asked,”Why is everyone that works here French?” he brought out people from the kitchen and said, “Jorge are you French? Juan Carlos are you French?” We were proved wrong but the food was all right (note: not alright).

I will definitely go back and the pork belly will remain my main entree in my belly.

Josie was my dining companion that night and it was truly great. She seconds the pickled onions and she should know, she is practically a regular. Anyway, a big congrats to Octavio on the restaurant’s success. Keep on serving up deliciousness and we will continue to eat it and rave about it.


What else is in the news?

Josie and I were discussing this story over dinner the other night and knew it was perfect for the Uncouth Gourmands. It seems that the homeless in Milan just got seized caviar for Christmas from the local police. We were in Milan last summer and were practically homeless after all of the money we spent on food. Some good free caviar would have come in handy. We actually spent $500 on lunch one day in Monaco at Alain Ducasse’s Le Louis XV (It is #15 on the Best Restaurants in the World). As true UG’s, we put fine cuisine, midnight doner kabobs, pints and paninis, and Mc Donald’s ketchup (which you have to pay for in EU) over our sleeping arrangements. In a hostel in London, I endured an Aussie masturbating in the bunk below me and Josie had a crazy Italian coked-out chef that slept with a huge knife in his bed in the bunk below her. Is it the same as being homeless? Absolutely not, but I am glad the less fortunate in Milan got to savor great beluga caviar.

Here is a picture of us in Milan with no free beluga caviar, just food that put us in the poor house.



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