Happy New Year from the UG


Hope everyones New Year is off to a great start. Our New Year’s Eve began around 2 with an enormous salad that was meant for 4 which Josie and I just ate. We had a business meeting and then a nap and then we were off with no plans just two gentleman to eventually see in the evening.

After driving from Pasadena, to downtown, to Koreatown, we ended up in Highland Park for our very first long needed drink of the night. Omitting, a lunchtime Corona, of course.

Anyway, our first stop of the evening was at the very hip York. For the NYE celebration we ended up getting what all Uncouth Gourmands dream about: free appetizers. There was a particular piece of sausage on a stick whose oil stained my dress worse than Bill’s oil on Monica’s dress…Oops, I am working on being less crude and less politically hot for the New Year.

Anyway, my oil stained dress didn’t compare to when Josie lost her earring in the dark lit bar. We had search teams out and we had Blackberrys, iPhones, and various other light giving devices on the scene. Someone tried to grab my phone and said, “Oh, did you lose my number”. I laughed and said, “Cute, but we are in crisis we lost an earring.”

The Befores:


The Search: (If I wasn’t such a moron with the camera I would have panned to the right where there were at least 5 people with their heads to the floor looking for a gold hoop).


The Happy Ending:


After this whole situation we headed off to Eagle Rock and The Chalet for some more celebratory drinks. Upon entering I ran into some people I know from Woodbury University, which is Josie and I’s Alma Mater. Actually, I am still a student there, now getting my MBA, so perhaps I can’t use the term Alma Mater. Regardless, partying and catching up with former classmates was a blast. Especially, when every time Josie would order a Salty Dog, my school friend would say, “One more Snoop Dog for the lady”. I loved that! Anyway, we stayed until just before Midnight.


It was my goal to meet up with my boyfriend before midnight and so we headed to a house party in Echo Park where I knew he was heading. The house belonged to the lead singer of Pu$$y Cow. Anyway, upon arriving Josie and I each secretly stole a beer from a guy carrying a six pack outside, how uncouth, I know. We also may have or may have not kissed at midnight. Because I am pretty sure I didn’t find my boyfriend until like 12:08.

It was a great night and I don’t think I made it home until around 6 in the AM which was a problem because I wanted to watch the Rose Parade, which takes place two blocks from my house. I ended up walking out at 10:30 when everyone was clearing out since the parade starts at 8 am New Year’s Day (Insane, I know.). Anyway, not a total loss because we had all day to celebrate the New Year in the home of the Rose Bowl.

And celebrate we did, we started at 1pm and went strong until 10pm.

We hit up:

Barney’s Beanery – got some grub, got some pints, and eventually got a pitcher.

Lucky Baldwins -local Pasadena joint, to drink raspberry beer and watch the game (well less watching and more cheering when everyone else cheers)

The York -ate the truffle mac n cheese and beet salad (loved it!), and tried Josie’s grilled cheese and the bf’s chicken wings (also very good)

The Chalet -this time I ran into the girl on the right in the picture and said, “I have a picture of you on my camera, we met last night” Anyway, she was learning to be a bartender so the real bartender was giving her a schooling and sampling of different varieties of whiskeys. It was a class we wanted to sit in on. The bartender also made us all try his favorite drink, a whiskey press, to which Josie replied, “It’s like mother’s milk”

It was a great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! It is now a bit of recovery time, but I am extremely certain that this, 2009, is the year of the Uncouth Gourmands. So watch out America, you are going to get sausage stains on your dress and you are going to lose your earrings but you are going to have a lot of laughs and eat a lot of great food.


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  1. […] improvements. We had a lovely drink and I remembered that Josie and I were both there for a drink last NYE. We always say that we LOVE Highland Park and we do but Eagle Rock also has a ton of great things […]

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