Homey Food


Note: The title of this post is not “Homie” food. We will be discussing our love of taco trucks and doner kabobs in future posts but this isn’t it.

One of us (hint: not Carina) has developed an (unhealthy) obsession for Panda Express. It makes sense, Panda Express was born from Panda Inn which originated in Pasadena, home of the Uncouth Gourmands. The strange thing is that the one who grew up in Pasadena (hint: not Carina) waited over 20+ years to try it and now can’t be pulled from her pull apart wooden chopsticks. After 3 business meetings there I put my foot down and suggested we eat somewhere else tonight. We discussed trying a new restaurant but instead chose an oldie but goody, Green Street Restaurant. It is a Pasadena landmark for their famous “Dianne Salad” that I eat at least once a month. It is good, not phenomenal, but it feels like home and it never disappoints. It is my comfort salad and I love it. Anyway, I was just wondering what everyone else’s comfort food or salad is.


Here are a couple of tips I want to leave you with:

Just because it says Home in the title doesn’t necessarily make it homey and you may think about Marley and Me in a whole new light:

Home Restaurant

Categories: Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)
Neighborhood: Griffith Park/Los Feliz

4 star rating


Home is kind of right, there is no place like it at least not in LA. I have always felt very comfortable here and it’s the kind of place that I like to take my mom to when she visits. However, I stopped going here for several months because of another costumer who got a little too comfortable. Home is a kind of restaurant were you sit outside under the trees and see attractive people walking by and can enjoy a nice cup of tea. All of that changed for me when the hunky man in the table next to me revealed that behind his copy of “Marley & Me” was his hand in his pants exposing himself to all of the happy people brunching. I just couldn’t enjoy an omelet there after that.

However, I just recently went back and realized that Home really has one of the best tuna melts and no bad experience with another customer can keep me away.

Just remember there are things you should do at home and then there are things you should do at Home, get it?

Also be careful of similar restaurant names. There may be several restaurant with the name Green or Verde in it but there is only one Green Street Restaurant

Cafe Verde

Categories: Spanish, American (New), Latin American, Breakfast & Brunch, Basque
Neighborhood: Pasadena

1 star rating


This place was disgusting. I have tried many of the other Green establishments that I always get mixed up. There is Green Street Cafe, Green Street Restaurant, and Cafe Verde. When you are semi-bilingual like me you automatically read Verde as Green. Cafe Verde is by far the worst of the three.

I got an iced tea with a bug in it. The bug didn’t fly in and die, even though I was sitting outside. But rather I watched the waiter pour it in from the pitcher he brought out from the kitchen.

For my lunch I ordered the seafood salad and it was awful. The seafood was not at all fresh and the salad was watery and the raspberry vinaigrette was the worst I ever had.

I will not go back.

I was so disappointed by my lunch that I, a non eater of salad or greens, went to Green Street Restaurant for dinner and had the Dianne Salad to make up for my shiteous (stole that word from Perez) lunch.

In a town with so many Green restaurants think wisely and make another choice. Actually, as a matter of fact, I hate the color green. I am an orange girl so I say you try that new restaurant called Le Grande Orange Cafe. I will too. I’ll try to beat you to the review.

Enough silliness, I have news to report. Uncouth Gourmands are moving strong!
1. We now have an online network you can join: uncouthgourmands.ning.com/
2. We may be throwing an Uncouth Gourmands Beta Party this Saturday Night
3. I made Moroccan food for the first time last night. (Ok, personal feat but still a feat). By the way, I want an awesome Moroccan lentil soup recipe and I want raisins to be included. So work on that and attach it in the comments.


  1. Where did the image of heart-shaped food come from? There is a conspicuous omission… Candy-striped beets make the best heart-shaped food. Bake them, and slice lengthwise. To complete the illusion, cut a little notch in the top of each slice.

  2. I think I just found it on a google search but ironically it is the cover of my mom’s close friend’s, Cherii Bianchini, book “Good Hearted Guidance, The Healthy Way”

    Thanks for the beet advice, I am a big beet fan!

    Are you Matt from Sabor this morning?

  3. Yes, I’m that one.

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