Fun, Food, and Friendship


Those three things make up the core value set for the Uncouth Gourmands. However, a problem can arise when those things go against one another. Especially when you add in the fourth “F” which is free.

Whatever am I talking about? Well, it seems Burger King has embarked on a very clever marketing campaign for their new Angry Whopper that makes all the UGs of the world question their ethics. The question is: would you de-friend your friends and make them angry for a free angry whopper? Click here to read the accompanying article.

There are several questions to ask yourself before answering the question:

-How good of friends are these “friends” on Facebook? Do you even know these 10 people that you will be sacrificing?

-How much better does free food taste? (the answer is pretty f-ing great, I have endured the most god awful, sleep inducing, bores on dates for a free meal and I would do it all over again.)

-How much do you want to try an angry onion?

-Is a whopper, even an angry whopper, worth it?

To be honest I am not sure. If it was for a free 6-pack of boot shaped chicken nuggets with sweet & sour sauce I would kiss all friendships goodbye. But I am a McDonald’s girl.

If you put food above friendships we won’t judge. All you have to do is click here and add the application.

We get it…

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