Here is a Novel idea….


Josie and I love eating, drinking, and brainstorming with WiFi, whenever any question arises we simply say, “Ask Jeeves?”

Anyway, we have searched long and far for a working environment that can serve us food, alcohol, and free internet. After posing the question on yelp we decided to try Novel Cafe.

So far our dining experience has been a series of awkward turtle moments. In case you don’t know what that means you place one hand on top of the other and move your fingers in a circular motion and say, “awkward turtle”.


These were the awkward turtle moments of the morning:

  • When Carina took a portion of the wall with her as she unplugged her laptop
  • When Josie got served chilly chilaquiles
  • When our waiter did not know how to split our bill on two cards
  • When Josie was served hot tap water
  • The waiting of two hours to get our food despite being the only patrons
  • Carina scratching her boob and brushing her hair at the table
  • When our waiter Israel frothed up and f-ed up Josie’s Stella and I said, “Make another move like that and we will have to call you Palestine.”
  • Josie and I screaming when we found a spider crawling on the bricks behind us. Josie then screamed and  made the announcement, “There is an animal, ahhhhhh!”

Despite the series of strangeness, uncouth moments, and awkward turtles I sort of feel like we fit in here. We like the communal library and the beer offerings at 10 am.

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  1. […] the week prior (well really for his whole life) and after another hungover breakfast with Josie at Novel Cafe aka Awkward Turtle Cafe and a couple of morning beers and food to stretch the stomach he was in good shape. Especially […]

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