Friday Night Fever: GNO (girls night out) edition


After being in Santa Cruz, my home town, most of last week (for my brother’s 8th birthday Sushi and Disco party), I was ready for a night out in my current home Pasadena. My boyfriend is out of the country and nothing seemed better than a girls night out with Josie. We were off to a late start leaving my place after 11, Josie grabbed a muffin from Starbucks and then made an illegal u-turn to head in to Old Town. Johnny Law took notice and she received a ticket. Anyway, the party was now needed more than ever. Fun must be had after a ticket, so we headed to the Menage. Josie always talks about how much fun it is but I am always hesitant as there are stripper poles all over the dance floor. I finished my beer before her for the first time EVER because I know I only ever want to dance when I am a little more than tipsy. The Menage is ridiculous, a little ghetto, a big meat market, and more then anything a lot of fun and booty shaking on all 3 floors. Josie snapped a picture of this lady with her chonies on display.


Yup, she is hanging on to a stripper pole. It was getting so hot up in there that we headed outside for some fresh air and that is where we met this guy…


Apparently, he was kicked out after falling off the balcony and everyone on the balcony was mocking him. He was are very own court Jester. He was telling us about his PHD, and whipping out his platinum card asking if any of us had one. Someone handed him a napkin and he screamed, “That’s just paper!” and then someone handed him the plastic wrapper from a cigarette pack and he said, “That is just plastic not platinum, I am your leader and I am your people you will all bow down to me”. People were yelling, “Yeah right, you are so dumb you fell of the balcony” and “Yeah right, like we would ever suck that tootsie roll dick?” It got a little heated and I think we left right about the time someone crossed the line and spit on him several times.

Our next stop was Barney’s Beanery. It was packed and after walking towards the bar and through a line of people I looked at Josie and said:

Carina: Hello multiple ass grabs

Josie: What?!?! I didn’t get any

Carina: Work on that!

Josie: Actually, I think I am the lucky one.

Truer words have never been spoken. Anyway, we got drinks and wings in true UG fashion.


Look, how UG, we have sauce on hands and face.


We stayed until last call and when leaving we got invited to some party and like adventurous idiots we said, “Okay”. The party became very awkward turtle when Josie told the host that her sister may have dated her ex at the same time they were together. Anyway, thankfully we were not kicked out and stranded. We played pool and by play I mean I would hit some balls on the table and Josie would casually walk by and hit my balls in pockets unbeknownst to my opponents. Here is how an uncouth gourmand sets up a pool table even when there is a triangle right behind her. This is also a cleaveage shot because I feel bad about my Corona blocking the first picture.


Anyway, a very random night. When Josie woke up she said, “Oh, thank god, it is you”. We slept some more and then had a recovery brunch at Central Park Cafe. By recovery I mean a mimosa for Carina, a Hef for Josie, and us ordering a lot of bread to absorb our alcohol from the night before.


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