Restaurant Week: The Dining Room at the Langham



So Dine LA Restaurant Week continues and last night we hit up the Dining Room at the Langham. The Langham took over the Ritz Carlton Pasadena about a year ago and the Dining Room is the only hotel restaurant in LA with a Michelin Star.

Josie got stuck in that mess on the 134 yesterday and I was embarrassed giving my car to the valet with the intense smell of nachos that permeated it left over from lunch. Oh well, we made it, grabbed a drink at the bar before dinner and met up with our dining companion, our local neighborhood bartender at Lucky Baldwins (our favorite beer bar). Apprarently, our bartender had either served or slept with everyone at the Langham because we were hooked up left and right. We got a delicious lentil and ahi salad, a green tea and rose hip panna cota, and awesome wine pairings on top of our regular 3 courses. Here was their special Dine LA menu:

$44 Dinner

Choice 1 Squash Blossom Tempura – Stuffed with Brandade, Microgreens and Romesco Sauce
Choice 2 Motnerey Baby Calamari – Bread-Stuffed and Sauteed, served with Aioli Sauce, Arugula Salad, Parmesan, Lemon Dressing
Choice 3 Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio – Mixed Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette and Aged Goat Cheese
Choice 1 Catalan Cod – Torta Espanola, French Green Beans, Chorizo, Brown Clamshell Mushrooms, Escabeche and Olive Oil Chive Broth
Choice 2 Farm Raised Pheasant Breast and Leg Confit – Salsify, Pecan Cream, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Pumpkin Froth and Truffle Vinaigrette
Choice 3 Muscovy Duck Breast – Sauteed wtih Duck Leg Confit, served with Basil Potato Mousseline, Cipollini Onions and Huckleberry Sauce
Choice 1 Poached Pear and Hazelnut Cake – With Dulce de Leche Mousse and Creme Fraiche Ice Cream
Choice 2 Milk Chocolate and Cardamom Mousse – With Banana Fritter and Myer’s Rum Ice Cream
Choice 3 Apple Creme Brulee – Cinnamon Ice Cream and Pastry Garnish

We all got different appetizers and our bartender who tried all three, said Josie’s carpaccio was the best. She never gave me a bite, so I can neither confirm nor deny but I liked my calamari. Jose and I both had the duck and the apple creme brulee and I think we made smart choices as they were delicious. Especially, the basil potatoes under the duck, those were phenomenal.



Our dining companion was an awesome addition because not only did he know most of the wait staff, he also introduced us to a fabulous hybrid, a champagne beer called DeuS. It would have easily been my favorite drink of the night but then his friend, the sommelier, gave us a dessert wine that left us all speechless. It was lovely, a sonnet, a poem, and everything else with rainbows and hearts. Sorry, I don’t remember the name but I do remember that we were the same age, yes, the bottle and I. Anyway, it was just fabulous. Our whole service for the evening was equally spectacular. Whenever a new course would come out we would each have our own waiter to lay our plate down in perfect unison. Josie’s favorite line of the night is when I only had a fork and a spoon and couldn’t cut my apple which acted as the bowl for my creme brulee. I said, “Where are my four waiters? I need a knife”. Our dinner date said, “Here, I’ll cut it for you. I feel like you are my 5 year old daughter”.


I was thrilled to have my dessert back in my hands and in bites sized pieces that could go directly into my mouth. Overall, a great night. The Langham is shockingly beautiful and the service is impeccable. Also don’t forget to hit up Lucky Baldwins between February 14- March 1 for the 10th Annual Belgium Beer Festival; I am sure we will be there – maybe daily


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