UG on the Grammys (live blogging)


I have to say, I am an enormous fan of the giant gold banana elevator that took Katy Perry on the stage. I also loved the use of fruit on her set and on her dress. Josie and I were just talking about how much we liked her and how she is the “New Gwen Stefani”. Everything from the fruit innuendos to the uncouthness about kissing a girl represents what we at the Uncouth Gourmands stand for.

The performance right after, Kanye and Estelle singing, “American Boy”, also made me quite happy because it was playing at every bar and club we went into in Europe. Despite us being American Girls, we were always serenaded with that song. Especially by these girls from Manchester who we ended up having a boob contest with, don’t ask.

img_16431img_1640British Girls’ Boobs


I am not going to provide photographical evidence but, trust me, the Americans won.


Holy Shit! M.I.A is amazing. Today was her due date and she is still performing. Josie and I woke up and we were hungover (both), burpy (Josie), crampy (Carina) and we could barely make it through brunch. We had to be dropped off and picked up in front of the restaurant.

10:35 Okay, they just announced that the man in the White House is a Grammy winner. They also proposed a Secretary of the Arts. I approve but how about a Secretary of Eating and Dining. I have two busty brunettes that would love to take that position.

10:41 Tribute to the Four Tops is awesome! Especially Mr. Smokey Robinson

10:47 The Jewish Elvis aka Neil Diamond is rockin’. I am so lucky I saw him live at the Staples center a couple of years ago.

11:04 Paying tribute to New Orleans. Paying extra attention because the boyfriend and I decided to go in about 3 weeks and will be staying with my bestie Miss d’Auria

Okay stealing this line from the MTV Live Grammy Blogging:

11:10 Will.I.Am and T. Pain have a Wacky Hat Competition. We all lose.

11:25 Grammy for Album of the Year goes to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, not that interesting. Robert Plant is like the Mickey Rourke of the Grammys in terms of haggardness.

Stevie Wonder closing out. Finally Over.

Special Note: If you are reading this because you received a napkin from Josie and/or I at Barney’s last night that said “Call me:” we want to thank you for following through. We appreciate it and you have found a great community of food lovers that are the kind of people that write their blog address on napkins and pass it out to strangers before last call.


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