Love is in the Air and Food is in the Belly


After last Saturday’s long night out on the town we were ready to do a mellow V-Day. The UG ladies were put to shame on the dance floor when only my BF could work the stripper pole. Yup, this was the night when you may have received our blog address on a napkin at Barneys Beanery.

Josie and I decided only a few days before Valentine’s Day to have our first annual UG V-Day Dinner. This means that the day before, Feb 13th, we sat at Starbucks and planned a 5-course menu. We tried to be clever and cutesy in adding things like hearts of palm, artichoke heart dip, special ruby slip cocktails, blood oranges, and scalloped potatoes and croûtons in the shape of the heart.

It was a great concept except it was way too much food for the amount of people, it was last minute, and feeling like a stuffed piggy doesn’t make you feel oh-so-romantic.

Oh well, it was delicious and food always comes first!

Pictures and our menu will follow.

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