Oscar Weekend



Josie kicked off the festivities at the 6th Annual Global Green Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood on Thursday. The event was co-hosted by Penelope Cruz, Leonardo Dicaprio, Salma Hayek, and Edward Norton with preformances by Gavin Rossdale and Sheryl Crow.


The funny thing about that was on Sunday I happened to stumble on the Tour of California -famous for being the race where Lance Armstrong rides again. I am not really fans of either but I do thank Lance for bringing broccoli bundle bracelets to mainstream and much more seriously on how much he has done for cancer research and prevention. I am not a bike rider and after my walk in the Rose Bowl lead me to giant yellow balloons, vendor tents, police cars, followed by cars with extra bikes on the roofs, followed by swarms of bikes going god knows how fast; you better believed I screamed as I shot a picture.


Later that Saturday, the boyfriend was up to compete in a race of his own. He, like Lance Armstrong, was contending to hold his title. It seems last year he won the Edward Fortyhands Contest in celebration of Dr. Dre Day. Edward Fortyhands is when you get taped up with a 40 in each hand and have to out drink your opponent. He had been in training mode for the week prior (well really for his whole life) and after another hungover breakfast with Josie at Novel Cafe aka Awkward Turtle Cafe and a couple of morning beers and food to stretch the stomach he was in good shape. Especially after our walk in the Rose Bowl and staring at people in spandex. However, this year and at this point in his life he is with a foodie (me) and plans change. Josie was kind enough to gives us enormous amount of beef bourguignon, chilean seabass, and awesome bread pudding. The plan was for him was to stop eating early so he would have room for 80 ounces of hooch. However, with the delicious aroma of Josie’s food and my Jewish mother pushing food skills and guilt, he caved and ate. He, like Lance Armstrong, lost his title. Lance came in 7th. My boyfriend didn’t even compete, he simply bowed out and said, “I have a pound of bread pudding in my stomach, there is no way”. The person he beat last year is now the winner. Although I believe that he is the winner because now he is with me! I was actually at Dr. Dre Day last year but didn’t know him, see him, and left before the big contest. I left early this year too, this time in tears and overwhelmed with finals week, homework and papers to write, and getting ready for the biggest roadtrip of my life thus far. I did stay to see the contest and the new winner be named.


After Josie and I had our big lunch at Drago Centro we hit up Lucky Baldwins for the Belgian Beer Fest. I don’t remember what our favorite bartender hooked us up with but I have come to love the chicken and vegetable curry pasties. We then got a sneak peak at Jesse Gomez, a friend of a friend’s, almost opened new restaurant Yxta. We loved the decor, liked what we saw of the menu (didn’t try any food), and loved their cucumber mojito that kept coming all night. My only two complaints are that they 86-ed someone close to me and that the mirror in the ladies room was way too high – I may be 5’3 but I shouldn’t have to jump to see myself. Anyway, a very cool space and we can’t wait to go back when it opens and try the food. It looks like Wednesday is the big opening day!


After waking up and meeting a classmate in the wee AM hours to study for my Accounting Final (today, ahhhh!) I came home, napped, and called Josie. I told her that we should do something for the Academy Awards and party plan. I then said I was in Uggs and wasn’t planning on changing and maybe we could do an uncouth Oscar viewing party somewhere.

Carina: I don’t know what you are wearing but I like the idea of everyone in ball gowns and tuxes and us all disgusting somewhere watching them.

Josie: Are you kidding? I am wearing a flannel and a beanie.

Carina: Perfect!

When Josie came by we had the difficult task of finding a place that would show the Academy Awards, let us eat and drink, and have wifi so we could do some work. Those were our only requirements and like a slot machine it was a challenge to get all three. We called a couple of places that said, “This is a sports bar sweetie, there is no way” and “We can turn it on, but no sound”. We then hit the jackpot, Fred’s Mexican Cafe, who kindly said, “We can accommodate you”. When we arrived was during a Lakers game so they put us in a great booth with our own TV. When I realized that there was no outlet nearby and that my computer was dead, the bartender allowed me to charge my computer by the bar. Later our waitress hooked us up with a new table that had a great wifi connection, a bigger private TV that we could make louder, and a free Oscar tequila shot. We were well taken care of, I had a couple of Diva margaritas and a shrimp caesar salad and Josie had some PBR, tortilla soup, and a carne asada quesadilla. It was perfect!


After the waitress took our picture:

Josie: How do we look?

Carina: Homeless

Josie: Perfect!

We are thinking of a spring UG party on the first day of Spring, March. 20th. Save the date and we will give you more details soon.


  1. Any pictures of the co-hosts? esp Edward Norton???

  2. […] comes to Oscar themed menus. To ring in the winners, the UGs will be getting all dolled up (unlike last year where we made it a point to look homeless) and will be at the the new JW Marriott at LA Live. […]

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