Mexi Lunch / Jappy Dinner


Josie and I met for lunch at Casita Taco De Carbon in Burbank this afternoon. I was not showered, feeling gross, and famished. Josie was ready to eat, running late, and a self-proclaimed mess. The place was packed, it was her first time and when I said it was next to a donut shop and a liquor store she got extremely excited. I got my favorite chicken nachos and she had a carne asada burrito although she enjoyed my nachos far more. We stuffed our faces and the funniest thing is when the employee sweeping said, “Ma’am I think this is part of your garment.” He was correct, she had 3 buttons on the left side and 2 buttons on the right. This was after her co-worker asked if she was going on a trip to the alps. Oh well, I liked her outfit, it was mine that I hated but I am leaving on a trip on Friday and have a ton of laundry to do. And by do, I mean drop it off at the godsend Josie introduced me to, Spin Cycle in Highland Park, so good-so cheap-and so worth it! Enough about clothes, take a look at these nachos, and this burrito, and then take another look at the nachos.



After lunch, I was ready for a day at school working in the library; but we had just organized an evening business meeting and I was now required to bathe per Josie’s request. I stopped by the post office to drop off an UG donation check for our graphic designer, and my BFF, d’Auria for her volunteer trip to Guatemala this week and as a gift for all of her awesome business card work. I then forced myself to go home and take a bath and shower (I always do both and in that order-very time consuming) and to start preparing for my own trip to Costa Rica on Friday.

The business meeting that took place at Bean Town went quite well and we have a lot to marinate on. Josie’s favorite thing she heard was when the guys we were meeting with said, “I want to own a bar” and the other guy said, “Dude, that is every man’s dream”. We were in hysterics, truer word have never been spoken.

We were then set to head to Taco Tuesday at Fred’s Mexican Cafe but they refused to serve Josie because of her expired license, despite the fact that they know her, us, and  our blog. They claimed that random carding inspections have been taking place there and they could not risk it. Whatever. We decided to go back to Kabuki, this time with 2 girls and a guy to keep us company. I started the evening off to a bang by spilling my beer the second it arrived. I had the sukiyaki and Josie had some chicken with sauce I was not digging.






It was a very fun night. We had a great time grilling (odd thing to do at a sushi restaurant) a new boy interested in our friend. It was a funny evening and Josie and I enjoyed making the table feel uncomfortable with our oh-too-personal questions and one liners. My favorite thing I heard all night is when someone said, “tasteless” and Josie replied, “that’s what he said”. Too funny. Uncouth!


Our First Time…at a Yelp Event


Okay so I just checked and I have officially been a Yelper since September 2007. However, this was my first time attending a real Yelp event. It was local, involved happy hour prices, and was at a new place that Josie and I have been dying to try. Maikobe was the venue and it has only been open for 3 1/2 weeks according to the very kind owner that we spoke with that evening. I saw so many familiar faces of Yelp “friends” that I have never met, strangely enough the only “friends” I do know are foodies I have dated. I used to be a much more diligent Yelper but I have been busy here on Uncouth Gourmands and very bitter after a guy I dated, and referred to Yelp, became “Elite” (a status which I covet) after writing a billion reviews when I was in Europe. I also was somewhat of a regular on the the message boards, Yelp Talk, until I did the unthinkable and turned there for political discourse.

Anyway, the second we walked in I heard some say, “Carina”, and it was the girl who dines everywhere I dine in Pasadena, shares a similar palate and reviews with me, and is just as much of a Diet Coke Head as I am. I recognized her immediately from the pictures. The CM (community manager) who organized the event was extremely welcoming and gave Josie and I Yelp chap sticks and 20% off our meal next time we dine at Maikobe. It was very sweet and I realized that I knew the organizer from a Yelp talk thread years ago when we discovered we were both Jewish and Latina (a Jewtina, if you will) she miraculously remembered me and the thread as well. Although, the one item we wish had was some Yelp chonies. Wait until the Uncouth Gourmands come out with, “We don’t Spoon. We Spork” undies. Ah food and sexual innuendo, my two favorite things.


The $2 beers were working for me and I didn’t eat anything because I knew that Josie and I were going to go out afterwards. It was a fun night and hopefully we can get some Yelpers to attend our next event as they are nice, opinionated people, that love food and in the words of a famous jazz standard, “Who can ask for anything more?”. I just gave you an earworm, didn’t I?

Before we left, the CM made sure I tried the white fish carpaccio with white truffle oil. I am sure glad I did because now I can’t wait to go back and have dinner.

After Happy Hour Josie said that she wanted pizza. I am normally an artichoke heart, fresh basil, meatball, and ricotta pizza lover but I wanted something simpler. Think red and white checker table cloths, cheap chianti, and cash only type of establishment. Thankfully, I live right by one of these places, Tarantino’s Pizzeria. We got great seats at the communal table and were sort of idiots in the fact that we both strayed away from pizza. The service was very good. The food was just alright but, again, we should have ordered pizza. I had the chicken marsala and Josie had the lemon garlic chicken.


It was a nice and relaxing Sunday and in my constant need to tie everything together here is my Yelp review for one of my favorite pizza joints, Dino’s Pizza, in Burbank.

I am a lot like Garfield. I am lazy, grouchy, and love lasagna! I am sure that Garfield would be nuts about Dino’s Lasagna Pizza. After all, I am crazy about it.

Yes, you have to stand up to order which I hate (remember I am lazy). But it is so worth it. They also bring your pizza to you which is better then having to stand up and walk all the way over and carry it back to your table.

The ricotta and sausage on the pizza is so sweet and delicious and meatballs make any pizza like 50% better.

If you don’t want to get as fat as Garfield I recommend starting with the basic spinach salad so you fill up on something a little less fattening. It is a good salad and an amazing pizza that will lead you to a very relaxing cat nap.

Pasadena’s “Pop” Falls Flat


Being that I had the day off, Carina and I worked on some business at school for about 4 or 5 hours. Like the relentless party goers that we are, we headed into the night and frequented a few local hotspots.

We started off at Burbank Bar and Grille, where a co-worker of mine was having her going away party. We talked some witty banter while we dined. Carina had a tuna melt, which I suspect she was un-impressed by because she made no note of it. Carina is quite the expert when it comes to tuna melts; she orders it every opportunity she gets. I had the honey chicken brie burger, which was far from stellar, but hey it was a mere 10 bucks. We also came to a couple of conclusions that night when I happened to be wearing an “Army” shirt while she was wearing a tie-dye one (I swear it wasn’t planned). In reality, she is the BlackBerry and I am the iPhone. She is also onion rings while I am the french fries and yet we still feed one another.


We proceeded into Pasadena where we picked up our lively and busty friend, Morgan, and went on into the Pasadena night. We thought we’d try a new place I had never been to before, Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar. Carina had tried it once but wasn’t thrilled about it, while she liked the Happy Hour Bellinis was not impressed the poor quality prosciutto. However, in uncouth gourmands style we thought we’d give it a second shot. When we got there the place was about half full, the music not too loud, backdrop was nice, and the rows and rows of glowing champagne flutes sparkled with bubbly pop. We were further convinced of the joint when we encountered a very attentive bartender who despite the busy night spent a good amount of time educating us on the (sparkling) wine selection. Carina even nominated him for our “Pasadena Fav Bartender” award which was left oh so vacant by Brian, of Lucky Baldwins, when he moved to Atlanta. (note: fear not he’ll be back in July!) At any rate, we were having a good time. We then started handing out our famous napkins to several recipients.



So was Pop good? Not quite. I had a bellini which was sweet but just alright. And the flight of pinks I had were cheap and awful. The prices? Not very recessionary. About an hour or so into the visit, the manager/owner, Kristin, came up to Morgan and said “Can you tell your friend to stop soliciting our customers?” Morgan responded, “Are you serious?” While holding back her smirk she said, “Yes”. What a nasty lady! I wasn’t so angry as I was let down that this cool space was soured by one person – and the person in charge no less. We got our stuff together and paid our bill, over $80 for 3 flights, and 4 bellinis. As we were leaving I handed Kristin our napkin which read:

“We may write about you. Thanks for the ambiance”

So Kristin, here we are! Or better yet, here you are. The center of Pasadena’s food blogging paradise. I hope that given this economy and your un-recessionary prices you start treating everyone with the same amount of respect as you do your “regulars” which you so kindly engaged with while we were there. Also perhaps you should also take a look at the open email that was sent to you on Yelp by Tim E. that I read this morning.

Bottom line: Thumbs down! I’d think long and hard before ever coming back. I think an apology should be in order. The reason you were speaking to Morgan was because strangers were coming up to Carina talking about restaurants in San Gabriel and there was a whole group on their iPhones looking up the site and asking me questions about the content. If you own a bar, you should be used to people interacting and pick your battles. You turned what could have been very positive cross promotion into negative press, not smart.

We headed to Barney’s for last call and a better presence of people. Barney’s never disappoints. Plus, we ran into the king of Pasadena Nightlife, The Captain. One thing is for certain he will remain a Pasadena presence for far longer than Pop.


Lastly, I’d like to address the “funny guy” whom I suspect was at Pop and while ogling over our breasts decided to write a VERY distasteful comment here on Uncouth Gourmands. I’m not going to approve it because while he is absolutely entitled to his opinion, this is OUR space and I don’t appreciate the disrespect to undermine our intelligence and bust size. I tried to write to the email address you listed, however, I see you chose the cowardly route and the e-mail was undeliverable. A small note to you and your smallness:

The blog is a launchpad to something bigger, of which I cannot disclose due to legal reasons. Contrary to what you may think, we ARE cool and you will see more of us, unlike the untactful halfway decent likes of you. Thanks again and sorry you were UNABLE to enjoy the blog, let alone understand the name it bears. The Los Angeles Times and EatingLA seem to think we’re noteworthy.

Best regards,


Foie Gras: Oh ya!


How can something this delectable be so wrong? Well, to some it is wrong and to some it is all right (note: not alright). The Uncouth Gourmands always put our tummies first but we do acknowledge the line between scrumptious delicacy and duck force feeding until livers expand to 10x their size for the sake of that food.

When we arrived at Vroman’s to see Mark Caro, author of Foie Gras Wars, we weren’t sure if we were in the right place becasue the first woman we saw was clearly an animal rights activist. We were a little nervous when we saw how warmly she received the author, she even invited him to a hoedown at her farm. At the point I had sent Josie a text message that read, “He already had a groupie offer him a hoe down.” We laughed and waited for the discussion to begin. We didn’t know anything of the author prior and after this encounter we figured he was probably very anti-foie gras. When he finally began speaking he started by explaining the issue at the most basic level. People like ducks, they are seen in cartoons and in most city ponds, and duck jokes are some of the smartest. There is no negative connotation with the word, as Mark pointed out, like with cow, pig, or chicken. You think of a lucky duck or water off a ducks back but neither is bad in the slightest. Plus duck is not a common food except among the wealthy, so there are not as many mixed emotions if you didn’t grow up eating it. He then went into the more complex issues like where everyone draws their own line, the small farms, the treatment of the ducks, the so-called disease, the silly Chicago ban, the underground foie gras restaurants that popped up in Chicago at that time. What an interesting time in American Food history and Mark Caro, a reporter (mostly Entertainment) at the Chicago Tribune, was the catalyst for this whole thing.


Our favorite thing about Mark and his book is that you will all be able to draw your own conclusions from the nonbias facts he lays out. As he pointed out a writer in Chicago said that this book made him stop eating foie gras and yet Salon said it was the best justifaction for eating it. Even in the small reception at the bookstore I noticed the exact same thing. The UG ladies were nodding along with the animal activist and we were both interpreting his words entirely differently. That is a mark (pun always intended) of a true reporter. When he opened the floor for questions, of course, the first question asked was, do you eat it now? He said on occasion, I nodded happily and the activists gasped. He said he doesn’t eat veal or pork and rarely red meat and tries to eat organic, free range, and cage free poultry but it is difficult to be consistent.


We were thoroughly impressed and sure this rollercoaster of books (coined by Josie) would leave each reader with a very different conclusion and we liked that. Personally we tend to side with Bourdain on the issue. Okay, I will admit it, we just want to be like him in every respect but foie gras is mighty delicious and I hope the foie gras ban that is supposed to come into play in 2012 in California is repealed.

Oh and buy the book. Mark’s newspaper employer is one of many going under so help a thoughtful eater out.

So what did we do after this discussion? We had a hankering for poultry and headed to a chicken institution in Los Angeles, Zankou. We were also celebrating our highest number of daily blog hits. Josie introduced me to the Tarna and I don’t think I will ever go back to the simple chicken plate after that.

Out and About in Pasadena


Let us first begin with the Wahoo’s Pasadena incident that took place on Sunday, we will be presenting this to you from two different points of view. (BTW, I was trying to find a picture with us separately but in the same place so that is why you will see both of us in front of a giant foot in a museum in Prague, Czech Republic. I have no idea but I think it works).


Josie’s Review: In our ongoing quest for the soothing presence of a great taco, Carina and I sought out the “hippest” taco joint conveniently located less than a half mile from her place. We got to Wahoo’s, a seemingly unpretentious spot whose walls are dressed in a collage of old magazine clippings and stickers. We sat down with a wide-array of goodies and a back up of beer in the fridge already paid for. So it’s Sunday and we’re getting a little tipsy, right? We then move on to passing out our infamous and oh so intriguing “” napkins. In my alcohol induced courage, I had the idiotic gesture of giving the napkins to little kids. Not a smart move on my part but hey it’s not like content is rated-R (maybe it is actually). Hey, we’ve never presumed to be muted brunettes and we do like to shake things up a bit. And after all, we get restless when we find things in too much order and there were absolutely no bad intentions.

Unfortunately, for us the waitress/self-proclaimed “manager” disagreed. We were sitting there enjoying a less than “average” meal, which we justified in the exchange of good service and a good ambiance. However, about 45 minutes into our meal and a handful of “handouts” later we were confronted by a mildly repulsive plain girl of good stature and weight brazenly telling us that “the napkins were very expensive and that we please not write on them”. An obvious affront because -well, we eat at a lot of places and- they were quite far from expensive. It was then that my drunk wore off and reality began to assert itself. I felt consumed with anger, while suffocated with furry. I could no longer be civilized and I give her a small piece of my mind. However, I think I exacerbated the situation. I wish I had the super human self-control of my better half, Carina, but I felt very much pressured by the “manager’s” overtly aggressive tone 😦

Bottom Line: On the UG grading scale, Wahoo’s gets a DD. Dull and disappointing. The food was mediocre at best and the environment was ruined by the condescending attitude of the wait staff-primarily the mis-shapen waitress that ruined my meal.

Therefore, my pick for best “hip” tacos in Pasadena goes to Fred’s. An easy eat, cheap, and a wait staff that will go through hoops to make any patron happy. For taste, I got nothing but love for the countless taco trucks decorating the streets of my hometown. Kudos!


Carina’s Review: I have a lot of silly food/weight beliefs that are nonsense but I tend to believe anyway, one is that if I know that one thing I eat is low in calories then all other things consumed that day don’t matter. Case in point, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, they have 45 calorie tortilla soup which is awesome: light broth and very cabbage based. I was in for lunch last week for the first time at the Pasadena location. I used to go to the Burbank mall location and before that every time my friend Sunshine and I would drive to Orange County Wahoo’s would always be a stop. I grew up in Santa Cruz (where there are no Wahoo’s) and yet there is something that seems very familiar and homey to me about that place, I am sure it is the surfer/skater vibe and the fresh seafood. I know Josie is allergic to seafood but I knew she would like it there so I recommend we go after waking up after a long night of partying (see blog entry below). She was stoked (see, SC surfer influence) on the $1.85 beer of the month beer: New Castle for March. Within one second of ordering a waiter dropped a plate of food on the ground. I turned to Josie and said, “I knew this was your kind of place”. She nodded and smiled we drop food and plates all the time and find it charming.


After the spillage we knew that was the table we wanted. We ordered food and drinks. I had tortilla soup (of course) and shrimp enchiladas and Josie had chicken nachos and a carne asada burrito. She was pleased by the amount and it was fine for what it was, mid ranged mexican fast food.


The service was also good. I asked to sample the beer on draft after I finished my Dos Equis and the cashier meant to only give me a sample but said he “forgot” so I got a free glass. It was a fun morning. Sure we were laughing more than most (as we are in almost any venue) and slightly obnoxious but really weren’t bothering anyone. Josie did say, “Come here little boy, do you know how to use the internet?” We got a puzzled look from the father asking why we were talking to his son. We said we are going to need Generation Z soon and that kids are way more technologically advanced. We all laughed and had a fine talk and everything was cool, we actually met a lot of cool people. Including a solar backpack maker that I recognized from my days on JDate. That was why it was so perplexing when the manager on duty was so blatantly rude. A napkin is a napkin and I watched them used several more when cleaning up the spilled plate of beans. This woman ruined my lunch and I wanted nothing more than to get out of there. Wahoo’s was started by Brazilian surfer brothers ans nothing about her emulated that laid back welcoming vibe. She was plain rude, I don’t know what her problem was: was she a nasty person? Did we flirt with her crush, the waiter or the cashier? I don’t know. She turned something that could have been great cross promotion for Wahoo’s and Uncouth Gourmands into something nasty and negative.

So Wahoo’s while I admire your 45 calorie soup, plump shrimp, and sticker covered walls I can’t endure your particular employee. Especially, when I live blocks away from a Sharkey’s (crazy about the Sharkey’s Naked Chicken Salad), two Rubios (great fish tacos), and Baja Fresh (I never eat there). The best taco in terms of foodie caliber in Pasadena is definitely La Estrella but sometimes a girl likes a chain (remember I am from a town where almost no chain restaurants exist) mid level not so fast food mexican restaurant.



Yesterday was a much more pleasant day with no rude managers on duty to ruin our meals. We first hit up the just opened Sabor 2 that replaced Metropolitan Tea & Coffee right by my house. I was excited to go because I used to frequent the one on Hollywood all of the time when I lived in Los Feliz. Note: All of my exes used to live in that neighborhood bordered by Gramercy-Franklin-Normandie -Hollywood. Oh and I nannied up the street for several months. Anyway, I always loved the vibe there and their mexican mocha. I already ate so just had tea and Josie had a panini and a frozen something rather. It was a cool vibe but kind of a strange space not as intimate or cozy as the one in Hollywood. I recommend bigger tables and no chalk near where people stand but I will get to that. We were having a fine time until I looked down and noticed that my denim jeans were technicolored. I thought maybe someone made a mistake at the fluff and fold and then I noticed that the chalkboard under the bar where you order was smudged. I apologize but not great placement Sabor.


I was so embarrassed I could have hung myself on the noose made of cords above us.


Thankfully, Josie joined my uncouth moment club by making one move and taking almost everything on the table down with her. We disrupted the whole place, she screamed, it was a typical UG day out, and when Josie investigated she found that a loose screw was the culprit.


It was a place with potential and we liked the uncouthness of it, like the unisex bathroom that features a toilet and a urinal separated by a purple divider.


I am sure we will come back for the free wifi, the casual environment, and the Acoustic Music Night on Saturday, which have yet to experience.


We met up later for a rated G night in Old Town. We ate dinner at Kabuki, see we are some the only food bloggers not opposed to chains. It was a good, not great, meal but sometimes that is all you want. We shared Gyozas, I had an oriental chicken salad (that totally hit the spot), Josie had a veggie roll, and a bento box that featured three layers of chicken. It was a fine meal and my only real complaint is that you had to make an odyssey to the bathroom. I reffered to it as the toilet trek. I really shouldn’t complain, it was good for me, I even went to the gym today (first time in a month) as I realized while it isn’t bikini season here yet I am going to Costa Rica in less than 2 weeks and it is there. Oh yes, I must not digress, here is the food.


We came to two epiphanies during dinner.

  1. I was saying that for a food blog we sure have a ton of pictures of us drinking and while I know we drink a lot we also eat a lot and why was that not documented. We came to the conclusion that it is because as soon as food comes we dig in and never remember to take pictures. Drinks come all night and the drunker you get the more you think it is a good idea to take your picture. So we are working on taking pictures before our first bite because as we’ve learned if you take one bite, it will lead to multiple bites, and we will have nothing left to photograph
  2. When we don’t drink, aside from iced tea and hot water with lemon, our bill drops dramatically. Josie looked shocked when the bill arrived, I can’t remember the last time we had dinner under $40

After dinner we headed to the Apple store in Old Town Pasadena to say hello to our new friends from the party last weekend. None of them were there and we decided to do some more guerrilla marketing. We typed our blog address in to several of the computers laughing. One of the employees joined in our laughter and said, “Looks like a good time”. It was.


Afterwards, we headed to our favorite neighborhood beer bar, Lucky Baldwins. But it just wasn’t the same without our favorite bartender, Brian, who is in Atlanta now. We left without even ordering a drink. To keep with our G rated Old Town night we endured the constant line at 21 Choices and got some FroYo it is way less sterile than Pinkberry and in my opinion tastier. Plus it is so much fun to see what kind of toppings everyone gets. When someone had good/interesting flavor combinations I would tell them about Uncouth Gourmands if they didn’t we ignored them. It was a good barometer. I think it should be a barrier of entry into our club and events. Although, we were kind of boring that evening. Josie had vanilla with granola and I had mango with peaches, raspberries, and yogurt chips.

The Girls Were Out Again this Weekend


Josie refers to her girls as, Lyle and Erik, a couple of killers. I am shocked that my dress was see-through in the pictures. It was like that dress that John Kerry’s daughter wore, fine until it gets the flash of the camera. We regularly check our WordPress Blog Stats and are always shocked that people find our blog by googling either boobs, big boobs, side boob, brunettes with big boobs, and/or in particular Katy Perry’s boobs. I guess it makes sense, we are a food blog and there is no greater symbolism for nourishment.

After an awesome lunch at Oba Sushi on Thursday, which I coined, “a total Carina restaurant” we headed to Magnolia on Lake on Friday for dinner and drinks. I had shockingly never been despite living mighty close and being a major connoisseur of mac n cheese. The mac n cheese was phenomenal and you get 20 oz of the Magnolia Cocktail. We also ordered the heirloom tomato pizza and the manager was kind enough to send us over some yummy and moist bread pudding after we were pouting about the lack of wifi. My current fave recipe for mac n cheese is the one that is John Legend (or as I call him the male version of Alicia Keys) shared with Martha Stewart on her show, I think it may have been his grandmother’s. It is simple, delicious, and the evaporated milk on top is the secret ingredient that rocks my m-n-c, here is the recipe if you’re interested. Oh yes, back to Magnolia. There is a giant tree near the bar, stylish red plush decor, and despite being an older crowd we had a very good time.


We then met up with friends at Paseo to see “I love you, Man” and then to Bodega for drinks until they closed at one. We headed to Yard House for another night cap and were more then disappointed when the said, “I don’t know what happened but the bartender already called last call, they normally don’t until 1:30, I am sorry but I can’t let anyone in after that has been called.” Nothing to say, only a gesture to be made.


Thankfully, Barneys is our Cheers and we always get princess parking in front, a bartender that adheres to a proper schedule, and plenty of business cards waiting to be made. Our favorite part of “I Love You, Man” is whenever Jason Segel’s character meets a girl he says, “What’s your name sweetie?….That’s my mother’s name”. We used the line all night and since the movie had only been out for a few hours it was perfect. When someone told us their name Josie and I were perfect partner’s in crime and would say in unison, “That’s her father’s name” and “That’s my father’s name”. Someone eventually caught on because when I said my name was Carina someone said, “That’s my mother’s name”. Oh well, it was still silly. We had a great night until the British invaded with whistles, red cards, and England’s National Anthem.


The next day we met up with a friend, aka our paparazzi, and headed to the Menage. It was just as good, and by good I mean so bad it’s great, as ever. The girls were still shaking their chonies in glass boxes, everyone was scantly clad and it was ridiculous.


The funniest part of the evening was when Josie decided she was done with the Menage and grabbed our beers in her purse to go Barneys and then she noticed that Pasadena’s finest were directly behind us. We got a picture with them after promising that they wouldn’t end up on Myspace. Fortunately, they don’t know about blogs or Facebook.

When we finally made it to Barneys and began passing out our “cards”. I handed one to this guy who said, “I already got one of them on Thursday, I knew who you ladies were when you walked in”. I knew it wasn’t from me since I was in class all night, so it must have been Josie. He said he found a napkin in his pocket after going to Wokano and checked out our blog in the morning. It was great to see our guerrilla marketing efforts pay off.


Like previous GNOs with Josie I am woken up by her in my bed saying, “Oh thank god it is you”. We headed to Wahoo’s this morning very hungover and had a very interesting (read: bad manager on duty) lunch that we will report on in full detail later.

St Patty’s Day


Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable St. Patty’s Day. The UG ladies spent the evening doing our civic duty and questioned a candidate exploring a gubernatorial run in California. Okay, and there is the fact that one of Carina’s goals in life is to marry a politician and this one happens to be la creme de la creme in the looks and intelligence department. We headed to Santa Monica High to see Gavin Newsom (current Mayor of SF) in a Town Hall meeting, because of traffic we got there just in the nick of time. As UGs we finagled our way to the front and made sure we were in the Mayor’s eye-line. We were and were surprised by the wrinkles in his suit, not good for a “metrosexual” as Seacrest called him this morning, “Hi pot, meet kettle”.


It was an interesting night and we liked hearing more about the Alice Waters garden that was mentioned on 60 Minutes last week and marriage equality. Oh, want to hear something ironic? Gavin was introduced by Santa Monica City Councilman, Bobby Shriver, who is the brother in law of the current Governator. Unfortunately, we were not chosen to ask a question, as Josie said, “Liza Minnelli beat us to it”. However, our question would have been, “As two young budding entrepreneurs in California, that our discouraged about raising capital for our company, Uncouth Gourmands, what advice or help could you offer?”

I am a regular at political events so as soon as it was over I grabbed Josie and had her follow me so we could quickly get a picture. It was a little more chaotic then most, as everyone was busy sharing their ideas for the homeless, asking about rent control, and other important issues. We just wanted a picture. Josie smartly said, “Pinch him, he isn’t wearing green”. He heard it and laughed, and grabbed my arm but wasn’t quite ready to turn around. After about ten minutes Josie said, “Less butt time, more face time”. I wasn’t complaining. When he finally turned around I said, “Take a picture with the young entrepreneurs of California” he did and we were glad. We left right afterwards, grabbed carrots and water and walked to the parking garage. Josie fell off the sidewalk and when the guys behind us asked her if she was okay she said, “Yes, I just haven’t hadn’t had a drink yet and my body is in shock because it knows this is a holiday”.

We headed to Los Feliz to stop by Tam O’Shatner’s which was packed. There was a tent event with live music, drinks, and food. It was a little overwhelming and we left after a picture with the man in the kilt outside.


We walked to Big Foot Lodge and as we were walking in a little person who was intoxicated was walking out. Josie was telling a friend about it later and said, “We just saw a leprechaun”. When he corrected her using the politically correct LP term she said, “It is St. Patty’s Day, it’s a leprechaun.” We also saw a man in green passed out in front of a tree in front of Del Taco and said, “Drive home, you’re too drunk to walk”.

It was a silly night and we ended up at the Griffin. They were running out of beer and they closed their kitchen at 10 and Carina was not happy. I tried to go to Tam O’Shatner’s to grab corned beef and cabbage to go but they only were taking cash and it was $16 (when I had $8 in cash) and then I had to figure out how to sneak it back into the Griffin. I gave up, we called it an early night.

Not a total wild night but it was fun. It definitely doesn’t top Josie stealing the taxi last year.