Gold Standard Event (Maybe Copper for the UG Ladies)


Jonathan Gold’s 1st annual Gold Standard Event was today in West Hollywood. Josie and I attended despite feeling completely exhausted from the night before. I attended a Secret U-Haul Show for my friend Tony aka Bread Maker Extraordinaire’s band the Mo-Odds and Josie was at a house party.


When we talked this morning the conversation went something like this:

Josie: I want to kill myself

Carina: Me too

Josie: What time did you get home last night?

Carina: 6:30 am, you?

Josie: 8:30

Carina: Oh no!

We had plans and the show must go on, so we headed to the Gold Standard event with heavy eyelids and hungry bellies. The traffic in West Hollywood is always bad but this venue was no help to anyone. We waited a good 20 minutes to make a left hand turn and when we saw the line Josie suggested I hop out, get in line and she would valet the car. The line was wrapped around the block and apparently Josie just decided to park my car somewhere right in front until the valet driver said, ” Ma’am you can’t park here ” and then obliged when he realized that she had no idea how to park my car as there are several push buttons. We waited in line, heard many people complain, and then the unthinkable happened-someone had the bonehead idea to move the entire line to the other side of the gate. Anarchy ensued, the woman behind us asked for a refund, and again we waited this time right in front of a headless dead bird that everyone decided to walk over. Definitely not the most appetizing sight.


When we were finally let through the gates and into Smashbox Studios we were thrilled. We grabbed our cutlery, a wine glass, and a beer. The best thing outside was easily the Jamaican Restaurant, Natraliart. Not only did they give the largest portion but everything on the plate mixed so well and deliciously together. When we walked into one of the four inside rooms Josie said, “Is this a food tasting or Bikram yoga?” It was a question I was unable to answer but it felt like hell; carrying our cutlery and cups in hot heat, with long lines of people, is not what I needed on only a couple hours of sleep. We were both spent but after more wine and beer and samples of great food and awkward turtle and uncouth moments we somehow became energized.

Top 10 Re-energizing Moments

  1. The Buratta caprese salad from Mozza
  2. The salad with beet Gnocchi from Angeli
  3. Beer
  4. White Wine
  5. When walking through a crowd I heard a woman say, “Baby, some girl just hit me with her purse” and me turning to Josie and saying, “I hope you know that was you.”
  6. Me asking Josie where her wine glass is and her pulling it out of her purseimg_05301
  7. Finding a couch to sit at and eat
  8. The green ceviche at La Casita Mexicana
  9. When a guy asked us, “Are you twittering or are you just happy to see me?” He may have also called me pussycat.
  10. Meeting the man of the hour who hand picked the 30 restaurants and the wine and beer for the event, Jonathan Gold. He didn’t seem too impressed by us, but perhaps he was tired from playing host all night. We told him that we were the Uncouth Gourmands and that we were bringing uncouthness to fine dining one meal at a time, he laughed and said that is what he has been doing his whole career. Touche. He does have a Pulitzer Prize and all we have is napkins that we pass out that say, “ We might write about you.” He is a man that we are in awe of and as Josie so notably pointed out he deserves to have his face on money. Here is picture #2 he still has no interest in us:


This refreshing moments helped us laugh off all the unthinkable moments that ensued. First, we waited in line for Animal for like 20 minutes and when we got to the front they said, “Sorry that is the last of it, we are out of food”


Or when they ran out of beer at the Kirin booth


Or my personal favorite uncouth/awkward turtle moment when Josie introduced me to her friend from work who introduced me to one of the most famous food bloggers in LA, Lesley Balla. I knew I had met her before but I was hoping she wouldn’t remember the encounter. Just my luck, she had a perfect recollection of the meeting. As soon as I said Uncouth Gourmands she said, “I remember you, we met at Church & State. You were really drunk and we were waiting in line for the bathroom you asked if I was a blogger because of my camera. I told you that I wrote for Eater LA but just stopped and you said that you liked Eating LA better.” I laughed nervously for a while and then told her I was well aware of her new project Tasting Table and was excited for her. When Josie and I are little plastic sporks in the land of silver forks and spoons it is really not a good idea to make any kind of foodemies. I would like to extend an olive branch or a breadstick over to Lesley and offer to buy her a meal, I heard that she is a Pasadena local. Anyway, clearly we’re not uncouth for nothing.

Overall, it was a fun event and more than anything we laughed.


So the question becomes: what did we do next? Funny you should ask, we ended 3 hours of eating with….get this…dinner. We headed to Little Tokyo and had dinner at Usui Restaurant. We asked to sit in the traditional Japanese sitting area and were then screamed at, in a kind way, for not removing our shoes. How could I forget? The whole reason I wanted to sit there is so I could take off my shoes. Josie had a veggie roll, potato salad, and fried chicken and I had a cucumber salad and beef sukiyaki which was good but doesn’t compare to the sukiyaki I had in Tokyo that my best friend’s mom made.




  1. I knew you guys looked familiar when I saw you, but I couldn’t place it so I didn’t introduce myself. I definitely wouldn’t have called you pussycat if I did. Here’s my rundown:

  2. hmm… totally saw you guys posing w/ Mr. Gold.. awesome time.

  3. […] Church & State for another drink at the bar. Church & State is the location of my drunken embarrassing encounter with famous LA food blogger Lesley Balla, so I was in no rush to go back. Josie had never been so I […]

  4. […] at 5am is just as good as a 5 star meal and that the dining experience must be a fun one.  The first time we met Jonathan Gold and said that we were the Uncouth Gourmands, he said that is who he has been […]

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