Girls Weekend Out: Part Deux


We are two girls that should not be allowed on the town together. This weekend has been insane, silly, and action packed. As Josie is famous for saying, “I am a busty brunette, trouble finds me”.

Okay, where do we start? I suppose we should begin on Friday, we went to the Le Grande Orange for lunch where we fell in love with the deviled eggs. We then were at S Bux in South Pas for hours and then headed to Fred’s Mexican Cafe where we met up with another trouble maker, a girl in pajamas, and we somehow were allowed into to the Menage despite their dresscode. Josie and I were in hysterics the entire night from our friend that shakes her booty, says the funniest things and uses the dance floor as her stage.


The next day we had planned on going to see Josie’s friends band Nico Vega at the Roxy but decided to stay more local. I recommended we go to my old stomping ground, Los Feliz, and hit up the Big Foot Lodge and the Griffin. It was a nice and necessary change of scenery. Our first encounter at the BFL was not a good one. We met two gentleman we nicknamed Bill and Ted and we asked them to take a picture of us. Josie mentioned that we are the new Paris and Nicole except we are our own paparazzi. That was funny but what Ted said was not. Ted took this picture:


Josie complained saying, “My head looks three times the size of Carina’s”. Ted stupidly replied, “It is, you are kind of a bobblehead”. I then, unfortunately, became the object of Ted’s affection. This guy was persistent and more than aggressive; an interesting mix. First, he kept asking how he could be my new boyfriend, my response was, “Get a wife” (no I didn’t mistake the w key for l). Then he said he knew that I must be lonely without my boyfriend in town. I explained that he just left on Wednesday and that I am fine. The last straw after we were followed by him from bar to bar is when he said, “Here’s what we are going to do, I am going to whisper in your ear, then you are going to whisper in mine, then we are going to meet in the middle and kiss”. I said “No”.

That was only the beginning of the strange people I met. My new intro question when promoting this blog is, “Are you a foodie? (normally followed by a long pause and bewildered faces) I mean do you like loooove food?” If the answer is yes, I then give them a napkin with our blog address and explain we are uncouth and too cheap to buy business cards when we can make them for free.

One boy I met loves to eat so much that he began to eat the napkin.


Another person I met was apparently on the Food Network for eating a 2 pound moose burger in Oregon and subsequently threw-up afterwards. FYI, I was harassed greatly (think groped and spanked multiple time) to bring this picture of this food hero to you. Okay, I just googled and have found no such challenge, I think I have been duped. I think his name was Monto or Moncho.


Josie seems to meet all of the nice and normal people. Sure she hits girls in the nose while opening up the girl’s bathroom door. Note: it reads”Does” not “Bloody Nose”. That is why we had to head to the boy’s bathroom “Bucks” for a safe refuge. However, she is a girl that sneaks my beer in her purse when she wants to return back to the Big Foot Lodge after the Griffin was packed with not so interesting people and I still had 3/4 of a Hoegaarden.




The next morning, while waking up next to Josie, I said, “I drove up and down a mountain for you last night”. She said, “Can I buy you breakfast to make up for it?” I said, “Of course” and all was forgiven. We went to Wild Thyme Bakery and Cafe. Yup, that is where the 4th potential wife Ana on Big Love worked. I had the Eggs Sardu, which was 2 poached eggs on a croissant with spinach, artichoke, and covered with bearnaise sauce (I heart artichoke hearts on everything). Josie had the California omelet and we split potato pancakes and an apple and cheddar crepe. It was a a perfect hungover breakfast. Sorry I am cutting us out of the picture but my hair is too horrid to be seen and we are simply not cute the morning after.


Afterwards we each went home to nap and bathe before we were supposed to have dinner with legal council aka the guy we met in Dublin. We were at Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland in June of last year and after an Irish local walked in, took one look at us, and said, “Unbelievable” and walked out we met the lawyer. The lawyer walked in later, looked at us, and said, “You guys are from LA aren’t you?” We said, “Yeah, how did you know?” He said, “Well you (Josie) are wearing a Lakers shirt and Uggs and you (Carina) are wearing flip-flops”. He also lives in the SGV and has been our answer man for all legal questions. We were meeting at Gus’s Barbecue in South Pas but Josie had broke her iPhone a couple of hours before and was at the Apple store buying a new one. She was atleast an hour late. Thankfully, I had Great White, chicken wings, a beer brisket sandwich with sweet potato fries, and good company to keep me company. During the time I waited for Josie, I learned a magic trick I could make my lemon wedge levitate. Voila!


When she finally arrived she told us about all of the new friends she met at the Apple store and how they invited us to a party. I was feeling adventurous so we went to a house party in San Gabriel. When we arrived the employee came out to greet us and then walked us to a backyard it was pitch black and there was nobody insight. We were scared. He was saying that his friends were probably messing with him but I just assumed they were all imaginary. Suddenly the friends emerged from the darkness laughing. They had just come back from margaritas and one of the gentleman, the one who apparently drank a pitcher of beer in 20 seconds only a half an hour before, was the one responsible for starting the fire. It was comical how smoky it was with no flame. I took a picture and then said, “Oh no, the flash is on it will make people think you guys know what you are doing”

img_1018The real view for most of the party was this:


Josie and I recommended that they all do a Fire Dance but after someone stopped hiding the lighter fluid from the drunk fire starter the party began. We had a great time, talked technology, talked business and it was a fun and random night.


The next day Josie and I had lunch with our business mentor at the Jonathan Club. He had sent us an email prior saying , “Let’s do lunch at the JC”. I responded, “Not to be clueless but what is the JC? It is a little early for acronyms.” When he explained he recommended we call ahead to ask about the dress code. My first thought was, “Oh no, the Uncouth Gourmands will never survive”. Josie and I were so nervous I called her and said, “I looked online and they take no forms of currency: no credit cards and no cash; only membership numbers.” We had a terrific lunch. I had the halibut and cobbler and Josie had the lamb and the creme brulee. Our mentor then gave us a private tour of the 13 story club and we were shocked. We saw the kitchens for the 8 restaurants, the Ronald Reagan room (my liberal Grandpa would die if he knew), the gym, the olympic size pool, the tennis courts, the cigar room, the wine cellar, and all left us breathless. My uncouth moments for the day were hitting my head on my door before I left by turning to quickly to get one more look in the mirror on the other side and getting my heel stuck in the rubber mat holes in the kitchen. Josie’s uncouth moment was dropping her skirt too low and exposing her leopard chonies to everyone. Not too bad for us.

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