The Girls Were Out Again this Weekend


Josie refers to her girls as, Lyle and Erik, a couple of killers. I am shocked that my dress was see-through in the pictures. It was like that dress that John Kerry’s daughter wore, fine until it gets the flash of the camera. We regularly check our WordPress Blog Stats and are always shocked that people find our blog by googling either boobs, big boobs, side boob, brunettes with big boobs, and/or in particular Katy Perry’s boobs. I guess it makes sense, we are a food blog and there is no greater symbolism for nourishment.

After an awesome lunch at Oba Sushi on Thursday, which I coined, “a total Carina restaurant” we headed to Magnolia on Lake on Friday for dinner and drinks. I had shockingly never been despite living mighty close and being a major connoisseur of mac n cheese. The mac n cheese was phenomenal and you get 20 oz of the Magnolia Cocktail. We also ordered the heirloom tomato pizza and the manager was kind enough to send us over some yummy and moist bread pudding after we were pouting about the lack of wifi. My current fave recipe for mac n cheese is the one that is John Legend (or as I call him the male version of Alicia Keys) shared with Martha Stewart on her show, I think it may have been his grandmother’s. It is simple, delicious, and the evaporated milk on top is the secret ingredient that rocks my m-n-c, here is the recipe if you’re interested. Oh yes, back to Magnolia. There is a giant tree near the bar, stylish red plush decor, and despite being an older crowd we had a very good time.


We then met up with friends at Paseo to see “I love you, Man” and then to Bodega for drinks until they closed at one. We headed to Yard House for another night cap and were more then disappointed when the said, “I don’t know what happened but the bartender already called last call, they normally don’t until 1:30, I am sorry but I can’t let anyone in after that has been called.” Nothing to say, only a gesture to be made.


Thankfully, Barneys is our Cheers and we always get princess parking in front, a bartender that adheres to a proper schedule, and plenty of business cards waiting to be made. Our favorite part of “I Love You, Man” is whenever Jason Segel’s character meets a girl he says, “What’s your name sweetie?….That’s my mother’s name”. We used the line all night and since the movie had only been out for a few hours it was perfect. When someone told us their name Josie and I were perfect partner’s in crime and would say in unison, “That’s her father’s name” and “That’s my father’s name”. Someone eventually caught on because when I said my name was Carina someone said, “That’s my mother’s name”. Oh well, it was still silly. We had a great night until the British invaded with whistles, red cards, and England’s National Anthem.


The next day we met up with a friend, aka our paparazzi, and headed to the Menage. It was just as good, and by good I mean so bad it’s great, as ever. The girls were still shaking their chonies in glass boxes, everyone was scantly clad and it was ridiculous.


The funniest part of the evening was when Josie decided she was done with the Menage and grabbed our beers in her purse to go Barneys and then she noticed that Pasadena’s finest were directly behind us. We got a picture with them after promising that they wouldn’t end up on Myspace. Fortunately, they don’t know about blogs or Facebook.

When we finally made it to Barneys and began passing out our “cards”. I handed one to this guy who said, “I already got one of them on Thursday, I knew who you ladies were when you walked in”. I knew it wasn’t from me since I was in class all night, so it must have been Josie. He said he found a napkin in his pocket after going to Wokano and checked out our blog in the morning. It was great to see our guerrilla marketing efforts pay off.


Like previous GNOs with Josie I am woken up by her in my bed saying, “Oh thank god it is you”. We headed to Wahoo’s this morning very hungover and had a very interesting (read: bad manager on duty) lunch that we will report on in full detail later.



  1. I just wrote about Wahoo’s too

  2. […] the exact type of food I was looking for: free tacos from Rubios, mac and cheese from Magnolia (my favorite mac in Pas), and a $1 burger from The Counter. I asked the guy at The Counter when they would be […]

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