Our First Time…at a Yelp Event


Okay so I just checked and I have officially been a Yelper since September 2007. However, this was my first time attending a real Yelp event. It was local, involved happy hour prices, and was at a new place that Josie and I have been dying to try. Maikobe was the venue and it has only been open for 3 1/2 weeks according to the very kind owner that we spoke with that evening. I saw so many familiar faces of Yelp “friends” that I have never met, strangely enough the only “friends” I do know are foodies I have dated. I used to be a much more diligent Yelper but I have been busy here on Uncouth Gourmands and very bitter after a guy I dated, and referred to Yelp, became “Elite” (a status which I covet) after writing a billion reviews when I was in Europe. I also was somewhat of a regular on the the message boards, Yelp Talk, until I did the unthinkable and turned there for political discourse.

Anyway, the second we walked in I heard some say, “Carina”, and it was the girl who dines everywhere I dine in Pasadena, shares a similar palate and reviews with me, and is just as much of a Diet Coke Head as I am. I recognized her immediately from the pictures. The CM (community manager) who organized the event was extremely welcoming and gave Josie and I Yelp chap sticks and 20% off our meal next time we dine at Maikobe. It was very sweet and I realized that I knew the organizer from a Yelp talk thread years ago when we discovered we were both Jewish and Latina (a Jewtina, if you will) she miraculously remembered me and the thread as well. Although, the one item we wish had was some Yelp chonies. Wait until the Uncouth Gourmands come out with, “We don’t Spoon. We Spork” undies. Ah food and sexual innuendo, my two favorite things.


The $2 beers were working for me and I didn’t eat anything because I knew that Josie and I were going to go out afterwards. It was a fun night and hopefully we can get some Yelpers to attend our next event as they are nice, opinionated people, that love food and in the words of a famous jazz standard, “Who can ask for anything more?”. I just gave you an earworm, didn’t I?

Before we left, the CM made sure I tried the white fish carpaccio with white truffle oil. I am sure glad I did because now I can’t wait to go back and have dinner.

After Happy Hour Josie said that she wanted pizza. I am normally an artichoke heart, fresh basil, meatball, and ricotta pizza lover but I wanted something simpler. Think red and white checker table cloths, cheap chianti, and cash only type of establishment. Thankfully, I live right by one of these places, Tarantino’s Pizzeria. We got great seats at the communal table and were sort of idiots in the fact that we both strayed away from pizza. The service was very good. The food was just alright but, again, we should have ordered pizza. I had the chicken marsala and Josie had the lemon garlic chicken.


It was a nice and relaxing Sunday and in my constant need to tie everything together here is my Yelp review for one of my favorite pizza joints, Dino’s Pizza, in Burbank.

I am a lot like Garfield. I am lazy, grouchy, and love lasagna! I am sure that Garfield would be nuts about Dino’s Lasagna Pizza. After all, I am crazy about it.

Yes, you have to stand up to order which I hate (remember I am lazy). But it is so worth it. They also bring your pizza to you which is better then having to stand up and walk all the way over and carry it back to your table.

The ricotta and sausage on the pizza is so sweet and delicious and meatballs make any pizza like 50% better.

If you don’t want to get as fat as Garfield I recommend starting with the basic spinach salad so you fill up on something a little less fattening. It is a good salad and an amazing pizza that will lead you to a very relaxing cat nap.


  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. It was an honor to sit next to you fine ladies at your first CMYE, and my first in a long time. See you ’round P-town.

  3. Nice random profile shot of me. it was nice talking to some local Pasadena foodies, although I can’t find this Danny’s taco place by my work that you spoke of. I call shenanigans. Any ways, cool website.. keep up the good work.

  4. Almost made it to this event.. but was… ahh ISHT can’t remember.. lemme check my pix of my food and report back 😉

  5. […] learned today that Dawson is no longer with Yelp. OMG! We are heartbroken. She eased us through our first Yelp event, hosted the awesome 007 party, and has been our favorite to see at all events from Milk to […]

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