Mexi Lunch / Jappy Dinner


Josie and I met for lunch at Casita Taco De Carbon in Burbank this afternoon. I was not showered, feeling gross, and famished. Josie was ready to eat, running late, and a self-proclaimed mess. The place was packed, it was her first time and when I said it was next to a donut shop and a liquor store she got extremely excited. I got my favorite chicken nachos and she had a carne asada burrito although she enjoyed my nachos far more. We stuffed our faces and the funniest thing is when the employee sweeping said, “Ma’am I think this is part of your garment.” He was correct, she had 3 buttons on the left side and 2 buttons on the right. This was after her co-worker asked if she was going on a trip to the alps. Oh well, I liked her outfit, it was mine that I hated but I am leaving on a trip on Friday and have a ton of laundry to do. And by do, I mean drop it off at the godsend Josie introduced me to, Spin Cycle in Highland Park, so good-so cheap-and so worth it! Enough about clothes, take a look at these nachos, and this burrito, and then take another look at the nachos.



After lunch, I was ready for a day at school working in the library; but we had just organized an evening business meeting and I was now required to bathe per Josie’s request. I stopped by the post office to drop off an UG donation check for our graphic designer, and my BFF, d’Auria for her volunteer trip to Guatemala this week and as a gift for all of her awesome business card work. I then forced myself to go home and take a bath and shower (I always do both and in that order-very time consuming) and to start preparing for my own trip to Costa Rica on Friday.

The business meeting that took place at Bean Town went quite well and we have a lot to marinate on. Josie’s favorite thing she heard was when the guys we were meeting with said, “I want to own a bar” and the other guy said, “Dude, that is every man’s dream”. We were in hysterics, truer word have never been spoken.

We were then set to head to Taco Tuesday at Fred’s Mexican Cafe but they refused to serve Josie because of her expired license, despite the fact that they know her, us, and  our blog. They claimed that random carding inspections have been taking place there and they could not risk it. Whatever. We decided to go back to Kabuki, this time with 2 girls and a guy to keep us company. I started the evening off to a bang by spilling my beer the second it arrived. I had the sukiyaki and Josie had some chicken with sauce I was not digging.






It was a very fun night. We had a great time grilling (odd thing to do at a sushi restaurant) a new boy interested in our friend. It was a funny evening and Josie and I enjoyed making the table feel uncomfortable with our oh-too-personal questions and one liners. My favorite thing I heard all night is when someone said, “tasteless” and Josie replied, “that’s what he said”. Too funny. Uncouth!

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