India’s Flavor


Perhaps it’s because the wife’s away, but for the past couple days I have been feeling a little under the weather. So yesterday when my friend, Nick, told me we should try this little hole in the wall Indian place he loved, I eagerly obliged. The place is situated in Glendale, an unexplored area for Carina and myself. From the moment I saw the place, I knew something special was going on there. The people in the front AND back of the house were all Indian. I presume they were all family from the interaction I saw amongst them. In fact, the “mom” was the bus-girl and the “dad” was the waiter. The kitchen, an open space concealed only by a rag, probably had more surface area than the dining room did. The boldness of India was present. I was eager to see what kind of meal awaited me.


We got there at 8, (last seating is at 9:30-not good for the night owls like myself) and from the moment we stood foot in the door to the moment we left, we were treated like part of the tribe. I absolutely adored the “mom” of the group, who seemed so genuine and who made physical contact while she spoke to me. The patrons were like a salad of all walks of life. From suits to lesbian dates to middle-aged locals, the place was packed. The dining room hosts no more than maybe 12 small tables. And by small I mean, you have to fight to get out of your seat if you’re in the opposing side of the walkway.


We sat, we talked, and we had a great time. We chatted over the completion of the ug business plan and his travels. Turns out I’ve known the man for a year and he’s failed to mention any of these life experiences to me. Fill a sister in will ya’. He’s a lawyer so he loves to argue with me and sadly, I fall trap. However, he won’t admit to his love for arguing. At one point during the night, I responded to his denial by saying, “you don’t get this ‘lawyer thing’ do you?” Man, we give each other way too much grief for being fleeting friends that met in Dublin one year ago and only seldom meet up, but incessantly text message:)


We ordered three moderately sized entrées (one veggie and two chicken), basmati rice (which came with the meal), garlic naan bread, and two chai teas. The chicken dishes were spicy, well seasoned, and modestly garnished. Although we didn’t dislike the veggie balls, which I was looking most forward to, they were the most impotent of the trio. The rice was perfectly cooked, but I suppose it’s hard to mess up rice if you have a high tech appliance like a rice cooker. This place looked like it had no such luxuries. Our chicken dish was even garnished with a cute, little paper umbrella. To top off the great food, was the satisfaction of knowing that not a single dish was priced at over 10 or so bucks.


Down-side: No alcohol. But a plus side, if you’re say… getting out of a 6 o’clock AA meeting and don’t want any temptations. I wasn’t getting out of one, but I did enjoy my chai.

Overall: I can’t get enough. At one point during the day, I found myself talking to my co-worker about it and proceeded to get a little drool-ey. Absolutely, one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait to share this little treasure with the wife. A definite thumbs-up! Good call, Nick.

India’s Flavor

3303 N Verdugo Rd

Glendale, CA 91208

****Sorry about photo quality. iPhone needs a better camera.


UsinG our Noggin


If you know the second meaning of the word noggin then it makes it doubly true. On Sunday, the day after the Grilled Cheese Invitational and the Pub Crawl, we attended the Woodbury University MBA Association Dinner honoring this year’s graduates. I will not be completing the program until October but wanted to support my fellow classmates. It was held at Castaways in Burbank, which I have always heard is known for the view not the food. I have to second that notion. Josie, my plus one, would know more about the food since the waitress spilled most of her plate on her dress. I felt her pain because on Friday one of her friend’s poured half a Cosmo down my dress. We don’t set out to be Uncouth Gourmands, dining mishaps and trouble just seems to find us. Regardless of the spillage, the night was quite excellent. We sat at a table with three graduates and their wives and they disclosed the best Armenian food in LA to us and kept us laughing all night. Josie was also happy to see and shake hands with the President of the university who she hasn’t seen since her days as President of CEO during her undergrad. They gave us all red bracelets with 6 tabs that were to be pulled off by the bartenders with each drink ordered. This was definitely our kind of school event as we didn’t even come close to the 6 drinks per guest. Although when Josie said, “Put your head in the license plate cover?” I was silly enough to say, “Okay”.


That night we met up with our friend Bill, whom we have known since our freshman year in college, and invited him to Trivia Night the next day at Royal Claytons. Despite getting hardly any sleep that night I was ready for trivia the next evening. My Blackberry was not working for several hours (did everyone experience that yesterday?!?!), I was sitting at the Toyota Service lounge for hours pondering how they make Corn Nuts, I was sneezing convinced I had Swine Flu, and yet I had a feeling in my heart that we were going to dominate at trivia. After all, this time we had our secret weapon, our friend Arun, who we plucked from the winning Curry Mafia team.We also had our highest number of website hits that day to celebrate; Thanks Grilled Cheese Invitational! I had the chicken curry which was good but the onion rings were phenomenal. Josie and I were both quite impressed that they use red onions.



The regular Hosts with the Most were not there because they were scoping out wedding venues so we had a replacement host and scorer. The scorer was the owner, who we like very much, and was kind enough to remember us and mention us on their press page. The host for the evening was also quite funny, his humor was just rather dry, and it seemed to be taking a while to go from question to question and to tell us the answers. He made us make several awkward turtle gestures throughout the evening, which we rather enjoyed because we like those awkward moments. He also made us laugh quite a bit like when Krissy said, “Who the F@ck says Ne-Vah-Da?” Arun wasn’t used to a team like ours and said we were like a sitcom and to keep our voices and forks down so we don’t get disqualified. So did we win? Nope, still losers. We did get 10 out of 10 on the “Where am I?” round but so did like 4 other teams. We would like to blame it on the absence of William, the Grand Inquisitor, and Pamela, his lovely assistant, or on the generational gap on most of the questions but in reality it was our loss. We are losers.


I, Carina, am heading to Santa Cruz in a few hours to see my family for the week and am planning on spending quite a bit of time in San Fran. Any restaurants that I must try? Let me know if you have any recommendations and I will be sure to record all that is consumed.

Cheesy Weekend


Our weekend began on Friday over cheap Chinese lunch specials at Go China. I showed Josie the business plan for Uncouth Gourmands which has occupied all of my time this past week, as it was due on Thursday. We discussed our plans for the evening and were thrilled that we stayed under $10 each for lunch. We spend more than that at Panda Express.

That evening the wife, Josie, picked me up and we headed to Bodega Wine Bar. We shared a bottle of Poppy pinot noir, a pepperoni and cheese plate, bruschetta and olive tapenade, and had a impromptu meeting with a potential party host. It was exactly our kind of meeting.


Friday marked the start of Morgan-Palooza’s birthday weekend. It is all I have heard about over the last month and I barely know the girl. We initially thought that we were going to the Standard Downtown to celebrate but last minute the location changed to J Lounge. Josie was not happy about the change of venue and was a Debbie Downer until she got another another drinky in her. We liked the space but it was almost too big and we were unimpressed by the management and crowd.


The party then moved to Bar 107, it was my first time there and I can’t wait to return. Josie was a little too sleepy and drunky to join the group but we somehow managed to have fun anyway. There was new wave dancing and strong drinks that made for an excellent evening. Seriously, I really want to go back.



Josie crawled into my bed at some point on Saturday morning after falling asleep on my couch. We both woke up a little more than hungover and were in desperate need of a big breakfast. We headed to Dish in La Canada. It is strange because in our every day life blondes are a rarity but that is just not the case in La Canada/Flintridge. We walked in to a world that looked straight out of Pleasantville. Everyone was showered, blow dried, and polished and we definitely looked like we had a big night out the night before. Josie headed to the bathroom and the waiter looked over at her and while giving her directions said, “You are a rockstar, right?” She laughed because clearly the only way someone would be in this establishment looking hungover and unbathed is if they were a rockstar. I had a sausage and onion omelet with hashbrowns, Josie had the chorizo scramble ,and we split the apple oat pancakes. The sausage in the omelet was phenomenal and it was the kind of breakfast that taste exactly how it looks. I am one of those people that have a very small breakfast window, come 11:20 I am always asking if I can order off the lunch menu. The food was quite good and Josie was kind enough to give me the apple chunks from the oatcakes. I mentioned that she is like my bird mother picking out my food for me.


The only problem with this enormous breakfast was that I forgot that I had to go the Grilled Cheese Invitational in less than an hour. Josie, despite being friends with the organizer Tim Walker, couldn’t attend because of work. That meant that I had to tackle the bread, butter, and cheese on my own. Our new friend, Arun, from trivia night mentioned that he was going so I texted him right before my arrival. He had been waiting in line for an hour and had an excellent place in line among the 5,000 people. I was able to wait with him and we began to strategize. We each got 2 tickets to judge grilled cheeses and there were four rounds. The first round was Missionary, second and third was Kama Sutra I and Kama Sutra II, and the final round was the Honey Pot. My idea was to get a grilled cheese in each round and split it so we could taste/judge everything. For the first round Arun stepped up to the plate used his ticket to get the grilled cheese fries. They were awesome; cut thin and breaded with Parmesan. We love that the cooks stole all the ketchup from McDonald’s.


We then headed to the beer garden, which was smart because they ran out of brew pretty early on. For the second round we made a mistake and doubled up on Kama Sutra I thinking it was the same as Kama Sutra II but we learned that Kama Sutra I was all vegetarian. It worked out because Arun is a non-meat eater. Hey, come on, he is my friend and atleast he’s not a vegan. Plus his love of cheese makes up for his non-love of eating animals. Arun got an eggplant grilled cheese with smoked gouda and the one I picked up had asparagus and I believe asian pear. We all know what I think of fruit included in all dishes. It was delish.



While we sat out the meat grilled cheese round we enjoyed the endless free kraft single grilled cheeses and the Izzy Sodas (I am all about the grapefruit). We also saw “Spencer loves Heidi” written in the sky as Speidi got married in my town of Pasadena. We heard numerous grilled cheese poems and songs. It was very pleasant and my face was being kissed red by the sun. The only bad note of the day was when it was announced that Bea Arthur had passed. The emcee was kind enough to dedicate this day the Bea Arthur Memorial Grilled Cheese Invitational. When it was time for the Honey Pot round (the dessert grilled cheese round) I was in desperate need of something sweet to brighten my mood. I was waiting forever for this grilled cheesecake that looked phenomenal but gave up and gave in to the “Druken Pear” dessert. It was so delicious and definitely had a great amount of alcohol in it; it was totally worth my last ticket.





I missed the announcement of winners because my body was in need of a nap and some veggies to counter all the butter, cheese, and bread. However, Arun and I did turn in all of our judging sheets. I headed home unsure of what to do for the rest of the night. Josie and Krissy were heading to the Opera and then were going to pick up afterwards so we could head to Hollywood. I wasn’t really feeling that and was more interested in attending the Pub Crawl that Arun and his best friend/neighbor were planning in Downtown. This event was official with a Facebook Event page, constant Tweets, and exact times and locations. This wasn’t an amateur crawl. The girls were done with Opera and agreed that staying downtown was best. I changed my clothes but some lotion on my sunburned face and headed to their second stop The Association. It was a cool space but I had no time to order a drink there, so can’t comment on that. The next place was The Crocker Club. Josie and I talked to the owner and were beyond impressed by the original moldings and look of the place. There were all of these separate vault areas and delicious cocktails. When the pub crawl began to crawl to their next stop Casey’s Bar & Grille, Krissy and I weren’t really in to moving forward. I like Casey’s, it was my former boyfriend’s favorite bar, but I haven’t wanted to go back since they kicked us out early once to exterminate the place. Krissy and I stayed behind as we had prime seats at the bar and were loving the strawberry and cucumber cocktails that the bartenders were serving up. Josie walked on. Krissy and I ended up at the Edison at the end of the night and were there until closing. It was a fun time and I apologize about the lack of pictures but I will blame my forgetfulness on the sun, grilled cheese, and Alcohol. Here is a picture I stole from Arun’s Twitpic.


You say it’s your…Earth Day


Well it’s Free Cone Day too! Happy Earth Day and more importantly Happy Free Cone Day! On a super hot day and in a bad economy we recommend you all make the trek to a Ben & Jerry’s for a refreshing and free ice cream/fro-yo cone.

I will indulge in Cherry Garcia and I am positive my lacto-semi-intolerant tummy will kill me for it later but it will be well worth it.

Oh one more thing, Earth please forgive me for the “I hate the environment” shirt I wore the other day, I just wanted to join the ironic t-shirt club.


Girls Weekend


Every weekend has become a girls weekend, filled with GNOs (Girls’ Night Outs), as we realize that we are in a dating desert. As Josie so poignantly pointed out, “Wake up and smell the brush off- we’ve been dumped.” Our Friday night began at Barcelona with 7 ladies ready for a night on the town. Josie and I are not big fans of Barcelona, because there is a cover that we can’t flirt our way past and the drinks are so pricey and their dance floor is pretty underutilized. We convinced the other girls to go to The Menage, using our famous, “It’s so bad…it’s good” line. After that, the night picked up, we pushed boys aside, and had a silly time. Note: That picture that looks like Josie is kissing that girl is actually not so. Their lips never touched.


The next morning, we woke up at my place hungover and Josie and I were, of course, starving. She was supposed to go to Coachella but we decided to get brunch before she left. We headed to Old Town where we got Princess Parking right in front of Barnes & Noble and I noticed hot Chef Curtis Stone on the cover of a new book in the window display. I recommended we go in and ask if he was going to do a book tour and they said he was going to be at Sur La Table, right up the street, in 15 minutes. We held out on our hunger and ran in line. I have long been a fan of Chef Curtis and even used to have a code with my ex boyfriend in case I ran into the Take Home Chef at a Pasadena grocery store. The plan is that I would refer to my bf as Matthew on the phone when I invited him to dinner instead of Matt, which I always called him. Matt would then have to come over and pretend that all of the food that Curtis and I picked out was his favorite and his dream meal (even though it was really mine). Josie had a more realistic experience with him which she always likes to throw in my face. I guess they met at the Standard Downtown and some guy she was on a date with ruined the moment. Anyway, we were very happy to see him. He signed our book, “To the Uncouth Gourmands- Josie and Carina”. We then proceeded to hand him a post-it with “ – Hypertext me” written on it.


We were then thrilled and headed to fill our tummies. We went to to the new Argentinan restaurant 1810. Josie had the Milanese sandwich with fries and I had the special spinach salad with grilled chicken and mushrooms. It was exactly what I wanted. The sangria-I should have done without. When I gave Josie a sip she said, “This is what murky tastes like”. Also wasn’t loving the stale bread that came out before our meal but I am a bread snob. I’d go back but am not close to blown away…my meal was no Chef Curtis.


During our meal Josie’s friend, who she was supposed to go to Coachella, called and said she wasn’t really feeling it and asked if I wanted the ticket. I was hesitant as I had a ton of schoolwork to complete but thankfully I obliged. We stopped for Happy Meals and beer and made it to Coachella around 4 but then spent an hour in traffic. Although it was fun to tweet with a fellow LA foodie BakeSpace that we follow on Twitter and compare traffic notes. For Josie and I, it was both of our first times and we were excited despite the heat, the traffic, and the hike to the stages. Looking at the line-up I wish I would have gone Friday as I am a huge Leonard Cohen and Hold Steady fan but Saturday also had a ton of offerings. We saw TV on the Radio, Thievery Corporation, MIA, Band of Horses, Jenny Lewis (our favorite of the day-but we are also both huge Rilo Kiley fans), and the Killers (whose songs were indistinguishable but good, not headliner material but we liked the fireworks). Our favorite moment was Jenny Lewis singing “Silver Lining“. I also liked sporking my ceviche tostada, and Josie liked forking her beef tenderloin caesar salad. The awkward turtle moment was really just the things we overheard. I heard two girls in bikinis go up to security and say that someone bit them. When the guard asked who it was, she responded, “I don’t know. She is the only 7 foot tall girl here.” During the Killers, there was a teenage girl behind me saying “OMG he is so hot. I love Brandon Flowers. I want to have his babies.” She then proceeded to scream, “Impregnate me! Impregnate me!”

We left at 1 and did another Mickey D’s run and got back at 3am. Josie and I had another sleepover. An excellent and exciting Friday and Saturday.

UG do Trivia Night


If you would have been smart enough to follow us on Twitter you would have known that we were at Royal Claytons for Trivia Night on Monday. There were four of us girls and our team name was the “Uncouth Gourmands”. As soon as our name was announced a gentleman, who was part of the winning team – Curry Mafia, knew exactly who we were and is a UG blog regular. We were thrilled to meet one of our readers and clearly he is knowledgeable as he kicked our trivia butt. Although we did place in the Fashion and Las Vegas categories. Josie had the pizza. Krissy had the mac n’ cheese, we weren’t loving the bell pepper addition. I had the cobbler. We all had drinks and lots of them. While we we didn’t delve that deeply into the menu I would love to return for Curry Club night.




It was a great time and we liked the hosts a lot although we still argue that the host of Project Runway is Heidi Klum NOT Tim Gunn. I was debating which picture to post with our reader/new friend: the one with where we look bad but he looks good or the one where we look good but his eyes were closed. We decided to rule in his favor, especially after my friend Tony acted so immature/uncouth and was in hysterics about our friend asking us if we “eat out all the time” and if we “eat downtown often”.

Tony made up for it by buying all of us ladies a round of beer and buying the busboy a Sex on the Beach, which confused the man greatly. Tony also ordered and bunny eared (told you, immature) a drink called a Black and Blue. I had never heard of it but it is Blue Moon and Guinness. Royal Claytons is a fun place and we can’t wait to go back. Perhaps we can convert our new friend to our team so we can win Trivia Night once and for all!



How Bizarre at the Bazaar


At the strike of midnight on Saturday night it was not only Easter but also my half birthday. Josie was tired from a long day at work so I made the trek to Venice to see my friend at The Otheroom for her boyfriend’s birthday. I took his crown from him and bestowed it on myself. As you know, if you are counting fractions in your age you are still very young. It was a cool place and worth enduring the line outside.



The next morning we were excited for Easter brunch and my Half Birthday celebration and there was only one place we wanted to go Bazaar by Jose Andres at SLS. We made reservations that morning and got on our Easter dresses and downed some glasses of pink champagne before taking off to brunch.

Josie’s Review

The Bazaar defies easy classification. One step in the door and you are immediately transported into a morbidly alluring world that rolls full force with a tendency towards the dramatic. However, despite the rough motifs and the postured (and sometimes robotic) wait staff, few disappointments came our way. Perhaps it was the alcohol that danced within us, but after we warmed up to the wait staff (or they warmed up to us) everything was un-offensive and dare I say, enjoyable.

The food was palatable and frail.  All the dishes were delicately and meticulously crafted little novelties.  The food did NOT detract from the space-which I’m not sure was a good thing. The food and the environment also played on strong overtones of excess which I’m not sure was good either (esp, given our current economic state).  Despite being a tapas place, I could see how paying $3 for a literal bite may not be an option for most people. So in that respect, some dishes were hard to justify. However, unctuous and stellar could be the only words to describe the foie gras brioche. Additionally, I definitely fell into a whirlwind with the pork sausage that captured me like a formidable foe. Thankfully, that was the one dish Carina couldn’t stand so I got to have it all to myself. Exciting and different than what we’ve seen here in LA in the past? Yes. Mind-expanding on a global culinary scale? Most definitely not. A step in the right direction? Absolutely.


The Space: At first, I writhed at the over-designed space that is supposed to be set up like a bazaar where you can move from area to area and the check will follow you. Let’s put it this way, the waitress so aptly characterized the patisserie area as “Willy Wonka meets Marie Antoinette”.  Stark’s synthetic and almost commercial feeling did not create any new contextual experiences for me, and trust me… I was trying hard to create some….Additionally, I saw no logical bridge between the food and the environment.


The Service: Marcel was portrayed on Top Chef as a glib, self-absorbed “know it all”, however, we found him to be well-mannered, conscientious and even friendly! But perhaps, I may’ve been influenced by the sound of my heart, which was beating like a drum:)

Additionally, the manager, William (also very cute), came over to our table and gave us a full explanation of the restaurant’s concept and design.  I recommend a full explantation before eating-it makes the experience more enjoyable.   He then graciously gave us a full private tour of the facilities before eating.  I enjoyed myself to a greater extent after that touchpoint. Lastly, William ended the tour by inviting us back to Sam, the dining room that houses the 23-course tasting menu.  I can’t wait to return!  I left asking myself one thing about the staff, do they only hire good looking people at this place? 🙂

Price: Perhaps I have been heavily influenced by the great deal of articles I’ve been reading, but for me, The Bazaar represents all aspects of excess. Those overtones of excess seems to be in conflict with the current economic state, being that the country is slowly instilling a culture of frugality and modesty. Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t flinch at the $230 bill for brunch, but The Bazaar will remain a relatively infrequent purchase.

The experience as a whole left me lusty with an un-satiated desire for some physical, human stimulation. It’s reassuring to know that a marriage of service, food, and space can conjure up so many sexual desires. It’s not surprising however that food can elicit these feelings. After all, food has often been a metaphor for sex. Words like crave and desire all come to mind. Perhaps, Carina and I are both in a dating desert, but we both left needing some “warmth”. That is why The Bazaar defies easy classification-it was both gross and impressive. The Bazaar accomplishes to distract, confuse, and charm.    I’m still at opposing odds….

There it is!  An ambivalent review from Josie.  In all honesty, by the end of the meal and five beers later (so I may be somewhat of an unreliable narrator) we both had fun. Thank you for bringing this to our world, Mr. Andres. Kudos!

Carina’s Review

This is a restaurant that in the past would have really intimated me. It was so Hollywood, I had seen the opening party on The Hills (I can’t believe I am admitting that), we saw Kimber from Nip/Tuck trying on zebra gloves in the gift shop area, the bathroom had a sink that took me 5 minutes to figure out how to operate, and most of the food presented required an amount of instruction on how to eat it. I think giving myself the identity of an Uncouth Gourmand has eased my anxiety, whatever mishap happens now I simply utter “uncouth” and laugh it off. I knew prior that the restaurant was famous for molecular gastronomy and while I decided to have a beer instead of a $20 “Nitro” Blood Orange Screwdriver, I was interested in paying whatever for that type of food.


We began with the foie gras brioche, organized caesar salad which was rolled in thinly sliced jicama slices that resembled rice paper and with a quail egg on top, and my favorite of the afternoon the Not Your Everyday Caprese. It had liquid mozzarella that popped in your mouth and without question the best tomatoes I have ever had in my life. I had to ask about these delicious fruits and the very knowledgeable waitress said that the tomatoes are each impregnated with vinegar. I love vinegar and was in heaven, someone on the staff let it slip that the tool that did this was a $12,000 machine that was used only for the tomatoes in the salad, and I think it is totally worth it!

We are smart girls and asked the Maitre d’ if we could see the kitchen, he happily obliged, and we met Marcel of Top Chef fame, and, my personal favorite, the gorgeous French pastry chef Michael. We saw the Rojo room and the new private room that provides a 23-course tasting menu, Sam’s. I would love to go back for that and just hope my wallet and waistline can support it.We were told that there is a much different crowd at night and I hope so because for such a quirky place Josie and I seemed to be the only ones enjoying it. We were the only ones laughing in the dining room and sure we may have been slightly more buzzed then most but the patrons didn’t seem to match the aesthetic. Although the man behind us with the purple hair and colorful paint splattered suit fit in just perfectly.

Oh yes back to the food, Josie, a lover of eggs ordered the 12 Tiny Eggs Sunny Side Up, The Tortilla de Patatas”New Way”, and the Pisto (which was kind of like a ratatouille with an egg on top). The 12 eggs were definitely my favorite and although Josie said she couldn’t really taste it I loved the banana puree included in it. I just realized that perhaps she couldn’t taste it because I picked it all out. I am a stern believer that fruit should be included in every dish. Oh and the bottom of these eggs was a crispy rice fritter which added an excellent element/crunch to the dish.




I ordered the “Philly Cheesesteak” sandwich, the shrimp cocktail, the Cippolini onions, and the cauliflower “couscous”. The only real memorable dishes from that batch were the onions in a very strong passion-fruit sauce and the shrimp. I ordered the shrimp because that pork sausage left a very bad taste in my mouth. I am very sensitive to salt and am not surprised that Josie loved it since she can add 4 tablespoons of salt to her plate and still thinks it needs more. My shrimp came when Josie was in the bathroom and I was waiting for her return before l I ate it because you had to inject each one with cocktail sauce while in your mouth, as not to splatter on yourself or neighbors. I had a feeling I would screw it up so I asked the waitress to repeat the instruction and successfully ate all my shrimp plumped with sauce.





After this strange and wonderful meal the UG ladies were looking for something to finish it off, the cigarette after the shag, if you will. Josie made the brilliant suggestion that we invite Michael, the pastry chef, over to recommend dessert. He came and we know he talked but couldn’t focus on anything but his eyes and his accent. As I mentioned in a gchat with a friend yesterday:

2:00 PM me: I was drunk and have been kind of …..I don’t what the word is…lately
2:01 PM let’s put it this way, Josie asked for Marcel to go at the restaurant and I was in desperate need of the french pastry chef.
2:02 PM friend: ah. i don’t know if i’ve ever had a need like that.
me: the uncouth gourmands have great hunger
2:07 PM friend: ah.

I know that it sounds trivial but this meal did elicit this intense desire and the dessert was just not cutting it. I had this Nitro coconut island thing, which was light but also tasteless, and Josie had a pineapple soup thing which wasn’t really working for her either.
I have no other word for the Bazaar except bizarre. It is definitely a special occasion place and I am very glad I went but the whole time it was like Alice in Wonderland. And to quote Alice, ” I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.”. If that is what they are looking for then that is what they got. The Maitre d’ told us that they received a letter from a person who said they would never go back to the establishment because they like to go to dinner and a show and that the dinner was a show. The Maitre d’ concluded that was the best compliment they could have received. So job well done!


After this strange dining experience what do you think the UG ladies did? Dinner, of course. We headed to Highland Park where our friend was kind enough to invite us to an Easter dinner with her family. We had champagne in plastic cups, paper plates, homemade pies, and a family that was yelling at the sister for taking the picture incorrectly. The Uncouth Gourmands are people that are just as happy with a pricey brunch at a trendy place as they are sitting around a table with a family.