To Beer or Not to Beer


There is nothing that Josie likes more than a nice cold one and she has passed that love of beer onto me. Sure I am not a heavy beer drinker but I like a nice white Belgian, a Hef, a Framboise, and any Mexican and/or Japanese beer normally works for me. However, I took my spillage yesterday at Kabuki (see posting below) as a sign. It is time for the UG ladies to move forward and embrace the finer things in life and no more drinking more and more calories to make us less drunk than harder alcohol. It is time to become shot, cocktail, champagne, and occasional wine drinkers. After all, we are moving forward in the world and have exciting opportunities on the horizon. It is time for us to put the college beer guzzling days behind us. We are college graduates and I am now working on MBA and we must cut out an old friend in our lives…Beer. After a lot of convincing Josie has reluctantly agreed.


So let’s all cheers to a new day and to the UpgradinG of drinks for the UGs!


  1. April Fools! We are not changing our drinking habits and will be attending the Craft Beer Fest LA in May

  2. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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