Love, Donuts, Hef, and the Menage


After returning from Costa Rica and reading perhaps the most significant book of my life Fear of Flying (a novel about female sexuality and self-discovery oh and a neurotic Jewish girl), I came to a conclusion that things must change with my current boyfriend who is still in Europe and has no way of returning home. Let me put this in terminology that you all can understand: on Facebook our status went from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated”. As I learned from our Daniel’s Tacos rendezvous on Thursday, if it’s meant to be then it will be. Josie and I were planning on meeting up for lunch and she had suggested Daniel’s Tacos in Sun Valley, since I was going to be at school and it is close to her work. I proclaimed the unthinkable, “I am all taco’ed out” so we decided to eat at Woody’s at Woodbury University, where we both received our undergrad and where I am currently completing my MBA. As soon as we were in the quad there was Daniel’s (or Danny’s, as Josie refers to it) Tacos grilling up tacos for the Latin club for a fundraiser. I knew it was meant to be so I obliged and it was delicious.


The next day, Friday, we were planning a great GNO (Girls’ Night Out) and of course that had to begin at lunch. Josie suggested that we go to the kabob place by my house that she has yet to try. I was ecstatic saying, “Yay, I love Med Cafe“. I got the chicken kabob plate and Josie had the Shwarma plate. I told Josie that by the time she pulls out her money they food would be ready, she was skeptical, and later was in disbelief as one has to wait three times the amount of time at a McDonald’s.


I then suggested that we get cream puffs from across the street at Beard Papa’s. It was good and worth Josie almost getting shot for her “parking” job as I hopped out in order to satisfy my sweet tooth. We then spent the next 3 hours going to printing places to see about getting our business cards printed. Our cards are quite complicated and one older gentleman who has been printing since 1973 said, “Let’s put it this way, if I was much younger and you asked me out I’d say no”. Clearly we are difficult women with a clear vision. After getting a couple of quotes but no one that really got what we wanted we are still on the lookout, let us know if you have a great printer. We were then in Eagle Rock and getting a little hungry again and I was needing my Diet Coke fix so we headed to Josie’s favorite donut, croissant sandwich, and ice cream shop where she claims she likes to gamble late at night in her jammies. Colorado Donuts delivered and yes that is really how I eat a donut; I am a food tearer (or terror).


We went our separate ways to get ready for a night on the town and I cleaned up suitcases and clothes from my floor. Josie showed up around 10 with her friend/sister and a bottle of champagne all of which I was very happy to see. We had some good girl talk to go along with our bubbly and our friend suggested that I wanted to put things on hold with the boyfriend because I don’t want to waste my good tan. We were in hysterics and then Josie suggested we stay single for the next 6 months so we can focus on our business. I am not sure if I can commit to so much non-commitment but it is worth thinking about. The first place we headed was the newest gastropub in Old Town making a space by the large hole made by the closing of Gordon Biersh and Crown City Brewers. The place is called Brix 42 and unfortunately it is in a very cursed location. I had the Hef and Josie had the Blonde that they brew, both were quite mild and quite tasty. We can’t really comment on food as all we had was a handmade pretzle but the menu seemed slightly above standard, I do want to go back for their corn chowder and meatballs. The best part was the management. One of the managers took our picture and the other one offered to pose with us. After the way we were treated at Pop it was great to see managers making a good impression and trying a little with local bloggers. They have weekly specials and were very direct in saying that they wanted this to be our new hangout. We were impressed.


Afterwards we headed to the Menage to shake our chonies. It was packed, perhaps because of Spring Break, and the boys were mighty aggressive. I received a silver bracelet from some guy, was groped, and even had someone try and kiss me while walking to the bar. The funniest part was when Josie was dancing with some guy and then couldn’t feel her underwear anymore. She screamed, “Ahhh, someone danced my chonies off”. Luckily she found them, they had just shifted under her dress. I woke up in some pain this morning when I realized that the silver bracelet I was given must have slipped off in the middle of the night and I was laying right on top of it. Hopefully, the circle imprint on my butt is gone by now.


Oh yes we also ran/danced into the Hugh Hefner of the Menage.


It was a fun night and I have no idea what tonight will bring but when you are with the UG ladies fun is always present. We will try and Twitter our whereabouts tonight.


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  1. I love cream puffs. Beard Papa’s were average 4 me.
    Biz cards? What your bizness?

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