UG do Trivia Night


If you would have been smart enough to follow us on Twitter you would have known that we were at Royal Claytons for Trivia Night on Monday. There were four of us girls and our team name was the “Uncouth Gourmands”. As soon as our name was announced a gentleman, who was part of the winning team – Curry Mafia, knew exactly who we were and is a UG blog regular. We were thrilled to meet one of our readers and clearly he is knowledgeable as he kicked our trivia butt. Although we did place in the Fashion and Las Vegas categories. Josie had the pizza. Krissy had the mac n’ cheese, we weren’t loving the bell pepper addition. I had the cobbler. We all had drinks and lots of them. While we we didn’t delve that deeply into the menu I would love to return for Curry Club night.




It was a great time and we liked the hosts a lot although we still argue that the host of Project Runway is Heidi Klum NOT Tim Gunn. I was debating which picture to post with our reader/new friend: the one with where we look bad but he looks good or the one where we look good but his eyes were closed. We decided to rule in his favor, especially after my friend Tony acted so immature/uncouth and was in hysterics about our friend asking us if we “eat out all the time” and if we “eat downtown often”.

Tony made up for it by buying all of us ladies a round of beer and buying the busboy a Sex on the Beach, which confused the man greatly. Tony also ordered and bunny eared (told you, immature) a drink called a Black and Blue. I had never heard of it but it is Blue Moon and Guinness. Royal Claytons is a fun place and we can’t wait to go back. Perhaps we can convert our new friend to our team so we can win Trivia Night once and for all!





  1. Heyo UG!

    Thanks for coming out and for the kind words. It was a blast being heckled by you all night from the lovingly close proximity of the front row table!

    We appreciate you coming out to Monday Night Inquisition. Come back!

    Thanks again.

    Grand Inquisitor

    P.S. The question asked which *fashion consultant* is a host. Heidi is so much more than that! 😉

  2. Hi UG Ladies,

    This is Pamela. Thank you so much for coming out and spending your evening with us! The drinks and fun are always flowing at Royal Clayton’s. We try to make it a great time for all and certainly hope you’ll join us for Monday Night Trivia again!

    Great meeting you all!

    “The lovely assistant and tabulator extraordinaire”,

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