Girls Weekend


Every weekend has become a girls weekend, filled with GNOs (Girls’ Night Outs), as we realize that we are in a dating desert. As Josie so poignantly pointed out, “Wake up and smell the brush off- we’ve been dumped.” Our Friday night began at Barcelona with 7 ladies ready for a night on the town. Josie and I are not big fans of Barcelona, because there is a cover that we can’t flirt our way past and the drinks are so pricey and their dance floor is pretty underutilized. We convinced the other girls to go to The Menage, using our famous, “It’s so bad…it’s good” line. After that, the night picked up, we pushed boys aside, and had a silly time. Note: That picture that looks like Josie is kissing that girl is actually not so. Their lips never touched.


The next morning, we woke up at my place hungover and Josie and I were, of course, starving. She was supposed to go to Coachella but we decided to get brunch before she left. We headed to Old Town where we got Princess Parking right in front of Barnes & Noble and I noticed hot Chef Curtis Stone on the cover of a new book in the window display. I recommended we go in and ask if he was going to do a book tour and they said he was going to be at Sur La Table, right up the street, in 15 minutes. We held out on our hunger and ran in line. I have long been a fan of Chef Curtis and even used to have a code with my ex boyfriend in case I ran into the Take Home Chef at a Pasadena grocery store. The plan is that I would refer to my bf as Matthew on the phone when I invited him to dinner instead of Matt, which I always called him. Matt would then have to come over and pretend that all of the food that Curtis and I picked out was his favorite and his dream meal (even though it was really mine). Josie had a more realistic experience with him which she always likes to throw in my face. I guess they met at the Standard Downtown and some guy she was on a date with ruined the moment. Anyway, we were very happy to see him. He signed our book, “To the Uncouth Gourmands- Josie and Carina”. We then proceeded to hand him a post-it with “ – Hypertext me” written on it.


We were then thrilled and headed to fill our tummies. We went to to the new Argentinan restaurant 1810. Josie had the Milanese sandwich with fries and I had the special spinach salad with grilled chicken and mushrooms. It was exactly what I wanted. The sangria-I should have done without. When I gave Josie a sip she said, “This is what murky tastes like”. Also wasn’t loving the stale bread that came out before our meal but I am a bread snob. I’d go back but am not close to blown away…my meal was no Chef Curtis.


During our meal Josie’s friend, who she was supposed to go to Coachella, called and said she wasn’t really feeling it and asked if I wanted the ticket. I was hesitant as I had a ton of schoolwork to complete but thankfully I obliged. We stopped for Happy Meals and beer and made it to Coachella around 4 but then spent an hour in traffic. Although it was fun to tweet with a fellow LA foodie BakeSpace that we follow on Twitter and compare traffic notes. For Josie and I, it was both of our first times and we were excited despite the heat, the traffic, and the hike to the stages. Looking at the line-up I wish I would have gone Friday as I am a huge Leonard Cohen and Hold Steady fan but Saturday also had a ton of offerings. We saw TV on the Radio, Thievery Corporation, MIA, Band of Horses, Jenny Lewis (our favorite of the day-but we are also both huge Rilo Kiley fans), and the Killers (whose songs were indistinguishable but good, not headliner material but we liked the fireworks). Our favorite moment was Jenny Lewis singing “Silver Lining“. I also liked sporking my ceviche tostada, and Josie liked forking her beef tenderloin caesar salad. The awkward turtle moment was really just the things we overheard. I heard two girls in bikinis go up to security and say that someone bit them. When the guard asked who it was, she responded, “I don’t know. She is the only 7 foot tall girl here.” During the Killers, there was a teenage girl behind me saying “OMG he is so hot. I love Brandon Flowers. I want to have his babies.” She then proceeded to scream, “Impregnate me! Impregnate me!”

We left at 1 and did another Mickey D’s run and got back at 3am. Josie and I had another sleepover. An excellent and exciting Friday and Saturday.


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  1. […] Josie and I are both big Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley fans and our favorite part of Coachella was seeing her perform live. I also love the headliner, Ray LaMontagne and while Josie wasn’t that familiar […]

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