Cheesy Weekend


Our weekend began on Friday over cheap Chinese lunch specials at Go China. I showed Josie the business plan for Uncouth Gourmands which has occupied all of my time this past week, as it was due on Thursday. We discussed our plans for the evening and were thrilled that we stayed under $10 each for lunch. We spend more than that at Panda Express.

That evening the wife, Josie, picked me up and we headed to Bodega Wine Bar. We shared a bottle of Poppy pinot noir, a pepperoni and cheese plate, bruschetta and olive tapenade, and had a impromptu meeting with a potential party host. It was exactly our kind of meeting.


Friday marked the start of Morgan-Palooza’s birthday weekend. It is all I have heard about over the last month and I barely know the girl. We initially thought that we were going to the Standard Downtown to celebrate but last minute the location changed to J Lounge. Josie was not happy about the change of venue and was a Debbie Downer until she got another another drinky in her. We liked the space but it was almost too big and we were unimpressed by the management and crowd.


The party then moved to Bar 107, it was my first time there and I can’t wait to return. Josie was a little too sleepy and drunky to join the group but we somehow managed to have fun anyway. There was new wave dancing and strong drinks that made for an excellent evening. Seriously, I really want to go back.



Josie crawled into my bed at some point on Saturday morning after falling asleep on my couch. We both woke up a little more than hungover and were in desperate need of a big breakfast. We headed to Dish in La Canada. It is strange because in our every day life blondes are a rarity but that is just not the case in La Canada/Flintridge. We walked in to a world that looked straight out of Pleasantville. Everyone was showered, blow dried, and polished and we definitely looked like we had a big night out the night before. Josie headed to the bathroom and the waiter looked over at her and while giving her directions said, “You are a rockstar, right?” She laughed because clearly the only way someone would be in this establishment looking hungover and unbathed is if they were a rockstar. I had a sausage and onion omelet with hashbrowns, Josie had the chorizo scramble ,and we split the apple oat pancakes. The sausage in the omelet was phenomenal and it was the kind of breakfast that taste exactly how it looks. I am one of those people that have a very small breakfast window, come 11:20 I am always asking if I can order off the lunch menu. The food was quite good and Josie was kind enough to give me the apple chunks from the oatcakes. I mentioned that she is like my bird mother picking out my food for me.


The only problem with this enormous breakfast was that I forgot that I had to go the Grilled Cheese Invitational in less than an hour. Josie, despite being friends with the organizer Tim Walker, couldn’t attend because of work. That meant that I had to tackle the bread, butter, and cheese on my own. Our new friend, Arun, from trivia night mentioned that he was going so I texted him right before my arrival. He had been waiting in line for an hour and had an excellent place in line among the 5,000 people. I was able to wait with him and we began to strategize. We each got 2 tickets to judge grilled cheeses and there were four rounds. The first round was Missionary, second and third was Kama Sutra I and Kama Sutra II, and the final round was the Honey Pot. My idea was to get a grilled cheese in each round and split it so we could taste/judge everything. For the first round Arun stepped up to the plate used his ticket to get the grilled cheese fries. They were awesome; cut thin and breaded with Parmesan. We love that the cooks stole all the ketchup from McDonald’s.


We then headed to the beer garden, which was smart because they ran out of brew pretty early on. For the second round we made a mistake and doubled up on Kama Sutra I thinking it was the same as Kama Sutra II but we learned that Kama Sutra I was all vegetarian. It worked out because Arun is a non-meat eater. Hey, come on, he is my friend and atleast he’s not a vegan. Plus his love of cheese makes up for his non-love of eating animals. Arun got an eggplant grilled cheese with smoked gouda and the one I picked up had asparagus and I believe asian pear. We all know what I think of fruit included in all dishes. It was delish.



While we sat out the meat grilled cheese round we enjoyed the endless free kraft single grilled cheeses and the Izzy Sodas (I am all about the grapefruit). We also saw “Spencer loves Heidi” written in the sky as Speidi got married in my town of Pasadena. We heard numerous grilled cheese poems and songs. It was very pleasant and my face was being kissed red by the sun. The only bad note of the day was when it was announced that Bea Arthur had passed. The emcee was kind enough to dedicate this day the Bea Arthur Memorial Grilled Cheese Invitational. When it was time for the Honey Pot round (the dessert grilled cheese round) I was in desperate need of something sweet to brighten my mood. I was waiting forever for this grilled cheesecake that looked phenomenal but gave up and gave in to the “Druken Pear” dessert. It was so delicious and definitely had a great amount of alcohol in it; it was totally worth my last ticket.





I missed the announcement of winners because my body was in need of a nap and some veggies to counter all the butter, cheese, and bread. However, Arun and I did turn in all of our judging sheets. I headed home unsure of what to do for the rest of the night. Josie and Krissy were heading to the Opera and then were going to pick up afterwards so we could head to Hollywood. I wasn’t really feeling that and was more interested in attending the Pub Crawl that Arun and his best friend/neighbor were planning in Downtown. This event was official with a Facebook Event page, constant Tweets, and exact times and locations. This wasn’t an amateur crawl. The girls were done with Opera and agreed that staying downtown was best. I changed my clothes but some lotion on my sunburned face and headed to their second stop The Association. It was a cool space but I had no time to order a drink there, so can’t comment on that. The next place was The Crocker Club. Josie and I talked to the owner and were beyond impressed by the original moldings and look of the place. There were all of these separate vault areas and delicious cocktails. When the pub crawl began to crawl to their next stop Casey’s Bar & Grille, Krissy and I weren’t really in to moving forward. I like Casey’s, it was my former boyfriend’s favorite bar, but I haven’t wanted to go back since they kicked us out early once to exterminate the place. Krissy and I stayed behind as we had prime seats at the bar and were loving the strawberry and cucumber cocktails that the bartenders were serving up. Josie walked on. Krissy and I ended up at the Edison at the end of the night and were there until closing. It was a fun time and I apologize about the lack of pictures but I will blame my forgetfulness on the sun, grilled cheese, and Alcohol. Here is a picture I stole from Arun’s Twitpic.




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  2. I was the creator of the Knock Your Socks into the Laundry Room Grilled Cheesecake Grilled Cheese Sammich. Sorry you didn’t get a hunk of sugary, yummy love. Next time!

  3. Will do, I liked when you said that you were going to give the best one to someone that was really sick. Fortunately (or unfortunately, for my taste buds’ sake) that wasn’t me.

  4. FMyLife that’s the longest “food blog” post ever… thanks for sharing. Still happy I skipped Grilled Cheeze for a nice brunch @ Cafe Wa S + visit to the Annenberg Photography Space instead…

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