UsinG our Noggin


If you know the second meaning of the word noggin then it makes it doubly true. On Sunday, the day after the Grilled Cheese Invitational and the Pub Crawl, we attended the Woodbury University MBA Association Dinner honoring this year’s graduates. I will not be completing the program until October but wanted to support my fellow classmates. It was held at Castaways in Burbank, which I have always heard is known for the view not the food. I have to second that notion. Josie, my plus one, would know more about the food since the waitress spilled most of her plate on her dress. I felt her pain because on Friday one of her friend’s poured half a Cosmo down my dress. We don’t set out to be Uncouth Gourmands, dining mishaps and trouble just seems to find us. Regardless of the spillage, the night was quite excellent. We sat at a table with three graduates and their wives and they disclosed the best Armenian food in LA to us and kept us laughing all night. Josie was also happy to see and shake hands with the President of the university who she hasn’t seen since her days as President of CEO during her undergrad. They gave us all red bracelets with 6 tabs that were to be pulled off by the bartenders with each drink ordered. This was definitely our kind of school event as we didn’t even come close to the 6 drinks per guest. Although when Josie said, “Put your head in the license plate cover?” I was silly enough to say, “Okay”.


That night we met up with our friend Bill, whom we have known since our freshman year in college, and invited him to Trivia Night the next day at Royal Claytons. Despite getting hardly any sleep that night I was ready for trivia the next evening. My Blackberry was not working for several hours (did everyone experience that yesterday?!?!), I was sitting at the Toyota Service lounge for hours pondering how they make Corn Nuts, I was sneezing convinced I had Swine Flu, and yet I had a feeling in my heart that we were going to dominate at trivia. After all, this time we had our secret weapon, our friend Arun, who we plucked from the winning Curry Mafia team.We also had our highest number of website hits that day to celebrate; Thanks Grilled Cheese Invitational! I had the chicken curry which was good but the onion rings were phenomenal. Josie and I were both quite impressed that they use red onions.



The regular Hosts with the Most were not there because they were scoping out wedding venues so we had a replacement host and scorer. The scorer was the owner, who we like very much, and was kind enough to remember us and mention us on their press page. The host for the evening was also quite funny, his humor was just rather dry, and it seemed to be taking a while to go from question to question and to tell us the answers. He made us make several awkward turtle gestures throughout the evening, which we rather enjoyed because we like those awkward moments. He also made us laugh quite a bit like when Krissy said, “Who the F@ck says Ne-Vah-Da?” Arun wasn’t used to a team like ours and said we were like a sitcom and to keep our voices and forks down so we don’t get disqualified. So did we win? Nope, still losers. We did get 10 out of 10 on the “Where am I?” round but so did like 4 other teams. We would like to blame it on the absence of William, the Grand Inquisitor, and Pamela, his lovely assistant, or on the generational gap on most of the questions but in reality it was our loss. We are losers.


I, Carina, am heading to Santa Cruz in a few hours to see my family for the week and am planning on spending quite a bit of time in San Fran. Any restaurants that I must try? Let me know if you have any recommendations and I will be sure to record all that is consumed.


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