UGs hit up School, Street, and Silverlake


When Josie told me that she had met a woman, a friend of a friend, that wanted us to attend Career Day at her school, 122nd St. Elementary School, my first reaction was a laugh. Of course, I was thrilled. My mom has always been a school teacher in public schools and it is my element but I wasn’t sure if we had a career. We live, eat, and breathe Uncouth Gourmands. We have spent countless hours on business plans, press kits, notebooks, promotion ideas, and taking this blog into a million different arenas but we have yet to make a profit. One thing we do know is how and why to follow your dream and that being an Entrepreneur is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. We were nervous to say the least. Josie kept saying she felt like she was going on a first date and really wanted the kids to like her. We were a little out of our element waking up at 6am and heading to Starbucks before going to school. We were greeted with nametags (I was Carolyn for the day) and a breakfast spread. We were then escorted to the quad for a slightly drizzly and amazingly uplifting assembly. It was filled with a song from the student council members and poems performed by kindergartens in career costumes written by the second graders. The principal, Robin Benton, welcomed all of us, career day volunteers, and said we are now all part of the 122nd St. Elementary School family-I must say we are thrilled to be members.





We had the pleasure of listening to the announcer introduce all of the volunteers’ careers and we were completely with the kids in giving the chocolatier, Valerie of Valerie’s Confections, the loudest applause. After the assembly dispersed we spotted a young man in 4th grade holding up a sign with our names on it and we knew that he was our guide from the day. He took our nervousness to the first class of the day after his friend said, “Oh, you got them”. We clipped our poster up and began defining Uncouth Gourmands, explaining what an entrepreneur is and does, passing around our business plan, press kits, and our newly printed business cards. We asked for questions intermediately and someone said, “Are you guys like Andrew Zimmern?” Another 4th grader said, “I like throwing coins in the fountain when I have dinner with my sister”. We left the classroom in a hurry thinking we had to run to the next one. We were wrong and uncouth as always. We hung out with our wonder guide and he really helped our confidence by saying we did a good job. The second class we went to we followed a Deputy Sheriff which was tough, as he had a whole belt of interesting stuff. This class was really interested in gross things we have eaten. I won and shocked the kids with my tale of raw chicken and sea urchin inside jello in Tokyo. One of the students asked, “Have you guys ever tried Mexican food?” We laughed and later got our biggest applauses when we mentioned pupusas.




After our second class we had a nice lunch that the school provided. We dined with the fine AT&T folks who were a big hit with their truck and crane. We received a lovely gift bag, met great kids, and fell in love with 122nd St. Elementary School.


Of course, one lunch is never enough for the UGs and we decided to hit up Susan Feniger’s Street afterwards. I have been wanting to go long before the opening. I was an intern across the street (pun intended) at Bride’s Night Out, the premier bachelorette party planning company, and unfortunately I left when I began my MBA program and before I ever saw Street open their doors. We had no reservations but were seated right away. I was in love with the decor and ambiance and Josie was able to use her favorite line for me, “You just like it because it is orange.” She loved the glasses, the lighting and walls, and the way that the wine was served in mini glass jugs. The menu looked delicious and the lunch half salad and dumpling plate was very affordable. The prices weren’t quite as good as I read on Eating LA’s April Fool’s Day post but good nevertheless. Josie chose the Cobb Salad and Kaya Toast and I had the Beet and Apple Salad and the Pork Dumplings.



The verdict on the food was pretty darn decent. Like I said the ambiance and menu creativity were top of the line. However, for me the food was all a little off the mark. The pork dumplings I had were too salty and oily and while the beets in the salad were excellent the dressing was rather gritty and overly peppered. Josie said that her Kaya toast had way too much butter and that is a sentence that the UGs never say. After all, that is the UG selling point for France-go for the butter and stay for the cute boys with the sexy accents. At $14.50 a person for a lunch combo at an uber hip restaurant we will definitely go back to sample more of the menu.


After fighting traffic, I had a lovely and much needed nap and Josie went to yoga. How do teachers do it? We headed out that Friday night around 11 and decided to go to the UYE (unofficial Yelp event) at Mountain Bar in Chinatown. After finally finding parking and Mountain Bar we were overwhelmed by the huge line, crowds of teenagers outside, and some sketchy “gentleman” -we left before ever walking in. We ended up at Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake and then drove (the UGs are lazy girls) right across the street to Red Lion Tavern. We met a Jewish philosopher who referred to me as “Ashkenazi” and told Josie that she had a Theta Bun hairdo and his Sean Penn lookalike friend. We left when they began doing some kind of blessing or ritual around us. I am not sure what it was but it reminded me of the move Wayne and Garth do before a fantasy or flashback in Wayne’s World.




June Events


Last summer the Uncouth Gourmands ate and drank their way through Europe. Sadly, this summer we will be in town most of June. However, there is an upside, there are a whole bunch of cool food events going on this upcoming month. Here is our list thus far -we will be adding to it all month. Please let us know if we missed anything.

Gourmet 5 Year Old Party

Sunday, May 31st, 4:00-7:00PM

Tickets are $40 and the UGs love the concept. Think gourmet mac n’ cheese, sloppy Joe’s with Kobe beef, and everything else your gourmand belly would want if you were put back in kindergarten. We are unsure if we are attending this event, but we want full details if we don’t make it.

1st Annual Yelp Restaurant Week

Sunday, May 31st – Friday, June 5th

Take advantage of 3-course Yelp Prix Fixe menus specially priced from $25 – $30 (+ tax & gratuity)

Old Pasadena Restaurant Week

Monday, June 1st-Monday, June 8th

As Pasadena girls on a budget we will definitely be taking advantage of the discounted 3-course menus. Lunch is $15 & $25 and dinner is $25 & $35. The places we are planning on hitting up is Cafe Bizou and Red White + Bluezz. Also I was really impressed by our meal at Vertical Wine Bistro during DineLA week, so I may talk the wife (aka Josie) into revisiting there. We recommend skipping Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar, our last visit left us with a very bad taste.

Lummis Day Festival

Sunday, June 7, 10:30 am to 7:30 pm

It’s free with music, art, poetry, and dance. Plus delicious food in our favorite neighborhood-northeast Los Angeles. The headlining band is Wil-Dog of Ozomatli.

Top Chef Masters

Wednesday, June 10 10:oo PM on your TV

Okay, not necessarily an “event” but we love Top Chef and are very excited about the new season dubbed “The biggest foodie face-off”. Any predictions?

Taste of the Nation-Los Angeles

Sunday, June 14, 1:00-4:00 PM

The ticket price of $125 for general admission is a little steep for the UGs but it is for a great cause -to end childhood hunger in the US. There will be 46 of LA’s top chefs and an “Ask Jonathan” booth featuring our man, who has no interest in us, Jonathan Gold.

Yelp Dumpling Crawl

Saturday, June 27, 11:00 AM

I will definitely hit this one up. I was in a bad mood the other day and wrote this on my Twitter, “Trying to figure out how to turn my frown upside down..all I can come up with is dumplings”

Dinner with the Winner


As you probably know, we promoted the hell out of it, the Uncouth Gourmands recently hosted their first ever contest. The top/only prize was free dinner with the UG ladies at Indian Restaurant in San Gabriel. All the participants had to do was tell us in 140 characters or less what makes them an uncouth gourmand. Josie and I were a little disheartened by our lack of entries and we joked that no one will go out with us-not even if we pay them. We even asked in a joking matter, what else do we have to offer? Sexual favors? Thankfully, it never came to that and the first entry was by far our favorite. The winner was Josie’s friend of several years, Meg. Her response was:

I recently finished devouring a tuna tataki rice bowl, only to discover a clump of rice in my ear.

This made Josie laugh so hard she nearly spit out the tea she was drinking. The date was set and we were excited. We had talked to one of our Twitter friends, who is a big time food blogger in LA, and he said that he wanted to join us and was familiar with the menu. I was stoked although his blog, Sino Soul, gave us no clue as to who he was or what he looked like. Josie and I both arrived at the exact same time, 20 minutes late, and in two separate cars. We walked inside and didn’t see any Meg or Mr. Sino Soul. We walked outside and were then approached by Tony C. who came up to us and said our names. Finally we unveiled who this Sino Soul guy was. We said we were waiting for our friend, the winner, and he pointed to her in her car. We were surprised and said, “How did you know that was her?” He laughed and responded, “You girls kind of stand out around here”. It is true. It is a predominantly Asian neighborhood and in my opinion has the best offering of food anywhere in the US. But then again Asian food is my comfort food.



Anyway, we were all seated and began perusing the menu with a pitcher of Amberbrock. Meg wanted squid and so we went with the dish stir fried with basil. It was by far the best dish we had and we learned that Meg likes tentacles or as we like to call it, “Meg likes legs”. Tony suggested the popcorn chicken which was as flavorful as can be. Other dishes ordered included the obligatory Stinky Tofu. Meg noted that it is only really to be had in small portions and we couldn’t agree more. We also had the deep fried spare ribs that were rather dry, grilled corn, chicken fried rice, and bamboo shoot with shredded pork. Tony was surprised at how much we ordered and we explained that is the kind of girls we are. He also was kind enough to order for us in Taiwanese. The bizarre atmosphere of the cabin and fake tree interior along with the waitresses in mini skirts, American Indian outfits, and matching cropped haircuts totally lived up to the hype. At one point the lights went out and a sprinkled donut with a candle in it was brought out to our table neighbor accompanied by the birthday song presented in a delightful Taiwanese accent. We cleaned our plates and finished our pitcher of brew and a great time was had by all. We made Tony take home the Stinky Tofu as we didn’t want it stinking up our cars. By the way, I don’t want to undersell the food, the squid with basil was really good it is just the atmosphere is the best part.




Shabbat Shalom


Our new friend and business mentor Barrett and his lovely girlfriend Lillian invited us for Shabbat dinner in their cool downtown loft. Josie had never been to a Jewish festivity and was excited. She has recently been using the phrase “Jew Curious” to describe herself. I also invited my Jewish friend and former dorm neighbor, Nora, to join us. We arrived at around 9:30 and didn’t know what to expect. Nora and I both have Jewish mothers but grew up with a relaxed reform sense of the religion. I know the first half of the most basic prayers and she remembered a lot but wasn’t too familiar with it. We said several times to each other, “Oh, I forgot about this part”. Josie never parted ways with a piece of challah, assembled kosher Morrocan flavored beef kabobs, washed her hands and remained silent (although many people attempted to make her laugh) until Barrett ate his piece of challah first, and was a regular Jewess. Barrett’s brother, Caleb, whom we randomly met at Association weeks ago was late because of the importance of his beer pong so we didn’t start prayers until midnight. As one of the guests commented, “The angels have already been to Hawaii and now they have to come all the way back to visit with us.” The late start was well worth it. The kiddush cup runneth over. The fish course of the baked salmon and lox was delicious. The kabobs were flavorful. Josie was shocked that the artichokes were globe rather than Jerusalam ones, which made me laugh greatly. We seemed to be the only ones eating them and joked how we each had an artichoke to ourselves. It was a great night of kosher wine, funny stories, and a lot of laughter. Also it was nice that Barrett’s brother was the uncouth one of the night, the Uncouth Gourmands need a break (it is the Sabbath, after all) from always being the plebeians in a group.








The next day Josie recommended we hit up Taix to see her co-workers’, from The Kitchen for Exploring Foods, band play. Josie told me that the lead singer of Rachel in the Weeds is her love doctor as she constantly gives Josie advice, like wait two hours before texting back. It was nice to meet this Relationship Sensai, because with Josie and I it is the blind leading the blind. The place was an interesting mix of people. One of the bartenders was as sweet and complimentary as can be and the other one was a bit confused. When Josie ordered a drink directly off the menu this older gentleman had absolutely no idea what to do with it. He asked that Josie write down all of the ingredients. Josie instead showed him the menu and he responded, “I can’t make that, I have no mint”. She wrote, “You can leave out the mint”. This made the gentleman more confused so Josie got a water instead and returned to her seat. Nearly 10 minutes later the bartender came by with her drink-mint and all. She thanked him and we made awkward turtle gestures to one another. She then wrote me a note which said, “He must have Alzheimer’s”. That was the only reasonable explanation. After listening to the band’s set we headed to Mickey D’s for some french fries and then to a house party in Glassel Park.



It was as close to a day of rest as the UGs have had in a long time. Of course, we still ended up getting home at 3AM.

Side note: I had the most pho-nomenal beef pho for lunch that day at Golden Deli and no surprise Jonathon Gold was completely right about their spring rolls. He said, “Golden Deli has the best cha gio, fried Vietnamese spring rolls, in the observable universe.” I couldn’t agree more. They are super greasy and delicious. I ate some while driving and was an idiot and didn’t wrap it in lettuce first. I got grease all over my hands and clothes. My car has a touch screen which I didn’t want to grease up so I proceeded to wipe the grease on my legs (I was wearing a skirt) for a nice glow. Uncouth indeed.

May Week (Not Mayday)


After getting out of a 4 hour class on Ethical Leadership, I got a call from Josie to hit up Spaceland. I had missed trivia at Royal Clayton’s earlier that night. She attended trivia with engineers from work, it was refreshing that they lost without me. Unfortunately, they lose when I am on the team as well. One of her co-worker’s roommates, Larissa, was a violinist for our favorite, Rilo Kiley, and was performing with a band of girls at Spaceland that night. The band she was playing with was awesome. We also became good friends with an Architect from Brooklyn who goes by the pen name William Grey on his blog. I commented that his legs were the size of my entire body. We measured and his legs are as high as my boobs.



The next day we hit up The Standard Hotel Downtown LA‘s Rooftop Bar with our new architect friend. We drank, ate, and lounged on the water bed pods and basked in the sun. Josie ended up falling asleep, I got some reading done for class, and we all had some great conversation. Of course, we still had our uncouth moments. I spit out my gum in a napkin in the pod and when our drinks arrived I asked, “How long until someone spills?” Josie managed to spill her beer at that exact minute.







I left early for class and Josie got into some shenanigans afterwards, she ended up at my house late that night. The next day I headed to Magnolia on Lake after an unsuccessful day of dumpling hunting in Alhambra. I am a major fan of Magnolia’s mac n’ cheese but it didn’t feel right ordering it without Josie. I tried something new and had the turkey chili in the corn bread bowl it was equally delicious.


Today, Thursday, Josie went to work and I helped my friend Nora apartment hunt in West LA. I got a text from the guy that wanted to interview us for a grad school project on the subculture of foodies he asked if the UGs had any plans. I wrote back and said we had talked about having sushi in Hastings Ranch. I texted Josie to find out what the name of the place was and she responded, “Can’t find the name online, but it’s across from the bowling alley in back. Starts with an I…” Magically, our interviewer knew exactly what she was talking about and responded “Ichima?” That was the place and we all planned on meeting up there at 7:45. Nora and I were the last to arrive and were immediately impressed by the cheap sushi prices that Josie was raving about. The UGs had their regular chicken bento box for Josie and beef sukiyaki for Carina. Our guests stuck to traditional, yummy, and reasonably priced rolls. We had some good food chatter but the best part of our dining experience was our neighbors. The table next to us was filled with bikers that toasted to “Loose women and fast motorcycles.” Our favorite part was when the waitstaff put on loud music and everyone clapped and sang to Biker Mark, aka the Birthday Boy. We were fortunate enough to be able to have him in our photo. When the bill came and was $79 for 4 people, 4 sushi rolls, 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 3 desserts we were beyond impressed. I was in shock and said, “It is so cheap when we don’t drink”. Josie agreed and was so glad she removed her belt and put it in her purse mid meal. By the way, I apologize for cutting off our interviewer and new friend while he was speaking and for blocking him in the photo.




Opening Weekend


This weekend saw the opening of several bars downtown. On Friday we hit up the soft-opening Tony’s bar on 7th and Mateo, another classic bar opened by Cedd Moses. It was very dark, good beer on tap, and a ton of whiskey -including my favorite Suntory. There was a pool table in the front and a ping pong table in the back. We will definitely go back to further review and investigate. Josie drove us there with her shoe on hand, we met up with our friend Bijan, and we stayed for a drink and a half.




After Tony’s we headed to Church & State for another drink at the bar. Church & State is the location of my drunken embarrassing encounter with famous LA food blogger Lesley Balla, so I was in no rush to go back. Josie had never been so I obliged, plus I like their cocktails. The bartender was very cute and has is very own ice company, Neve Ice, that he put Josie’s scotch over. I went with the cocktail where the bartender makes something special for you, you just choose the main liquor base. I went with whiskey and he put in homemade grenadine and chocolate. It was delicious. Unfortunately, the kitchen was closed by then but we will be going back for a full meal. The sommelier we met was also extremely charming.




Josie got the late night munchies and recommend we go to one of her favorite places in Little Tokyo, Haru Ulala, where she proclaimed that all of the Japanese baseball players it. The owner was as sweet as can be, the pitcher of beer was nice and cold, and what I had of the food was quite good. Although Josie is allergic to most seafood (poor girl, I know) she managed to somehow order half the menu. Whenever the waitress came, Josie loudly said, “That’s mine”.




I drove Josie to my house that night and she had fallen asleep in the passenger seat. As soon as I parked, a man stopped his car in the middle of the street, walked out of his car, and helped me with my door. I knew this was strange as it was 3AM but for some I was thinking this was valet. The guy introduced himself as Dwight and asked for my phone number. I declined and said, “Goodnight Dwight”. I then went over to wake up Josie and when she woke up she pointed at the “gentleman” and said, “Who’s that guy?” Dwight walked over and introduced himself and offered to carry her into my house. We declined as she was fine, was going to sleep at her house, and we didn’t want this creep anywhere near us. When Josie came over for a makeshift breakfast at my house the next morning she showed me Dwight’s business card that he gave her that read: Dwight: Master Barber. We can’t make this stuff up. Josie brought over orange juice and club soda for faux mimosas. I had a ton of fresh La Brea Bakery French bread that I bought during my Poetic Experience at Ralphs. Josie took the bread and toasted half of it and made French toast with the rest. She also made a small turkey and cheese omelet. I made an apple and mango fruit topping for the French toast. It was a great breakfast that we could have easily spent $40 on.


Over breakfast we discussed doing an impromptu dinner party that night at Josie’s house. We knew it was last minute but we knew some people would come. We put this message on Twitter and Facebook:

Dinner Lab + Pub Crawl in Pasadena. Bring 3 ingredients. Impromptu UG event. DM for more info.

Our whole plan was to do another one of our famous 3 ingredients per person meals where everyone has to bring a produce, protein, and wildcard ingredient. We were surprised when we heard almost no response from our friends and/or strangers. However, we laughed later that it should really be no surprise because we can’t even get people to want to dine with us when a free meal is included-like for our contest. I showed up with my 3 ingredients: mushrooms, corn, and steak. I also brought a special item that we received from a friend during the Yelp Taco Crawl it was a special UG bottle of beer that he had brewed himself. We ended up making a Panzanella (a Tuscan bread salad), steak with a mushroom cabernet sauce, and some jasmine rice. It was delicious and the whole time we joked about how the last time I was over for a dinner was Valentine’s Day when we had dates and boyfriends and now both of our guys are living in other countries. Oh well, that just means that there is more for us to eat.




One person that did respond to our Tweet was fellow food blogger Christina of Hot Pink Manolos. We had never met her but have talked a lot via Twitter. She and her friend Lorie were unable to make it to dinner but wanted to do something afterwards. Josie really wanted to go to Bottlerock, which had just opened Downtown the night before, so we decided to meet the girls there. The wine, the decor, and the company of the ladies were great. However, the place was rather empty and the other patrons that were there were loud and obnoxious. Josie hated the wine glasses with their printed logo and the lines that denoted how high the wine should be poured. The kitchen was closed by the time we got there but Josie requested some nuts and they brought them out for us. The two girls had eaten there and said the food was just okay. I would like to go back to try some of their food and more wine but am in no hurry to do so.




The other girls had been drinking and going all day and were tired. The UGs still had one more drink in them. We were going to head back to Tony’s again to see what night 2 was like but when we got there the signage lights were turned off and they were closed for a private party. We were disappointed and decided to head somewhere closer to home. We ended up at Johnny’s for a drink and Josie had the obligatory hot dog after her drink at the stand conveniently located in between Johnny’s and The York.


Last night, Sunday, was pretty mellow in comparison. I had recommended to Josie that we catch a movie and see Valentino: The Last Emperor. Josie has a passion for fashion and I love a good documentary and love story. This was a love story about not only him and his love of beauty but also between him and his partner. I was telling Josie about it during the previews and she said, “It’s like us”. I said, “Yes, but we are not lovers”. We nodded in agreement. However, the most important part of the evening happened before the movie. I live about 2 blocks from the Laemmle in Pasadena where we were seeing the film. I knew I was going to walk there and I remember consciously saying that I wasn’t going to drive there as I sat my keys down. I always lock my door from the inside and as soon as I closed it I realized that I had locked my keys inside. Luckily, the window in my dining room was slightly open so I knew that there should be some way in but I also knew that I had no idea how to get in on my own. I walked to the theater anyway and figured I would deal with it afterwards. The movie was sad and beautiful and afterwards we grabbed some dinner at Roy’s. The scallops were quite good. Josie was confident that she could help me as she claimed that she has to do it all of the time. I remember that when I first moved into my apartment my neighbor at the time was telling me what a safe neighborhood it was. He said that one time he lost his keys so he climbed in through the window and in a matter of minutes 10 cops were there questioning him. I was nervous for such a show. Josie was like a pro burglar and got in no problem. Although it was definitely slapsticky as she had to climb in head first and was practically walking on her hands. She was most definitely my knight in shining armor last night and when I told her so she replied, “I have always been the man in this relationship”.

Sorry we are idiots and have no photos to accompany this tale.



As mentioned, we started last night at the Yelp Taco Town Top 10 Taco Crawl in Highland Park. Unfortunately, we missed the warm-up drinks at Johnny’s but were able to meet them at the first taco truck stop, El Pique. When we arrived we were greeted by Dawson S., Yelp LA’s community manager and my fellow Jewtina, whom we met at our first Yelp event. She gave us all mustaches to wear and mine was not staying on as well as I would have liked. In fact, once I got my first round of tacos and Diet Coke the mustache fell to the ground to never be worn again. Ok, so on to the tacos. This has long been Josie’s stomping ground and I am semi-familiar and can concur that the La Estrella-Taco Truck, on York and Ave 54, is one of the best ones. Josie pocketed a couple of salsas from La Estrella because she knew that no one else’s salsa would be able to shine brighter then that red salsa (estrella means star, for all you gringos). That is where we began gettin our tacos on, the carne asada ones there seemed to to top the rest.

I have been hearing a lot of talk(o) about Taco Tables, which is just a fold out table as opposed to a truck, and was mighty impressed by the ones we encountered. The first taco table we hit was right at York and Ave 56. It was a beauty. There was a woman making all of the tortillas and there was pineapple mixed into the pastor and a whole separate table of condiments. I mention it in almost every post, but I like fruit as an ingredient in all food. It seems that it was the same place where Eating LA had previously visited. We only hit up a few more after that because my appetite has sucked the last couple of days since being sick, Josie managed 6 in a short period, and we had other places to be. Looking over the Yelp event page it seems that Pelon Tacos was the winner for most Yelpers-but you can also follow YelpLA on Twitter to be in the know. We will leave you with some taco-licious pictures of the places we visited.





Our next stop for the evening was Barrett’s Art Walk After Party Concert event. Upon entering the 740 Club for the event I remembered that I had been there once before when there were only Drag Queens in the place. This MusicUnion event last night wasn’t quite as crazy but it was early in the night and our energy was fading. I think we were in a bit of a taco induced coma when we arrived and were only partially there. We stayed for about an hour and left before the party really had a chance to kickoff. I am sure it was probably an excellent event unfortunately we only saw one of the six bands go on.



We left the place as pretty boring girls and headed to Josie’s car where the was a couple leaning against a car making out. Josie and I both made a face of disgust and Josie said, “I hate couples, they are like a cult”. As with most of our nights once you almost kill someone the night gets much better. What do I mean by this? Well, both my car and Josie’s car have a rear view camera for when you reverse. We both have talked about wanting to get bumper stickers made for when people think we are getting too close to them that reads, Relax, I have a Rear View Camera. Well, Josie was still in disgust with that couple and wasn’t looking behind her as she was reversing. In her camera, I saw the guy that was part of the couple look scared for his life. I screamed and then I was in hysterics. Josie said, “Oops, I bet we made him lose his erection”. We laughed more. As Josie tried to back out for the second time it was the girl half of the couple in her car that we almost hit. I think from all of this laughter we magically got a second wind and realized we didn’t want to be losers and go home at 11:30. Thankfully, Arun called us and suggested we all grab a drink at Eastside Luv. We had both never been and were excited to try it out. We picked up Arun and headed to this adorably named establishment. There was a cover because there was a band playing but Josie and I managed to evade that and get Arun in free of charge. The place was packed, the band was awesome-there was an accordion, and the beer was cold and delish. The place was small, the bar was down below, and the chairs were covered in plastic. If Arun didn’t tell us we probably wouldn’t have noticed the poles and contraptions attached to the ceiling for their burlesque show. I really want to go back and see that, especially after Arun showed us the pictures on his Blackberry of the girls upside down in compromising positions. Josie ordered some kind of a drink by pointing out someone else’s drink to the bartender. It was awesome. Salty, with ice, tamarind, and I believe Tecate. I want that in my hand at the burleque show. Oh my god, when did I turn in to such a man?



Uncouth Moment for Josie: As long as we have known Arun, we have known that he has the nickname of the Mayor of Downtown. He knows everyone in LA. Of course he ended up knowing a woman at the bar the second we walked in. It was packed so when that lady left to go to the bathroom Josie stepped in her place to order a drink. The girl next to us had been waiting for a long time so she ordered first. When that girl’s beer arrived Josie turned to begin ordering and knocked that girl’s beer all over the girl and all over the chair of Arun’s friend. Uncouth. Josie bought them both drinks and hopefully all is forgiven. Then as we left the bar, Josie was pretending to be Dorothy or Fred Astair and jumped in the air to click her heels and her shoe went flying. She screamed that they were J. Crew as she went running for it on the sidewalk. Arun laughed and called her a bourgeois b-word.

Uncouth Moment for Carina: The plastic covered chair at the bar had a tear in it and the hard plastic got the side of my boob bad. I yelled. Josie laughed and then a few minutes later told me I can’t massage my boob in public. Of course, she managed to grab my camera out of my bag to get a shot before yelling that it was softcore porn.


What are the UGs going to do to top this tonight and tomorrow night? I have no idea. Any suggestions?