Cinco, Seis, Siete, y 1/2 de Ocho de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo

The last couple of days have been a lot of food, a lot of sun, and margaritas. I arrived back in Los Angeles on Monday and it wasn’t until Tuesday I was reunited with my other half. Josie and I met up with our business mentor Chuck at Smitty’s for lunch. Chuck is an investor in the restaurant and always makes sure we are taken care of whenever we go. Plus he gets an order of the delicious cheese bread on the table before we arrive. He is a good man to know; our business minds and tummies greatly appreciate him. After Smitty’s we decided to head to Urth Caffe to work on a project/proposal for Chuck. Chuck always provides us with wine during lunch so our brains were having a hard time concentrating. I was restless and looked at the man at the other table, I pointed at him and directly asked, “What do you do?” We had a great conversation and my instincts were right he was someone important (of course, everyone is important-but you know what I mean). He has started many projects and his most current business is MusicUnion, their tagline is “Creating opportunity for musicians in a new economy.” They throw all kinds of amazing events in LA for musicians, artists, writers, and industry folks. While I knew I had to be in class in a couple of hours I thought I should get some Cinco de Mayo partying in before heading to school. We headed to Yxta with our friend Arun, of the winning Curry Mafia (apparently, he wins trivia whenever he is not on our team), and invited our new friend Barrett, founder of MusicUnion, to join us for a margarita. It was my first time at Yxta since I was there a few days before the opening because we our friends with the owner Jesse. Josie has become a regular. I like the margaritas and the bartenders, Dennis and Trent, and the food was delicious. Remember I like fruit on everything so I thought the pineapple and radishes were a good touch to the pastor tacos. Still a fun place to catch a Lakers game, if that’s what you are into. I couldn’t care less but I love when Josie pretends to call Phil to fix their plays. I left early for class and I was sad to miss all of the awkward turtle moments that ensued. I did love John’s line that her next band will be called, “Josie and the Awkward Turtles”. By the way, nobody should be allowed to steal that brilliant band name-it’s made for her.




Seis de Mayo

The next day I was driving around aimlessly wanting food to eat. First, Golden Deli, my pho place that is pho-bulous was closed. I somehow ended up at Josie’s catering gourmet to-go place of work, The Kitchen for Exploring Foods. I understand why it is Los Angeles’ premiere catering company, the ribs and corn salad I got were amazing. By the way, I heard that Josie’s ex is responsible for the barbecue sauce in which case I am so sad I never knew him. We headed back to Yxta with our lawyer friend that we met in Dublin, Nick. We had more margaritas and they had food but my ribs were still filling my ribs. My friend Bijan was going to meet up with us and then we ran into some people we knew outside and we decided to head to Casey’s for more drinks. Josie and our companions left early but I still had energy. I talked my friend Bijan into hitting up my new favorite bar, Bar 107, under the premise that I would buy him a PBR. As we walked towards the bar we knew something strange was going on. People were outside smoking in their undies and sombreros. Apparently, the were having a Seis de Mayo party where drinks are 1/2 off if you drop your trousers. I decided against it because I wasn’t wearing any chonies and we went in anyway. Along with undies shown it was also karaoke night. My last boyfriend would always tell me while I was singing in the car, “Baby, don’t do that in public”. My 8 year old brother asked me just last weekend while I was belting Miley Cyrus, “Don’t you know you have a horrible terrible voice?” I guess I know now so I refrained. Bijan sang the Beastie Boys but my favorite of the night who received a perfect score of three 10’s sang “Sexy Thing” and dropped his boxers to show off his elephant thong underwear. The crowd, myself included, went wild.



IMG_1644Seite de Mayo

Thursday, we headed to Mailbu for a relaxing day at the beach. Josie had a cathartic experience in the ocean where she realized she must follow her bliss and get her hair wet. I looked at her and said, “In case you were wondering what you are like when you are drunk it is exactly like this”. She laughed because she knew that it was true and that she was completely drunk on the sun and life at the moment. Plus, it didn’t hurt that the guy next to us was a 21 year old male model. We spent a good amount of time talking to him and realized that life truly couldn’t get any better. Lucky for us, it does!


A couple of weeks ago while watching the Today show I heard that the Freshman in the Kitchen cookbook authors were going to be on the next segment. I googled the authors and found their blog, it turns out they are two nice Jewish boys that love to cook and try to make it simple for all. I tend to be a provocative lady and wrote this on their About the Authors section:

Hey Boys,

When you head back to LA, check out the Uncouth Gourmands. We’d love to go on a double date…

Uncouth Gourmand Ladies- Carina and Josie

Unfortunately, one of the brothers, Max, lives in Michigan but Eli was an Angeleno and requested to be our friend on Facebook and even began following us on our twitter. We had tried for several days to make a plan but thankfully we were on his side (the west side) of town. We met at World Cafe, in wet bathing suits and looking disheveled. We ordered nearly the entire Happy Hour Menu and waited for date who was held up at work. We were embarrassed about how we looked and how much we ordered but we had a fabulous time as soon as he arrived. He said he would be happy to be the celebrity chef at our next party. We love the idea of teaming up with a fellow food lover in Los Angeles that has a throw together whatever is in your kitchen philosophy. We learned he is a fellow uncouth gourmand and we recommend you follow them on twitter because they have the west side of LA covered, an area we infrequently visit.

After our drinks and food with 1/2 of the Freshman in the Kitchen we headed to The Must. It was our first MusicUnion event, we met cool local musicians and artists, got drink specials, and were thrilled we got to put a W sticker on our nametag because we are “writers”. We use the term loosely as we mostly consider ourselves eaters, drinkers, and troublemakers. The backs of my legs and butt were sunburned from the beach and it made me a little cranky. Barrett, the organizer and founder, gave me great advice to drink more. Josie was already doing so and wasn’t feeling so hot from the sun at the beach. She was sleepy and ready to leave. As we were walking out the door, Barrett introduced me to his mentor who was kind enough to want to hear our business idea and pitch. I knew Josie was out of it but I had her endure the meeting anyway. She fell asleep in typical uncouth fashion and awoke to put her hand in his mentors food in typical uncouth gourmand fashion. We got some great advice and this was perhaps one of the best true networking events we’ve been too, but we are and will remain uncouth. Apologies in advance.



1/2 de Ocho de Mayo

Josie and I met up for lunch in Old Town and had lunch specials at my new favorite local joint, Cafe Linda’s. I see it as the new Daisy Mint. You can read my Yelp review of the place here. It was tasty, a good portion, and a good price. After lunch we did a little bit of budget outfit shopping for LA Beer Fest tomorrow. We were late on getting tickets so are hoping to snag some at the door. Be sure to say hello, if we ever make it inside. Or let us know if you have any extra tickets.

We were going to meet up once more with Barrett in downtown to talk business but as we were walking to the car in Old Town, to beat the parking enforcement, Arun called. He told as about the $12 pitcher of sangria at Casa for Happy Hour. We were all about that on this hot day so we changed location spots with Barrett and headed downtown. Traffic was horrific and we were in hysterics at the inability to make a left hand turn in the middle of the day. We normally are just in downtown at night. To make the situation worse it is located on the part of Grand that is inaccessible on second and third. Every time we ended up back in a tunnel the screaming and laughter ensued. We ended up parking far away and having to walk those steps by the Omni. It was worth it to catch up with our new cool downtown friends. We liked the sangria, I liked the tuna ceviche a lot, Josie had the flautas but I don’t think she shared with anyone, and Arun had the DIY soy chorizo quesadilla which was pretty good for being veggie. The whole place was pretty cool, our booth reminded me of the Flinstones, but I am sure we will be back because we are trying to save our wallets and take full advantage of all Happy Hours. Take it from us, Happy Hours are the new dinners! Thanks recession…





So what are we doing for the rest of the evening? We have no idea. We will be sure to TwitterBerry it but we are open for suggestions. We have to be semi-rested for Beer Fest tomorrow but that leaves plenty of possibilities.



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