The Latter 1/2 of Ocho de Mayo


After posting the blog, late on Friday, our night began with no idea on where we’d end up or what we would do. We thought it was best to head out later rather than earlier. We sat in the car for a while discussing where to go and ventured out to downtown-our new stomping ground. We were thinking that we were going to be interviewed by a guy, who we met long ago at Barney’s, who is doing his thesis in grad school on the subculture of foodies. We are uncouth and see nothing wrong with an 11:30pm interview at a bar. We headed to The Association where we thought we would meet up with our interviewer but I then received a text that he had to reschedule. Josie said, “We’ve been stood up by a stranger, we are losers”. We drank our rejection away and began self-promoting our blog by passing out guest checks with the url and a suggestive line like “Let’s Masticate”. We began talking to a very nice young man and somehow the subject of boarding school came up. Josie mentioned what school she went to and then he mentioned his. They were laughing that there are only 4 or so boarding schools in California. While naming off the other ones the school called Thacher was brought up. I know nothing about boarding school but remembered Barrett talking about going there during Happy Hour earlier that day at Casa. I yelled “Oh Barrett went there” and the same time our new friend said “My brother went there”. He quickly added it all up and said, “Barrett is my brother!” We were in disbelief-once he said he had long hair that should have clinched it. However, we made him call his “brother” and ask him where he ate with Josie and Carina, the answer was correct. We screamed throughout Association and we realized what a small world this really is. We have known Barrett for less than a week but already consider him our mentor and a friend and here we were running into his brother.


Our next stop was Bar 107 where I claimed I wanted to dance myself sober. That was an unsuccessful plan when the guy at the bar began buying us shots of Jack. We had a good time and saw Ilan, winner of Top Chef Season 2, I know I said something to him in a drunken state but I just can’t remember what. We have now met Marcel and Ilan, perhaps two of the cutest contestants. I am left with one question: will we ever meet a contestant from another season? Are all Top Chefs so hot? Okay, that was two questions.


We also met another celeb, of sorts, at Bar 107. This guy was hilarious and we were dancing with him on the stage. I whispered to Josie that he looked like Seth Rogen, but I was drunk and what I meant to say is that he looks and acts like Jonah Hill. The funny thing about that is this guy wrote and starred in a movie entitled, Destroying Jonah Hill.


We also met some local Pasadena girls that were as nice as could be and worked with food and drink. We exchanged info with them and headed to Pete’s for some late night grub. I had the mac n’ cheese, we split the tomato basil soup, and Josie had the steak and blue cheese fries. The soup was our favorite. The fries weren’t as good as people rave. Her fries were pretty soggy and uncooked and even we, lovers of limp fries, weren’t going for them.




We left downtown at 2:33 with a parking ticket (who knew you can’t park on Main St. after 2am) and ready to dream about the wonders that would await us at Craft Beer Fest LA the following day.



  1. *sigh* that 2am no parking sign nailed me last month too. $50! for a PARKING TIX. ZOMG! But we still LOVE DTLA. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Just not the Burger @ Pete’s. Mac n cheese, a-ok. Burger, hells no.

  2. […] ate his piece of challah first, and was a regular Jewess. Barrett’s brother, Caleb, whom we randomly met at Association weeks ago was late because of the importance of his beer pong so we didn’t […]

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