Wanna Be The Next Lucky Boy or Girl?


After attending my first Pizza Club meeting last night at Cristoni in Beverly Hills, thrown by my friend Michael aka Extra Large with Cheese, I began doing some serious thinking. Note: Pizza Club has been going strong for 4 years and they even have a handy map and reviews of everywhere they have been. Was the pizza last night great? Um no, but I was very impressed by the variety of black and green olives on the pie and by the dining experience with strangers. Michael gave everyone an activity/review sheet and I wrote on mine “I like my olives like I like my drunken sailors: green”.

The question became-how can the UGs meet some of their readers in a fun environment? I called Josie and woke her up at 7am this morning and asked her to meet me for a breakfast burrito so we could strategize. We hit up Lucky Boy Drive-In for their so-called best breakfast burrito. We have both never been and found it to live up to the hype. Big monstrous burrito; with hashbrowns, eggs, cheddar cheese, and choice of meat-I went with sausage. Our favorite part was when the man working there called out that my burrito was done and said, “Hey, Diet Coke”. I knew it was mine and I knew I was in love with Lucky Boy before ever biting into my burrito. Josie had fries and a BLT that she was supposedly gonna save for lunch but she ate half of it before heading to work.

What did we figure out for the contest? Well, basically we want to buy you a meal. All you have to do is explain to us, better than anyone else, Twitter style (140 characters or less) what makes you an uncouth gourmand. For complete details and to enter Click Here

Exciting Things Going on Tonight:

826 LA is having an interesting writing seminar on “Writing About Food”. We got an email about it a couple of days ago and it looks like a great event with our favorites Jonathon Gold and Pat Saperstein, of Eating L.A., on the panel. If you are interested Click Here.

We know we should probably be going to that event but Yelp has an event that is calling out to us and that is the Taco Town Top 10 Taco Crawl. It is a hefty event in one of our favorite eating cities, Highland Park, with several rounds that look like a yummy tummy ache of fun. So that is what we will be doing this evening.

Later in the night we will head to downtown to hit up the MusicUnion After Art Walk Concert Event featuring 6 different bands and DJs. It should be a great event and you can click on the Facebook Event Page to see who is already confirmed.

If you make it to the taco crawl or the MusicUnion event please say hello, and don’t forget to enter to win a free meal with the UGs!


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