As mentioned, we started last night at the Yelp Taco Town Top 10 Taco Crawl in Highland Park. Unfortunately, we missed the warm-up drinks at Johnny’s but were able to meet them at the first taco truck stop, El Pique. When we arrived we were greeted by Dawson S., Yelp LA’s community manager and my fellow Jewtina, whom we met at our first Yelp event. She gave us all mustaches to wear and mine was not staying on as well as I would have liked. In fact, once I got my first round of tacos and Diet Coke the mustache fell to the ground to never be worn again. Ok, so on to the tacos. This has long been Josie’s stomping ground and I am semi-familiar and can concur that the La Estrella-Taco Truck, on York and Ave 54, is one of the best ones. Josie pocketed a couple of salsas from La Estrella because she knew that no one else’s salsa would be able to shine brighter then that red salsa (estrella means star, for all you gringos). That is where we began gettin our tacos on, the carne asada ones there seemed to to top the rest.

I have been hearing a lot of talk(o) about Taco Tables, which is just a fold out table as opposed to a truck, and was mighty impressed by the ones we encountered. The first taco table we hit was right at York and Ave 56. It was a beauty. There was a woman making all of the tortillas and there was pineapple mixed into the pastor and a whole separate table of condiments. I mention it in almost every post, but I like fruit as an ingredient in all food. It seems that it was the same place where Eating LA had previously visited. We only hit up a few more after that because my appetite has sucked the last couple of days since being sick, Josie managed 6 in a short period, and we had other places to be. Looking over the Yelp event page it seems that Pelon Tacos was the winner for most Yelpers-but you can also follow YelpLA on Twitter to be in the know. We will leave you with some taco-licious pictures of the places we visited.





Our next stop for the evening was Barrett’s Art Walk After Party Concert event. Upon entering the 740 Club for the event I remembered that I had been there once before when there were only Drag Queens in the place. This MusicUnion event last night wasn’t quite as crazy but it was early in the night and our energy was fading. I think we were in a bit of a taco induced coma when we arrived and were only partially there. We stayed for about an hour and left before the party really had a chance to kickoff. I am sure it was probably an excellent event unfortunately we only saw one of the six bands go on.



We left the place as pretty boring girls and headed to Josie’s car where the was a couple leaning against a car making out. Josie and I both made a face of disgust and Josie said, “I hate couples, they are like a cult”. As with most of our nights once you almost kill someone the night gets much better. What do I mean by this? Well, both my car and Josie’s car have a rear view camera for when you reverse. We both have talked about wanting to get bumper stickers made for when people think we are getting too close to them that reads, Relax, I have a Rear View Camera. Well, Josie was still in disgust with that couple and wasn’t looking behind her as she was reversing. In her camera, I saw the guy that was part of the couple look scared for his life. I screamed and then I was in hysterics. Josie said, “Oops, I bet we made him lose his erection”. We laughed more. As Josie tried to back out for the second time it was the girl half of the couple in her car that we almost hit. I think from all of this laughter we magically got a second wind and realized we didn’t want to be losers and go home at 11:30. Thankfully, Arun called us and suggested we all grab a drink at Eastside Luv. We had both never been and were excited to try it out. We picked up Arun and headed to this adorably named establishment. There was a cover because there was a band playing but Josie and I managed to evade that and get Arun in free of charge. The place was packed, the band was awesome-there was an accordion, and the beer was cold and delish. The place was small, the bar was down below, and the chairs were covered in plastic. If Arun didn’t tell us we probably wouldn’t have noticed the poles and contraptions attached to the ceiling for their burlesque show. I really want to go back and see that, especially after Arun showed us the pictures on his Blackberry of the girls upside down in compromising positions. Josie ordered some kind of a drink by pointing out someone else’s drink to the bartender. It was awesome. Salty, with ice, tamarind, and I believe Tecate. I want that in my hand at the burleque show. Oh my god, when did I turn in to such a man?



Uncouth Moment for Josie: As long as we have known Arun, we have known that he has the nickname of the Mayor of Downtown. He knows everyone in LA. Of course he ended up knowing a woman at the bar the second we walked in. It was packed so when that lady left to go to the bathroom Josie stepped in her place to order a drink. The girl next to us had been waiting for a long time so she ordered first. When that girl’s beer arrived Josie turned to begin ordering and knocked that girl’s beer all over the girl and all over the chair of Arun’s friend. Uncouth. Josie bought them both drinks and hopefully all is forgiven. Then as we left the bar, Josie was pretending to be Dorothy or Fred Astair and jumped in the air to click her heels and her shoe went flying. She screamed that they were J. Crew as she went running for it on the sidewalk. Arun laughed and called her a bourgeois b-word.

Uncouth Moment for Carina: The plastic covered chair at the bar had a tear in it and the hard plastic got the side of my boob bad. I yelled. Josie laughed and then a few minutes later told me I can’t massage my boob in public. Of course, she managed to grab my camera out of my bag to get a shot before yelling that it was softcore porn.


What are the UGs going to do to top this tonight and tomorrow night? I have no idea. Any suggestions?



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