Opening Weekend


This weekend saw the opening of several bars downtown. On Friday we hit up the soft-opening Tony’s bar on 7th and Mateo, another classic bar opened by Cedd Moses. It was very dark, good beer on tap, and a ton of whiskey -including my favorite Suntory. There was a pool table in the front and a ping pong table in the back. We will definitely go back to further review and investigate. Josie drove us there with her shoe on hand, we met up with our friend Bijan, and we stayed for a drink and a half.




After Tony’s we headed to Church & State for another drink at the bar. Church & State is the location of my drunken embarrassing encounter with famous LA food blogger Lesley Balla, so I was in no rush to go back. Josie had never been so I obliged, plus I like their cocktails. The bartender was very cute and has is very own ice company, Neve Ice, that he put Josie’s scotch over. I went with the cocktail where the bartender makes something special for you, you just choose the main liquor base. I went with whiskey and he put in homemade grenadine and chocolate. It was delicious. Unfortunately, the kitchen was closed by then but we will be going back for a full meal. The sommelier we met was also extremely charming.




Josie got the late night munchies and recommend we go to one of her favorite places in Little Tokyo, Haru Ulala, where she proclaimed that all of the Japanese baseball players it. The owner was as sweet as can be, the pitcher of beer was nice and cold, and what I had of the food was quite good. Although Josie is allergic to most seafood (poor girl, I know) she managed to somehow order half the menu. Whenever the waitress came, Josie loudly said, “That’s mine”.




I drove Josie to my house that night and she had fallen asleep in the passenger seat. As soon as I parked, a man stopped his car in the middle of the street, walked out of his car, and helped me with my door. I knew this was strange as it was 3AM but for some I was thinking this was valet. The guy introduced himself as Dwight and asked for my phone number. I declined and said, “Goodnight Dwight”. I then went over to wake up Josie and when she woke up she pointed at the “gentleman” and said, “Who’s that guy?” Dwight walked over and introduced himself and offered to carry her into my house. We declined as she was fine, was going to sleep at her house, and we didn’t want this creep anywhere near us. When Josie came over for a makeshift breakfast at my house the next morning she showed me Dwight’s business card that he gave her that read: Dwight: Master Barber. We can’t make this stuff up. Josie brought over orange juice and club soda for faux mimosas. I had a ton of fresh La Brea Bakery French bread that I bought during my Poetic Experience at Ralphs. Josie took the bread and toasted half of it and made French toast with the rest. She also made a small turkey and cheese omelet. I made an apple and mango fruit topping for the French toast. It was a great breakfast that we could have easily spent $40 on.


Over breakfast we discussed doing an impromptu dinner party that night at Josie’s house. We knew it was last minute but we knew some people would come. We put this message on Twitter and Facebook:

Dinner Lab + Pub Crawl in Pasadena. Bring 3 ingredients. Impromptu UG event. DM for more info.

Our whole plan was to do another one of our famous 3 ingredients per person meals where everyone has to bring a produce, protein, and wildcard ingredient. We were surprised when we heard almost no response from our friends and/or strangers. However, we laughed later that it should really be no surprise because we can’t even get people to want to dine with us when a free meal is included-like for our contest. I showed up with my 3 ingredients: mushrooms, corn, and steak. I also brought a special item that we received from a friend during the Yelp Taco Crawl it was a special UG bottle of beer that he had brewed himself. We ended up making a Panzanella (a Tuscan bread salad), steak with a mushroom cabernet sauce, and some jasmine rice. It was delicious and the whole time we joked about how the last time I was over for a dinner was Valentine’s Day when we had dates and boyfriends and now both of our guys are living in other countries. Oh well, that just means that there is more for us to eat.




One person that did respond to our Tweet was fellow food blogger Christina of Hot Pink Manolos. We had never met her but have talked a lot via Twitter. She and her friend Lorie were unable to make it to dinner but wanted to do something afterwards. Josie really wanted to go to Bottlerock, which had just opened Downtown the night before, so we decided to meet the girls there. The wine, the decor, and the company of the ladies were great. However, the place was rather empty and the other patrons that were there were loud and obnoxious. Josie hated the wine glasses with their printed logo and the lines that denoted how high the wine should be poured. The kitchen was closed by the time we got there but Josie requested some nuts and they brought them out for us. The two girls had eaten there and said the food was just okay. I would like to go back to try some of their food and more wine but am in no hurry to do so.




The other girls had been drinking and going all day and were tired. The UGs still had one more drink in them. We were going to head back to Tony’s again to see what night 2 was like but when we got there the signage lights were turned off and they were closed for a private party. We were disappointed and decided to head somewhere closer to home. We ended up at Johnny’s for a drink and Josie had the obligatory hot dog after her drink at the stand conveniently located in between Johnny’s and The York.


Last night, Sunday, was pretty mellow in comparison. I had recommended to Josie that we catch a movie and see Valentino: The Last Emperor. Josie has a passion for fashion and I love a good documentary and love story. This was a love story about not only him and his love of beauty but also between him and his partner. I was telling Josie about it during the previews and she said, “It’s like us”. I said, “Yes, but we are not lovers”. We nodded in agreement. However, the most important part of the evening happened before the movie. I live about 2 blocks from the Laemmle in Pasadena where we were seeing the film. I knew I was going to walk there and I remember consciously saying that I wasn’t going to drive there as I sat my keys down. I always lock my door from the inside and as soon as I closed it I realized that I had locked my keys inside. Luckily, the window in my dining room was slightly open so I knew that there should be some way in but I also knew that I had no idea how to get in on my own. I walked to the theater anyway and figured I would deal with it afterwards. The movie was sad and beautiful and afterwards we grabbed some dinner at Roy’s. The scallops were quite good. Josie was confident that she could help me as she claimed that she has to do it all of the time. I remember that when I first moved into my apartment my neighbor at the time was telling me what a safe neighborhood it was. He said that one time he lost his keys so he climbed in through the window and in a matter of minutes 10 cops were there questioning him. I was nervous for such a show. Josie was like a pro burglar and got in no problem. Although it was definitely slapsticky as she had to climb in head first and was practically walking on her hands. She was most definitely my knight in shining armor last night and when I told her so she replied, “I have always been the man in this relationship”.

Sorry we are idiots and have no photos to accompany this tale.



  1. dios mio! still no friends? we can’t get friends or boyfriends! maybe we should stop going out!:)

  2. I liked the review! Mine will be up soon! 🙂 PS can I steal the pic?

    And locking your keys inside?! That sucks! I’ve been lucky that’s never happened to me, I dont know what I would do! I’m on the second story with no balcony or anything and I always lock the windows!

  3. Permission granted on the picture. The keys thing makes me feel so dumb because it is a big fear of mine and something I am always aware of. My keys can unlock my car door while in my purse and aren’t need to start my car and I normally lock my apt from the inside. Therefore, I never really need my keys in hand except for when I open my apt door. Thank god Josie does this often and is an expert at dealing with it.

  4. […] we moved our schedules to attend the night we found out about it. We first went to Tony’s on opening night and have been several nights ever since. We like the lax atmosphere, the ping-pong table, the nice […]

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