Dinner with the Winner


As you probably know, we promoted the hell out of it, the Uncouth Gourmands recently hosted their first ever contest. The top/only prize was free dinner with the UG ladies at Indian Restaurant in San Gabriel. All the participants had to do was tell us in 140 characters or less what makes them an uncouth gourmand. Josie and I were a little disheartened by our lack of entries and we joked that no one will go out with us-not even if we pay them. We even asked in a joking matter, what else do we have to offer? Sexual favors? Thankfully, it never came to that and the first entry was by far our favorite. The winner was Josie’s friend of several years, Meg. Her response was:

I recently finished devouring a tuna tataki rice bowl, only to discover a clump of rice in my ear.

This made Josie laugh so hard she nearly spit out the tea she was drinking. The date was set and we were excited. We had talked to one of our Twitter friends, who is a big time food blogger in LA, and he said that he wanted to join us and was familiar with the menu. I was stoked although his blog, Sino Soul, gave us no clue as to who he was or what he looked like. Josie and I both arrived at the exact same time, 20 minutes late, and in two separate cars. We walked inside and didn’t see any Meg or Mr. Sino Soul. We walked outside and were then approached by Tony C. who came up to us and said our names. Finally we unveiled who this Sino Soul guy was. We said we were waiting for our friend, the winner, and he pointed to her in her car. We were surprised and said, “How did you know that was her?” He laughed and responded, “You girls kind of stand out around here”. It is true. It is a predominantly Asian neighborhood and in my opinion has the best offering of food anywhere in the US. But then again Asian food is my comfort food.



Anyway, we were all seated and began perusing the menu with a pitcher of Amberbrock. Meg wanted squid and so we went with the dish stir fried with basil. It was by far the best dish we had and we learned that Meg likes tentacles or as we like to call it, “Meg likes legs”. Tony suggested the popcorn chicken which was as flavorful as can be. Other dishes ordered included the obligatory Stinky Tofu. Meg noted that it is only really to be had in small portions and we couldn’t agree more. We also had the deep fried spare ribs that were rather dry, grilled corn, chicken fried rice, and bamboo shoot with shredded pork. Tony was surprised at how much we ordered and we explained that is the kind of girls we are. He also was kind enough to order for us in Taiwanese. The bizarre atmosphere of the cabin and fake tree interior along with the waitresses in mini skirts, American Indian outfits, and matching cropped haircuts totally lived up to the hype. At one point the lights went out and a sprinkled donut with a candle in it was brought out to our table neighbor accompanied by the birthday song presented in a delightful Taiwanese accent. We cleaned our plates and finished our pitcher of brew and a great time was had by all. We made Tony take home the Stinky Tofu as we didn’t want it stinking up our cars. By the way, I don’t want to undersell the food, the squid with basil was really good it is just the atmosphere is the best part.





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  1. That was really fun, UGs! Thanks again.

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