Nobu and Largo


Josie and I had our first date night in quite a while. I have to say that the whole thing was sort of put together by Twitter. I read on one of LAist tweets that Fiona Apple was playing a surprise show as a guest at Largo. I am a huge Fiona Apple fan; the Extraordinary Machine album was one of those life changing CDs for me. Josie is not much of a fan, so I purchased tickets first and told her about it second. She agreed. She was busy doing work on the Westside anyway so I simply met her down there after fighting through the always terrible drizzle traffic. I was having a very Josie-esque afternoon, dropping off my clothes at the cheapest fluff and fold (Spin Cycle in Highland Park-I will be forever indebted to Josie for telling me about this place), and then heading to Fashion 21 (the first Forever 21) to buy a raincoat as I was barely wearing any clothes in the rain. I picked up the tickets around 6:30 and while debating where to get some grub before the show Josie said, “Didn’t you tell me Nobu WeHo has a happy hour?” I did in fact say that because I read it on EatingLA’s tweet a couple of days ago. We both were nearly killed crossing La Cienega but it was totally worth it. I arrived at Nobu first and the bar was completely empty, business picked up greatly around 7:30. I had a couple of lovely $6 glasses of wine, Sophia’s Symphony, and began ordering from the Happy Hour menu. I started with the baby artichoke and leek salad and the ginger crusted scallops. Both were phenomenal, the artichokes were shaved and the scallops were amazing quality and were perfectly cooked/undercooked.




Josie has a very unfortunate allergy to almost all seafood. She had very limited choices and went with 2 bowls of rice and a hearts of palm salad which left her mouth on fire. It was delicious, but I am a girl that eats hearts of palm straight from the can on a regular basis. I was in food heaven and even commented to Josie that I could sit here all day and just order more and more. She laughed and said, “Wait until the bill comes”. I ordered some whitefish tiradito which I described as “insane good”. I am not that big of a sashimi fan and actually haven’t had it since I was in Tokyo for Christmas but this was out of this world. Super fresh, perfectly seasoned, and I was very glad I didn’t have to share. I think Josie was a bit annoyed. I was raving on and on and she got charged 7 dollars for a Sugarfree Redbull-with no vodka. Insanity. However, I was in food and wine heaven all night. I am still thinking about the food and wondering when I can go back. These kind of celebrity infused restaurants I really want to dislike or throw down words like “overrated” but the quality of fish and the flavor trumps all. I was really impressed.



I drove us to our next date stop slightly further down La Cienega. Tickets were $20 each and seating was assigned we definitely had princess seating, D22 and D24, in the small intimate theater. The first performer up was the charming and adorable Tom Brosseau, Josie said he reminded her of a cartoon character. The main performers, who have a monthly gig at Largo, was the Watkins Family. Comprised of brother and sister, Sean and Sara Watkins, formerly of Nickel Creek. They were amazing and apparently whoever is in town at the time joins them. Last night they had John C. Reilly (that’s right Dewey Cox himself), former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones on mandolin, and Fiona Apple. It was a great night of music from fiddles to cellos to mandolins.

No wonder Josie and I can’t get a date, we have too much fun together. Find me a man that can top Nobu and Fiona Apple with my bestie.


  1. Great post! I saw your tweet, but couldn’t respond to it there. The comedian / clown-poet was Dave “Gruber” Allen. Pretty strange but funny stuff!

  2. Yeah that guy was awesome. I don’t know how I forgot about that part. I actually saw him in line earlier at Will-Call and the guy that worked there said, “You know you don’t need a ticket if you are performing”

  3. It hit me in the bathtub he was the guidance counselor on Freaks and Geeke

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