Local Eats: Bur, Glen, Pas, Arc


The Uncouth Gourmands’ Wedding Album continues…as read on on My Facebook Status:

Carina Ost: In Santa Cruz until Wed (according to the wife). Big party at my house today from 12-3 for my Grandpa’s 90th

Carina’s Friend Jaye: wife? lesbian now?

Carina Ost: Practically, but without the fun. We are business partners instead of life partners

Josie Mora: Like Oprah and Gayle? Arun can be Stedman

The beginning of the week was hectic, I was stuck at school overwhelmed with 50+ pages due on Monday and Tuesday. When I knew that I had to work all day at school on Saturday, there was only one silver lining and that was being in Burbank on a Saturday. You all better know what Saturdays in Burbank means; it means barbecue tri-tip sandwiches at Handy Market.


I once wrote this on Yelp about the sandwich:

My freshman year in college this boy called me to ask me out on a date and I said “I don’t think so I just bought the most amazing looking sandwich and am planning on eating it tonight”. Every time I saw him after that he’d say, “remember the sandwich you blew me off for?”
Well I do remember the sandwich because I went back every Saturday for the BBQ Tri-Tip sandwich. That is the only day you can get it and you will never forget it.
The guy was not bad looking but the sandwich was much more memorable.

As soon as all my work was turned in I began to re-enter the world with my partner near my dining side. On Wednesday, Josie and I met with a photographer to discuss a possible UG photo shoot. We are thinking maybe white background, red dresses, UG bibs, and Carina with a crab leg in hand and Josie with ribs. Any other ideas? Okay on to the food, I was craving Middle Eastern and specifically Cafe Bravo’s cornish hen kabob with tabbouleh and yogurt with spinach. Josie had the chicken kabob with tabbouleh and hummus. We were famished. Our photographer looked at us as if we were animals as he  only sipped a Snapple. Josie, like always, put me to eating shame as she cleared her whole 2 plates and I did not. The food is so insane good, remember to ask for the garlic sauce (50 cents) which is similar to that of Zankou’s.


Later that night Josie and I decided to do a late night work session. Josie lives near the racetrack and I have my favorite slush shop in Arcadia. I was feeling nice, okay mostly thirsty, so I grabbed us some for the evening. My slush place is called Genki Living and it is a trip, the inside of the shop looks likes the outside in  Tokyo. There is a tree in the middle and a telephone booth and benches. I got the Strawberry Mango slush and the Passion fruit one. My idea was to let Josie choose but I snuck some strawfulls in the car. I also picked up some wonton soup for myself and got Josie her favorite food-rice.


Thursday, Josie stayed in and I spent a ridiculous amount of money on dinner to-go at Porta Via. My favorite food there is the Toscano Panini with no cheese and artichoke hearts inside. I also got some artichokes with green olives and capers, the meat lasagna, and a sugar cookie. My plan was to save the lasagna and artichokes for my drive to Santa Cruz the next day but that plan failed when I got home at 3am from the Viper Room and 3rd Stop. (Uncouth story: I found an iPhone in the toilet at the Viper Room).

My midnight snack ruined my driving lunch but Josie saved the day when she invited me to lunch with her and a talented cinematographer at Bistro Provence in Burbank. I wasn’t expecting much as it was in a strip mall. However, this little French place had fresh warm bread, reasonable prices, and very tasty food. Josie and I both had the broiled chicken with fries. I went crazy for the onions under the chicken in the garlic glaze. Josie also had  the goat cheese salad for a starter. Our male companion had the ahi salad, which was very fresh and quite good.


I left for home with a full tummy and a smile on my face. However, I already miss my other UG half…Next time I will be kidnapping her!




  1. this seriously looks like a wedding reel….

  2. Ooo Genki Living — my place to go for fast okonomiyaki and the occasional crepe; for slushed ice i actually prefer SinBala a few doors down in that same plaza.

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