Fireworks of Change


After blogging all 4th of July day at Starbucks, we were hungry and ready to go out and have fun. Our downtown friends invited us to their rooftop party complete with 360 degree views of fireworks all over the city. Josie came over to my place armed with salad supplies and a silver picture frame. I was completely unready and in only a towel. She started chopping and clearly I forgot my shirt under my sweater that night. We had comprised the best scheme ever-our goal was to place a framed picture of us in our friend Arun’s loft. He is our first/only fan and clearly we love pictures of ourselves. Don’t forget, we walked into the Apple store and put our website up on all of the computers. The salad we brought had cantaloupe, radishes, celery, and gorgonzola. It was a beauty and so was the photo we were going to strategically and unknowingly place somewhere in Arun’s house.


We are beasts and when we arrived at the party we remembered that nearly all of the hosts of this party were vegetarians. That was fine but not on a meat based holiday. When Josie and I began making plates we had mainly veggie salads and pasta dishes until we both spotted one piece of fried chicken. That was the only meat in existence. We tried to be couth and leave it there as we imagined everyone else had respectfully done. About one minute after sitting down Josie and I looked at each other and proved that we are, in fact, uncouth. She ran to get us that chicken and we split it and ate it until it was bone dry. We later learned someone’s southern mother made it and it was easily the dish of the night. Arun, always the gentleman, asked us if we needed sweatshirts we declined but said we would accompany him to his place. I almost killed myself getting there as slippery shoes, sangria, and stairs don’t mix well. Have no fear, my friends, I saved myself and my drink. When we arrived in his apartment, I distracted Arun and Josie placed the picture. Our new line is: You’ve been Bookshelf’d! The night was very fun, we met a lot of great people, and I got to tell a very receptive audience about my favorite restaurant Boiling Crab (I am linking in case you were too drunk to remember).


After we left the party I talked Josie in to going to another party in Echo Park. It was the home of my ex-boyfriend’s friends. She wasn’t feeling it but I convinced her to go. As soon as we walked in I recognized many and realized that this was no place I wanted to be. Josie and I looked at each other and left as soon as we arrived. Changes are happening all around the UGs and it is the best feeling in the world. Josie called me the next morning and said, “Do you know how to do laundry?” I do, but I haven’t done it in a very long time. I either wait until I go home and bring it to my mom or I go to the fluff and fold place that Josie told me about. It is called Spin Cycle and it has been the biggest blessing in my life. However, the UGs are working on a budget and Josie suggested that we go to the laundry mat in effort to save money. I really don’t want to come across as dumb spoiled girls but let’s just put it this way, the woman working had to come up and ask us, “Is this the first time you guys have ever done laundry?” We were hysterical the entire time and I am pretty sure no two people have ever had so much fun in a laundry mat. Actually maybe that is not true I have seen that laundry room scene in Little Children-hot! While our clothes were in the washer, Josie introduced me to the best and cheapest produce Mexican market. Look at the changes we are making. You must make Guerrero Produce Market on York in Highland Park your budget fruit/veggie shop.


The other big UG change is dating and a ton of plans. I went on my first date yesterday, in longer than I want to admit, at The Golden State. It wasn’t Friday or Saturday so I couldn’t get the Fish and Chips and it wasn’t after 5 so I couldn’t get a brew (apparently there is some licensing problem). However, I did have a tuna sandwich, a Persian cucumber salad, a root beer, and a nice time. On Monday, Josie and I were supposed to get work done but as Josie wrote on her Facebook status: Carina and I are supposed to be working, but instead, we are eating and looking for dates online…uncouth! We spent most of that night on various sites: checking out boys, laughing, and reading ridiculous headlines for people’s personals. We are on to new chapters and have some exciting plans in the next few weeks.

July 8: The Yelp Elite 007 Party at the Andaz Hotel

July 11: 80’s Prom Party at the House of Blues

July 12: Ray LaMontagne and Jenny Lewis at the Hollywood Bowl

July 13: Dinner with Food GPS

July 22: Blogger Prom at Andaz Hotel




  1. can’t wait for you to give a side-by-side rundown of who threw a better bash at the Andaz 😉

  2. So, did I get mantled-pieced or bookshelfed? The terminology is confusing. But well-played, UGs, well-played. By the way, the notion of being first/only fan is a little sad. Reminds me of that chick in the Flight of the Conchordes. Haha.

  3. Arun,

    Categorically speaking, I think we are more your groupie than you are ours. Regardless, it’s all in fun, my friend. Think of the picture as a memento – a “capture the moment” kind of thing. Treasure it! Hell, write a poem about it! Trust us, we are very wise! Hahahaha. Anyways, I’m so glad we met you.

    Josie and Carina

    P.S: hint, hint – a lot of stuff rhymes with Josie and Carina!

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