Elite, Yelp Elite


Yesterday, was my day off from school and I spent the day with my dear friend Tony (or Toe Knee, as he is known to my BlackBerry). We had lunch at Nicole’s Gourmet Foods, Belgian beer, a tennis match in over 85 degree heat, popsicles, followed by several cocktails and wine at my house as we watched bizarre movies and listened to The Kinks and Buddy Holly. His girlfriend Zena laughed while at lunch I declared that Tony would be my stylist for the Bond themed Yelp Elite party that night. I had a gold dress in mind that I wore to my brothers sushi and disco party but Tony said absolutely not as I look like a choir singer in a black church. He demanded I wear a red dress that was actually a prom dress but we compromised on a gold and silver geometric dress. I was in a great mood when I picked up Josie to go to the party. I have waited over 2 years to be Elite and this is the first party I was able to attend. Josie was sleepy as she had been up since 5am and the Hollywood Bowl traffic made our yawns more contagious and more exhausting. However, upon entering the Andaz Hotel for the event and taking the elevator up to the exclusive poolside Panorama Room our mood magically transformed and we got a second burst of energy. We got our stickers and Josie went straight to the cheese table. The food was provided by RH restaurant located on the lower level of the hotel. Our favorites of the night were the beef skewers, the cheeses, and the mushroom stir-fry. We also learned that cocktails were all free but a soda water was 2 dollars. We had a great time and there was a villain look-alike contest, a bond girl contest, and then the award for best James Bond impression.




As with almost any event that the UGs attend the number one thing is the people we encounter. We met some great Yelpers and it is a group I am really proud to be a part of, Josie’s line all night was, “I married in to the Yelp family”. One gentleman we met referred to Josie as Eva Mendes, himself as Jet Li’s cousin, and he called Uncouth Gourmands -Haiku Fromage- causing Josie to spit out her drink in a fit of laughter.



The only lame people we met all night were Paris and Sarah Michelle. They were as boring as cardboard.


We are looking forward to attending many other Yelp events both Elite and Unofficial. Elite events are pretty great because of the classiness, free food, and free drinks but trust me the UG girls are not above the great taco truck crawl events. We caught up with some old friends. Thank you Tony C. aka Sino Soul for trying to get us dates and Javier J. for giving us some cash to tip our bartenders. We also met a ton of great new friends like, Charlie, who works for the hotel restaurant RH. We also were pleased to meet the French chef, Sebastien Archambault, at the RH restaurant who invited to enjoy a meal there in the near future. It was great event, the hotel offered a View to Kill (stole that pun from Dawson-sorry I have very few Bond references), and we are excited to come back for dinner and Blogger Prom! Please feel free to add me as your Yelp friend and don’t forget to review the event on Yelp.




  1. bwahahahaah! Rickie’s in the Uncouth Sammie! (and also the guy who blurted out: EVA MENDEZ!) Just woah. He’s here http://enthusiast20.yelp.com/

    • Missed your disappearance act:) Save the date for our UG Beta 1.1 party at Yxta in downtown. Should be really fun! More info to come soon.

      Love ya,

  2. UG rocks!

    • No, Rick rocks! Are we going to see you at our Aug, 9th event at Yxta? More details to follow.

      The UG’s

  3. i’ll be there. let me know more.

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  5. […] first met Rick at a Yelp Elite event and have since seen him at a few of Sino Soul’s events. He always makes us smile when […]

  6. […] with Yelp. OMG! We are heartbroken. She eased us through our first Yelp event, hosted the awesome 007 party, and has been our favorite to see at all events from Milk to Chocolate to Taco Crawls. She holds a […]

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