Rockin’ & (Hollywood) Bowlin’


The UGs had a rockin’ weekend but unlike the “rockers” in the Denny’s commercials we end our night at The Standard 24/7 Restaurant and Taco Trucks instead of Denny’s. The weekend was fairly jam packed but on Friday night we had no plans and no dates and opted for a mellow Pasadena night. Around 11 on Friday we headed to Magnolia on Lake for a beverage and a nosh and were shocked by how many people were there. We had to ask ourselves several times: What city are we in? Where did all of these people come from? We also proceed to point at people and say, “I’ve never seen you in Pasadena before”. One gentleman at Magnolia named Andre came up to me and introduced himself. I shook his hand and gave him tattoo suggestions. He tried to introduce himself to Josie and she left his hand dry and untouched. He looked at me and said, “Is your friend ignoring me?” Josie then looked up and replied, “Of course not, I am updating my Facebook status.” We left Magnolia and headed to one of my favorite’s Old Towne Pub, I always say I like the mixture of punk rockers and hardcore alcoholics there. We weren’t really in the mood for that so we headed to Barney’s for last call. We invaded a birthday party after we could no longer endure our wobbly table. Met some new friends and they were all very impressed that two girls, the Uncouth Gourmands, can conduct a business meeting at 1A  in a noisy bar. We are adaptable girls. We left the bar when they began kicking everyone out and were approached by a gentleman who said “I want to take a picture with you two” we continued to walk ignoring them until we heard the magic words, “My girlfriend just broke up with me and I want to take a picture with two girls so I can stick a dagger through her throat.” Was it a bizarre request? Yes. Psychotic? Probably. Needless to say, we helped a brother out.


The next day was Saturday and we had 80’s Prom Party at the House of Blues to attend. Seeing as how we were both born in the 80s we never got to experience a prom in that particular decade. We were very excited about attending especially because we have become Facebook and real life friends with the organizer, Dan Silberstein of Drink, Eat, Play. He hosts a flurry of fun events in LA from Beer Fests to Cupcake Challenges to BBQ Fest. We have never attended one of his parties because of two main reasons: 1. We already had plans that day. 2. The events are priced at $40 a person, that is not too much money but it is a lot when you don’t know what to expect and don’t know what exactly you are paying for. I wrote to Dan and asked him if the UGs could get in for free to check it out, after all we would be dateless and blog about the event. He agreed right away and it was great to get to see one of his events in action. People in Hollywood, especially in the West Hollywood side of Sunset, are normally so cool and image conscious it was shocking and made the UGs extremely happy to see them dress up in 80s attire and not take themselves that seriously. I was dressed in a side ponytail and glittery shimmer dress and was a good 80s high school student a la Molly Ringwald. Josie, on the other hand, was dressed as the bad high school student and Madonna-esque rebel. Upon arriving we snuck off to the girl’s bathroom and if we were smokers we would have smoked but alas we are bloggers and took pictures for the better lighting.


When we got on the dance floor Josie ran in to the last person she expected, a software developer from her work. He was shaking his chonies and dancing like a real rebel a la Billy Joel. We later met up with Dan and his friend, we referred to them as Maverick and Miami Vice.



One of our favorite surprises of the night was learning via Twitter that our friend John who we met at Craft Beer Fest LA was going to be in attendance. We hadn’t seen him since that event but once again John didn’t disappoint. At the Beer Fest he was the one that told us about the elusive rotating tap that only came out once and this time he told us about the bar upstairs that had Fat Tire in a CAN (who knew?) for $3.50. That was an insanely good deal as the other beers were upwards of $12. He was our Jerry Lewis from the Nutty Professor for the night.




After dancing for hours, prom pics, and the totally awesome bands it became clear that this was the best prom experience ever and you could openly drink. Josie and I both admitted that we only ever attended our senior prom despite the fact that she was in Leadership and I was the Editor of the Yearbook. I once saw the rapper Eve, you know with the bear claws tattooed on her boobs, wearing a “Everyone loves a Gay Prom Date” shirt and I was fortunate enough to have one. I had the best dancer and best dressed date of the night. However, if I couldn’t have a gay prom date again, Josie,  John, and Dan definitely did the trick. We all danced the night away to really great 80’s cover bands.




The UGs had a great time and are very much looking forward to upcoming Drink, Eat, Play events as they are now tried and trusted and we don’t have any more qualms with dropping $40 on a ticket. Seeing how each of the events sell out, clearly others don’t have any problem with the pricetag. We also want to see if Blogger Prom will trump 80’s Prom Party in terms of awesomeness. We are unclear as 80s Prom Party really raised the bar.

Josie recommended we head to The Standard for last call. I was nervous because of our get-ups and because The Standard Hotel is the epitome of hip but we went anyway. I actually walked down Sunset Blvd. barefoot as my prom shoes were killing me. John impressed us as his loove of food is as clear as his love of beer. We ate some fries and I began talking to a Jewish guy from Manhattan in the diamond business. I was stoked as I recently wrote on Twitter “I need to marry a Chef, Psychologist, or Gemologist in order to save money in the future”. I thought my dating luck was changing but of course this gentleman was staying at the hotel and heading back to NYC the next day. Oh well.


Josie came over the next day, Sunday, and we were heading to the Hollywood Bowl. She was on the phone when she entered and as soon as she hung up she said, “Krissy said we are officially dating if we are going to the Hollywood Bowl together.” I said, “uh-oh” as I put the egg salad I made and a chilled bottle of chardonnay with the picnic bag of stuff Josie made. We took the Pasadena shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl and it was fabulous. We pulled in front an hour before the show and were hoping to picnic at the tables. We were amazed that no one was willing to share their picnic table with the Uncouth Gourmands. We asked many and the answer we kept on receiving was “We are waiting for a bunch of  people”. Lame-O the UGs rented .75 cents cushions and headed to our far away seats in direct sunlight and began on our appetizer course. We had egg salad and hummus with pita chips and grapes. We managed to finish a first course and a bottle of wine before the first band Blitzen Trapper came on.



The main reason we were going to the show was because I was bummed I didn’t win the lottery for the Michael Jackson memorial and bought tickets in the middle of the night. The second reason was that I was in love with who was playing. Josie and I are both big Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley fans and our favorite part of Coachella was seeing her perform live. I also love the headliner, Ray LaMontagne and while Josie wasn’t that familiar with the music I knew she would love him and his raspy voice. The main course, food wise, was beef tenderloin for Josie and a Chinese chicken salad for me.



The crowd filled out, the sun went down, and the magic that is the Hollywood Bowl ensued. Jenny Lewis was on the last stop of her tour in her hometown, Los Angeles, and was at the top of her game.




Josie grabbed us a beer and some gourmet lollipops before Ray LaMontagne came on. I was so happy she did that I dedicated “You are the Best Thing” to her. Too bad we had to wait for the encore to hear that song. Josie and I joked that we needed the lollipops because we had nothing/nobody else to swap spit with. It was actually an extremely romantic night.  Wikipedia describes Ray LaMontagne as  “a soft-spoken person who is known for his raspy voice” and he waited until halfway through his set to talk to us, the audience. I told Josie this is pretty much like every man in our life right now. The music was beyond beautiful and at one point she said “I need a man that sings to me and writes me poetry”. I laughed saying I need a man that can write me witty emails and send me clever BBMs. The night couldn’t have been any better…okay I guess it could have if someone shared their picnic table with us and if the chatty girls behind us could listen to the music instead of reminiscing on UPN shows of the 1990s.


We took the bus back to Pasadena and began talking to a lovely girl in front of us about online dating. Clearly we had a lot to say as we arrived in Pasadena before even getting in to the meat of our issues. What is with all of these cool girls not finding good matches? Or as Josie would put it, not getting laid? After a night of a big picnic, beautiful music, and bus camaraderie there was only one thing the UGs wanted…a burrito from a taco truck. We headed to the closest one available-the truck on Fair Oaks.




  1. […] have attended: the Yelp 007 party at the same beautiful venue, The Andaz Hotel; and we were just at 80’s Prom thrown by Drink, Eat, Play. However, Blogger Prom was a combo of the two and this was the big time. […]

  2. […] As we always say Dan, the founder, is responsible for our social life as he has brought us to 80s Prom and Dessert Decadence. Yesterday he told us that he had a few more events to throw and then he […]

  3. “I thought my dating luck was changing but of course this gentleman was staying at the hotel and heading back to NYC the next day. Oh well.” –

    Have no fear! Your Jewish diamantaire isn’t long gone. If your ever in NYC, we may cross paths again…

  4. […] Eat, Play events. Dan has a special affinity for the 80s and even brought us to the totally awesome 80s Prom a couple of months back. This birthday was his Super Sweet 16, Part 2. He asked that everyone be […]

  5. […] 80’s Prom Party: is February 26th at the Renaissance Hotel, Hollywood at 9P until 2A. Tickets are a steal at $30. And lastly, and my favorite part, 100% of the proceeds will go to the local animal rescue/shelter. You know the UGs will be there, we had so much fun at last year’s prom. […]

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