Blogger Prom: Been There, Done That, Got a T-Shirt-4 Shirts!


Similar to 80’s Prom 2 weeks ago, the UGs ran in to the bathroom not to smoke but rather take photos, check make-up, and scuttlebutt. Sometimes I am shocked we are not in high school; we still giggle incessantly, high-five over lollipop cocktail stirrers and have to spit out watermelon gum upon arriving at any event. We felt slightly nervous about attending Blogger Prom, after all everyone was equipped with cameras and the guests (all invite-only) had to Tweet in song requests to the DJ;  this was a high class event with “professionals”. In the last two weeks we have attended: the Yelp 007 party at the same beautiful venue, The Andaz Hotel; and we were just at 80’s Prom thrown by Drink, Eat, Play. However, Blogger Prom was a combo of the two and this was the big time. Our training wheels were off and we actually had to look the part…a blog was posted last week on Blogger Prom that was entitled “No Cheesy; No Entry: Strict Dress Code will be Enforced”…this sent chills down the UG’s spines. I found my dress the day before. On the day of I bought a new color appropriate strapless bra at my favorite Macys, the one on Lake in Pasadena. I am fortunate enough to live within 5 blocks of two different Macys, but always  chose the one on Lake Ave. because I can’t forget the incredible deals they gave right before they closed for the remodel. I looked horrible, unshowered, just ate a ton of my favorite pizza, the Lasagna Pizza at Dino’s in Burbank, and had been studying with my classmate all morning for our managerial economics midterm. I grabbed a bra and as I was walking out, I said hello to my favorite make-up girl, Angel, at the Benefit Cosmetic counter. I love the brand (as they are SF-based, very light natural looks and witty packaging). I love Angel because she knows her stuff, has been in the industry for a long time, gives great make-up advice, and as an artist uses people’s faces as her canvas. She asked how UG was going and I told her I was going to Blogger Prom later that night. She suggested I come back in an hour after showering and in my dress. I raced home, bathed, came back, and she worked her magic. Borrowing from the different counters she complied the best cheesy, but still meticulous done bright blue eyeshadow with blue mascara to match. She spent an hour with me, a half an hour past when she was supposed to get off work, and made something beautiful out of what I could have made clown wear. I recommend you go and see Angel as she is the angel of the make-up world!


I left with my hot look, got kisses blown to me on the freeway, and picked up Josie from work. I forgot the corsage; I suck as a prom date! She had a bag full of accessories and we began to get ready in the car. I drove and Josie did a complete costume change. At one point we were in Sun Valley and Josie said, “The guy in the other car is looking at us”. I laughed replying, “Maybe that’s because you just took off your clothes and put a dress on”. She replied, “Oh yeah”. We arrived at the beautiful Andaz hotel around 7:40 the event started at 7 and we got checked in and took the elevator up to the top floor where we were at the Yelp Party. The look of the venue was very different. This was a lounge as opposed to the James Bond casino themed tables that covered the floor for the Yelp event. However, the food, bar, and cheese set up was just about the same. We remembered the beef skewers were the way to go. However, at Blogger Prom the cheese selection by The Cheese Impresario and cocktails created by The Liquid Muse raised the bar to a level that we didn’t even know existed. There was only one thing cheesier than the cheese plates and that was the fashion…OMG!





There was a raffle that was going on at several different points in the night and one of the first times was right after this guy walked by and said, “Hey” in an oh-so Hollywood way. I laughed and looked at the girls next to me commenting, “Who does that guy think he is, Pauly Shore?!?!” I assumed he was just a blogger who thought he was hot hollywood stuff. One second later, I said,”Wait, is that Pauly Shore?”. The girl next to me said, “Yes, I thought you knew that”. Pauly was there to announce the raffle prize for some tickets to the Comedy Store. The UGs ended up pretty empty handed in the raffle until the very end. Josie won a sake set and I was empty handed with an empty drink and a mini cupcake wrapper in my hand.




However, by the end of the night I was definitely not empty-handed. Sino Soul gave me a shirt he won that said, “In space no one can hear you tweet”. We also got amazing gift bags equipped with sex lubricants, ear plugs, shirts that say “Born to” on the front and “Blog” on the bag, Big Bang Theory on DVD (love it-Pasadena based) and many more fun items. Josie was most excited about the shirts and got two of the born to blog and traded me the Tweet shirt for her sake set. Score. Oh and that bag of Sun Chips served us very well on the drive home.



Not to be completely cheesy, although it does fit the theme, but the best part about the whole event was interacting with all the other local bloggers. We met our blogger idols, foodemies, crushes, and people that we already feel like we know. Eating LA we had only met once before, prior to ever having our blog and it was such a pleasure to shake hands with her. Food GPS we have an upcoming dinner with but we had never met him either. We got to meet Gastronomy blog and I asked where her husband the astronomer is and he turned around and shook my hand. The thing about the blogging world is that while there is some anonymity these are real people that share their thoughts and opinions with you on a weekly basis. They are all quite charming and it was such a pleasure that we had the opportunity to meet them all at once. We, the Uncouth Gourmands, have three main values at our core and they are: Fun, Food, and Friendship. This Blogger Prom provided them all and in spades. We give a huge thank you to the prom committee for organizing this great event. H.C. you are our Prom King despite what vegetarian may have taken the crown. Here we are with Daily Gluttony, AV Flox, The Delicious, Hot Pink Manolos, and Let Me Eat Cake! For a list of attendants click here and for more pictures click here







  1. Friggin CARINA! A free t-shirt doesn’t even get me LINKED? BWAHAHAHAAHAH!! Who’s the Asian girl in the white 2nd from the bottom?

    • Why it is…Delicious! You are only linked on every other post but don’t worry I will link you up!

  2. ya know.. i got to HUG her. I think I lingered a bit too long.

    And yes, I demand to be linked every post. Cuz you know.. Gastronomer said I’m a whore… Just sayin’. You guys looked lovely last nite, up til Josie gagging up the food.

    • I did a similar thing with that salmon maki last night…I got a BAD piece. Her problem was that she thought she had tuna (she’s allergic). I couldn’t find her a garbage can because I was talking to you, or like she said, “I could have died and you were too busy gabbing it up with Sino Soul”. Anyway, when you are a UG spitting food in your hand is A-OK

  3. Such a great write up! And funny, I’ve had my makeup done by Angel at Benefit, too! That’s my favorite brand. It was good to meet you girls last night. Your outfits rocked!

  4. Love the write-up! I know we passed each other multiple times and you two looked great (I remember) so I’m going to say, “Glad to have met you!” 😉 Srsly. The bathroom, I think? So awesome you didn’t know it was Pauly!

  5. You took a picture of my rainbow leopard legs and didn’t even tell me?! I could have posed you know, so the legs wouldn’t have looked so stumpy! Haha…so bummed I didn’t get to meet you guys last night. But I did remember seeing you gals there last night. Great write up!

    • Oh man, I am sorry! We are uncouth…asking isn’t really our thing. But FYI, the legs are not stumpy at all they are fierce. That was by far my fav pic of the night. Also just based on those tights we totally want to have a meal with you. We will buy you a drink to make up for our lack of etiquette.

  6. Good to hear that you were able to make it in Josie!

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  8. A pleasure meeting you galz! It was very uncouth of you to snack on SunChips before leaving the venue 😉

    • I guess you missed when Josie stole us sodas from the fridge upstairs…uncouth indeed.

  9. heh, next time I’ll be sure to insert a “no vegetarians for prom king nomination” clause. Great post and nice seeing you gals there!

  10. That’s nice Tony gave you the twitter tee! 🙂

  11. Thanks for your write up! I love the picture of you in the ladies room; You might not remember but I was standing right outside the door as you guys ran in. Too Funny!

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  14. Hey, great blog…but I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

    I’m Out! 🙂

  15. […] passed out food to all of the guests and I was impressed to see my Blogger Prom favorites: The Liquid Muse was there with incredible Grey Goose Vodka cocktails she created and so […]

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