The Shrimp Incident


Josie has recently categorized herself as Jew-Curious and part of that decision has included falling in love with my second favorite show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. In an episode entitled “The Shrimp Incident,” Larry David’s character thinks that a network executive stole some of his shrimp after their orders are switched. Josie’s shrimp incident was more serious, but just as comical. After a meeting with our business mentor, Barrett, at Urth Caffe downtown we headed to a second business meeting/dinner with our other mentor Chuck. Chuck knows everyone and everything in business, food, and Pasadena and we adore that about him. Chuck is like the Mayor; he knows everyone. We hope to one day be as well-connected as Chuck. We went to New Moon in Montrose and for the first time ever in UG history we arrived 20 minutes early. We sat down and then had our menus removed as Chuck had already planned the menu. Josie is allergic to fish and shellfish so she was sure to double-check that she would be able to eat dinner. The waiter was as nice as can be and made some substitutions. Chuck arrived with a nice bottle of wine from his collection and shocked the staff with this bottle that contained a pyrex cork; the wine is from his friend’s winery, Oakville Cross. Chuck told us the cork had a metal ring in it that was developed for space and that it’s supposed to be the best. Chuck has the best taste, so what good enough for NASA is good enough for the UG’s.


When the appetizers arrived we had eggrolls that the waiter pointed at and said, “Don’t touch this” to Josie. She had barbecue pork as her appetizer. Chuck asked if I liked Chinese food, I responded by saying, “Of course, I do, I am Jewish”. He laughed and said, “Oh yeah, why is that always true?” I have contemplated that question for a long time and Food Marathon has also pondered it in his blog. More than half way through an utterly delicious eggroll I said, “I think this is vegetarian, I am tasting zero shrimp in here.” Josie had a bite and began itching and was feeling very uncomfortable. I was wrong and I almost killed my partner: business not life. Chuck and I gave Josie the advice to just keep on eating. She did and I did. I felt guilt and was nervously eating. The food was quite good. I prefer eating chinese food in San Gabriel and in places where no english is spoken but as far as Americanized Chinese food goes this is some of the very best. The combination of eating plenty of food, mostly rice, and laughing caused Josie to not need to be raced to a hospital. Chuck gave us great advice and attempted to help us with relationship advice. We said, “People tell us all the time that when people read our blog that they think we are lesbians.” He said, “Maybe you two should start taking pictures with other people, not just the two of you. Also don’t go to the bathroom at the same time. Josie wait until Carina comes out before you go in.” He also grabbed us a male waiter/actor/model to take a picture with us. It was good food, a good night, and the best staff that offered to run across the street to buy Josie a Benadryl. If you are having any kind of emergency this is exactly the kind of place you want to be at…plenty of great food to dilute the allergy and a staff that is bending over backwards to help.



Later the next day, Chuck took us to a direct marketing seminar hosted by the DMA at the Embassy Suites in Arcadia. The place wasn’t so “hot”, but the seminar was good. They talked in detail about marketing on twitter and facebook, which is a lot what the UG’s have been doing and have been moderately successful with. Chuck is a VERY successful investor so he’s helping us put together a plan for UG business success (and boy, do we need it).



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