Sweet Tooth


My weekend must go on, even in the absence of a wisdom tooth and with the addition of hardcore pain killers. Josie always works on Saturdays so I knew she wouldn’t be able to attend Sino Soul’s paella event that he was kind enough to invite us to. Contrary to popular belief, we are able to do some things apart and had a very independent weekend. Well independent if you don’t count countless emails, texts, phone calls and more. I sent an email to Sino Soul telling him I was still totally in for paella but that I probably shouldn’t drive myself as I was on painkillers and the location was far. The location of this paella event was at La Espanola Meats, Inc. in Harbor City. We agreed to meet at his house, only a few miles from my house, and he would drive me. In his car was his lovely new wife, yup, Sino Soul is a married man, Josie is devastated. Also getting a ride with us was the very knowledgeable Kung Food Panda. Sino Soul (Tony) is the best and ordered more than 16 pounds of paella for a group of 20+ food bloggers and twits (The UG name for tweeters). Apparently, this was the second annual gathering here and the last one was very notorious for  a great deal of booze. I was on Vicodin but still willing to have a glass or two of wine. It was funny because the night before a woman told me that I should handle my toothache the old fashioned way. I replied, “Vicodin and wine?” and she said, “Oh no dear, warm salt water.” Uncouth! Anyway, apparently there was a girl who at last year’s event was on a prescription and mixed it with wine and her head ended up in the paella. She was brave enough to share this story on Yelp. Tony was very concerned that something like this could happen to me, after all, I am an Uncouth Gourmand. Before the food was served we all were told to grab wine and meat and cheese plates inside. I bought a bottle of wine and figured I would share with others and take meat and cheese off someone else’s plate. I did both and Tony cut me off the wine quickly. The wine was all very reasonable priced, as was the paella and meat plates all under 8 dollars.



Like a good UG I was seated right in the middle and probably stole someone’s seat and began eating someone’s paella. The paella was good, the company was better, and Tony’s ice cream was the best. There were two paellas, a seafood and a meat one. The man working there, who told me he did everything and was part of the family that owned the place, was charming. He made me give my card to a local Spanish chef who was shopping and tried to get me a date causing a blushing chef and a blushing UG. I was seated next to B-Side Blog, pictured with the great cupid employee, and TeriLA.


Across the table from me was the lovely Diane Takes a Bite who admitted to me that her name should really be Diana Takes Multiple Bites. We shared an uncouth moment together but she proves to be one cool gal as she takes it all in stride. Also in attendance was ShopEatSleep, EstarLA, and TinyNancer.

IMG_2912As I mentioned briefly Sino Soul has become an ice cream maker and his ice cream was amazing, look for it in the corner of the Styrofoam container. We have all read on Twitter about his olive oil and rosemary ice cream that he brought to dinner parties we were never invited to, and we have sent him vulgar tweets regarding wanting to taste his cream, but I never had it until this event. He brought two kinds, a lavender honey and a Vietnamese coffee. He was laughing in the car about how all the whiteys love the coffee. I told him I like the lavendar honey best but I am Asian in my heart. He smiled. It was funny listening to him in the car go from calling his Wolfgang Puck ice cream maker his wedding present from his wife (unbeknownst to her) and this life altering thing to complaining about traffic being completely stopped. He is an interesting man, one of our favorites in the food blogging world, and we will continue to adore him even with the new ring around his finger.



The next day I was home, still on pain killers, and read on Yelp about a Mochi Crawl in Little Tokyo thrown by Shauna D. Mochi seemed like the best idea for a hot day and for my hurt mouth. I called a local Pasadena blogger and my friend Hot Pink Manolos to see if she wanted to go with as I wasn’t certain of my driving ability. She was busy buying a baby gift for her friend but happened to write a great blog about what a night with the UGs is like. I had a couple of different options but desperately needed a shower and clothes on first. The event started at 2 and after I was through getting ready it was 3pm. I texted some Yelpers I assumed were going but they had already arrived. I decided enough time had passed and I could drive myself. I got Princess Parking, Josie has passed her gift on to me, and set out looking for Yelpers. I was a little loopy and it was the last day of Nisei Week. I couldn’t find any Yelpers and just began wandering into places off the list. I got a green tea cake from some unknown place and then I walked in to somewhere on the list called Mikawaya for this delicious creation called the Mochi-lato. You guessed it, mochi filled with gelato, I went for the plum wine flavor. It was delicious. One of my Yelper friends, Javier J.,  texted me where they were but I had no interest in walking so far, I instead opted for a snow cone and watched the dancers and drummers.





After my various desserts consumed in a short amount of time, I got another text from my Yelp friend saying that the last stop was Beard Papa’s. I walked slowly and ended up walking in right behind my Yelp favorite Dawson. I saw my friend who was texting me at the counter and like an obnixious girl walked over as he was ordering and said, “What are you going to buy me?” He got me the choclate fondant and I was so happy to eat it I didn’t notice that my friend now had a girlfriend who escorted him upstairs. Oops! Normally I would time try to apologize or explain but not this time. I had a Japanese grocery store to explore and a vicodin at home waiting for me as my mouth was killing me. This is normally not a story worth mentioning but this girlfriend just happened to be friends with my date that I had the following night. Small world.

My date the following night was an internet guy that suggested a dessert date, which I loved and found very original…Until I read my Facebook and personal blog bio where I say I love dessert dates. Anyway, this guy researched me quite well and told me that he checked to make sure if I was coming via Twitter. The plan was dessert but after eating nachos and a nectarine for dinner, I wanted more and ordered mac n’ cheese at our date location Cube. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time because the served my favorite dish at Taste of the Nation LA and they always have the greatest tweets. We had an assortment of cheeses, which I let him order: one hard (beecher’s reserve cheddar), one soft (I just remember he said it was from NY like he was), and one blue (gorgonzola piccante). The dessert we ordered was the watermelon panna cotta. The mac n’ cheese was quite tasty and I thought the tomato was a perfect addition.




Some funny moments that happened was when I was upset that my date got his dessert spoon before I did. Our waiter apologized and said he was gay and does it all the time, he even admitted to never thinking of holding doors open for women. It was really quite charming but I normally like the extra date points from a waiter flirting with me.  5 points for the date. Don’t worry ladies he lost the 5 points just as rapidly when he attempted to feed me dessert. I said quite sternly, (he referred to it later as the Joan Crawford/Terminator voice), “I don’t need to be fed.” He should have known better I mentioned something about Barbara Walters and he said, “I know your Mt. Rushmore is comprised of Hillary Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Barbara Walters”. I just now realized that he never named a fourth but I am not sure who mine is anyway and those ladies definitely fill the space of four men. When I awoke, in my own bed-alone-thank you very much, I grabbed my phone and wrote this on Twitterberry: Note to Self: no more 1st dates in WeHo. Waiter will flirt with your date instead of you.

SinoSoul had the best response: @uncouthgourmand HAHA! You got cockblocked by your WeHo waiter! Owned!

Josie and I met up today for lunch and to check in with one another. We decided we needed to invite an old friend of Pasadena to our lunch table and that was the Dianne Salad from Green Street Restaurant. It was as good as always, and I hope you all know that you should always substitute romaine for iceberg. Josie had the southwest sandwich and I made sure she went with half regular and half sweet potato with her fries.



Josie and I discussed our recent dates, I think we can safely say our Dating Drought is O-V-E-R! We talk constantly so I don’t know if it is worth mentioning, but it was nice to catch up. At this point in our lives, we are attempting to go from “Women who Lunch” to “Women who Launch.” Any tips?


Week of Oddities

New Coke bottles. odd. wisdom teeth

If this last week had any theme to it, I could only categorize it as very odd. One of the highlights was when Frenchy came back from his tour of NorCal and Vegas for one more night in LA before catching his plane. This was a Monday so Josie was at work and school that night. I had this whole week off from school and decided to take Frenchy out. I picked him up from Union Station as he was returning from his previous San Diego destination. It was midday and despite the traffic I was certain would arise later I decide to have us make a stop at my good friend Tony’s house in Boyle Heights for a quick beer. He and his band The Mo-Odds (speaking of odd) just got back from a multi-city national tour that lasted more than two weeks. Tony who is a Pole with no Jewish background was wearing a shirt that read, “Everyone loves a Jewish Boy”.


When Frenchy was in LA earlier there was only one thing he wanted to do and that was to head to Venice Beach. However, the traffic getting him there and the nearly 2hr bus ride kept him away, but this time I was determined to take him. We walked the beach and I ended up getting a text message from the Brit from Barbarella. He lives in Santa Monica and so I asked if he wanted to meet up that night. He suggested Cabo Cantina on 3rd Street Promenade. Frenchy wanted a party so I took him there. There was one problem I was now at a table with a Brit and Frenchy and almost everything was lost in translation. I tweeted that I was surrounded by foreigners and that I wanted someone else to show up. Paul who was our volunteer coordinator contact for when we worked Taste of the Nation LA arrived. I was now alone with three men. Not a bad place to be. Frenchy said he wanted to eat the best burger before he left. I am not all that knowledgeable on the west-side food scene but I knew that the Comme Ca burger couldn’t be as “perfect” as the New York Times said. Furthermore, I felt ashamed to say that I had never tried a Father’s Office burger. I heard they were good and iconic but I had never tastes one. Paul, a Santa Monica resident, vouched that it was pretty good and worth trying. The boys, excuse me, men, piled in my car and off we went. I was shocked by what a small space it was; it is also a gastropub as opposed to a burger joint. I always represent Pasadena and order a Craftsmen. Frenchy and I each had a burger.  The Brit who is a personal trainer stuck to a coke and Paul who said he already had a burger for lunch ordered some olives and mushrooms for the table.



My take on the burger: the meat was very good. Frenchy asked for rare and got rare.  I was not that impressed with the bun but I am a bread snob. I loved the sweet onion relish and arugula. While I am not kosher by any means I am not that crazy about cheeseburgers; I normally stick to hamburgers. I tend to like meat and cheese separately, with that said the mixture of blue cheese and Gruyere was quite nice. It was a good burger but not the best. Almost all sandwiches and burgers for me have a lot to do with bread first, meat second, and condiments third.

Over the course of this meal I learned that Paul competed in this year’s Grilled Cheese Invitational and, out of the hundreds of sandwiches there, I tried his asparagus and pear pairing…how bizarre. He gained many foodie points from me. I felt bad for Frenchy that I couldn’t find him any cute American girls for his last night before he heads back to Paris. Paul decided to walk home and I took my Brit and Frenchy to one of the few Venice bars I know, The Otherroom. Once again, we were surrounded by men. Why don’t Josie and I ever have this good of luck? Finally two cute young girls came up to the bar we were sitting at and I told them that this is my friend’s last night in America. One of the girl’s said, “Oh how cool, I used to know how to say, ‘I can’t speak French’ in French but I forgot”. It was too funny. I took the Brit home and Frenchy to his hotel by the airport and he will definitely be missed. As much as I love Josie it was fun to have a day/night of boy time.

The next day wasn’t quite as nice. My tooth, wisdom tooth, was killing me. When I complained about it months ago and questioned my dentist about whether it should be removed, he responded, “I don’t see why, you have a big enough mouth.” A loud Jewish girl with a blog that has a big mouth-shocking! Something in my mouth had changed and this pain was unbearable. My wisdom tooth was coming in slightly crooked and upsetting the rest of my mouth and hitting the bone. I made an emergency appointment with my dentist and he recommended that I get it removed on Thursday and prescribed me some pain killers. Josie was having a toothache of a day as well as she got in a slight accident while leaving her work causing her whiplash and strong back pain. She called me sad and heading to get her favorite chicken in Little Tokyo. I was also sad and in pain and suggested that we should be together. We have made it a habit to ask all food bloggers what their favorite restaurant is and since Josh of Food GPS said his favorite was Elena’s Greek Armenian we had been dying to go. He gave us some pearls of wisdom: At Elena’s, it’s soup, never salad. Order falafel with hummus, veggie grape leaves, lamb and lule kebab. We followed his first three pieces of advice but deviated on the main courses.

IMG_2895The soup was good but didn’t blow us away as we hoped it would. We still had to order our standard side of lemon slices to add to it. The pickled cabbage that comes to every table was something we had to ask for more of. The falafel and hummus plate was also good but not great. The main thing that blew our mind was the vegetarian grape leaves. It was stuffed with rice that carried a delicious risotto consistency and was our favorite part of the meal. When it came to the main course I had the quail and Josie had the chicken kebab. Neither was bad but perhaps if we didn’t stray from Josh’s choices we would be more in love. Also we are used to dining with a happier outlook and we, Uncouth Gourmands, know that mood plays a big part in the dining experience. The pain in Josie’s neck and back and mine in my tooth whenever taking a bite wasn’t adding any points.



For the UGs are Mediterranean/Middle East food heart still belongs to Cafe Bravo in Glendale but Elena’s had a good fight and we will give her another chance when the UGs are in better mental and physical spirits. Also, foodies/bloggers/readers we want to know all of your favorite restaurants in case we forget/forgot to ask. Please post them in comments and let us know if you will accompany us.

The next day we had something on our calendars that we were looking forward to for a long time, the Top Chef Premiere party at My Last Bite’s house.Tony, who I mentioned was back in town, and I have an ongoing plan to do tennis, wine, and movies on Wednesdays. However, due to both our schedules it rarely works out or happens as we plan. I was on pain killers and wasn’t feeling up to playing but I knew we had to bring a dish and beverage to this party.  Tony, who is an expert gardener and bread maker, I knew would be able to help me out on the cooking front as I was as loopy as can be. We headed off to the UGs new favorite grocery store, which he was the first person to introduce me to, Super King Market in Altadena.





At one point he suggested we either poison all of the bloggers in attendance or we stick out with a show stopper dish. I opted for the latter and it became similar to the 12 Days of Christmas song as I talked him out of first 30 quail and then 1 duck to finally agreeing on 2 chickens. We decided to stuff the birds with brown rice, raspberries, grapes, walnuts, and onions. We also proceeded to find aphrodisiac tea which we placed in the rice water to infuse the rice with love potion. If anyone got lucky that night you have us to thank. The dish became very similar to a medieval dish and Tony decided to name it, “Charles Martel Chicken” in case anyone asked. Tony taught me that cooking grapes was one of the yummiest ways to eat them. I was somehow under the impression that freezing them and/or having the peeled for you by Samoan men wrapped in a diaper like thing while fanning you down with palm leaves was the way to go. Since Tony did so much of the leg work we decided to invite Tony and his lovely girlfriend, Zena, to the party. We figured we were bringing two chickens to a party, we should be able to let two friends tag along.


When we got to the party one of the first things we heard someone say was, “Who brings chicken to a party?” The Uncouth Gourmand Girls responded the only way we knew how, by saying, “We actually brought two chickens.” The hilarity ensued. We saw many of our foodie friends: The Delicious Life, Food GPS, and Freshman in the Kitchen. We were most excited about meeting the famous My Last Bite, Jo, who is a Twitter celebrity and a chef groupie, I apologize I have no better word. Those are two titles we covet and she does it the best and effortlessly as there are pictures of her with Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, and Eric Ripert under her “Chef Photo” section. She is just so cool and a rockstar in her own right, after all, she performed one night only at The Whiskey. She and her husband have a sound proof music room, a tent in the backyard equipped with couches and a full bar, and multiple TVs in every room. They are just so cool and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are just as charming and sweet as you can imagine. My friend Tony was a little drunk and suggested karaoke, Jo, the awesome host found him the Wii game with a microphone and proceeded to sing Tom Jones with him as she hooked it all up. Also when Tony was leaving he attempted to grab a bottle of wine, I gave him the eye of shame and he put it back and grabbed a couple of bottles of beer from the fridge as has he grabbed our remaining chicken. I figured that was okay as he went on and on about how there was a beer at the party that had a very old recipe, like from the Egyptians, and that he read about it in National Geographic Magazine. When Jo and her hubby, Peter, saw this man carrying chicken and unopened bottles of beer they applauded him. Jo even offered him more and stuck bottles in his pockets and in his handmade leather purse. His girlfriend, Zena, was mortified at his uncouthness. Josie and I loved that the hosts approved of such uncouth behavior. We met a ton of people there that we only follow on Twitter but don’t personally know like EstarLA, Daily Wine, and Kevin Eats. One of our favorites of the night was Limer35 who knows what UG girls like and got us beer and some of HeySmell‘s chocolate chip cookies whenever we asked. Those cookies were so OMG with french butter and fleur de sel. However, they retail for $4 at Artisan Cheese Gallery so we definitely ate at least $16 dollars worth of cookies for free and were delivered to us at this party, it was heaven. Also, I apologize to Mozza2Go, the maker of the truffle mac and cheese, and Eli of Freshman in the Kitchen, and Josie’s dress maker because over the course of the night I heard Josie take credit for making the pizza, the mac n’ cheese, the flour-less chocolate cake one bites, and her own dress (respectively). It was a great night and I am glad I Tivo’d Top Chef because I missed a lot of the show by talking and laughing with you fine folks.

Josie spent the night at my house that night and took me to my dentist appointment the following morning. I took a heavy duty pill called Triazolam an hour before we left and my dentist was correct it produced an amnesia like effect. I have zero tolerance for pain and asked to be sedated. I know drugs make me very emotional and warned Josie of this ahead of time because I remember once being hysterical with my mom that there was no steamed cauliflower after a dental procedure. Perhaps Josie should be typing on this episode but I am afraid of what she may say I said/did. I have no memory of coming home but I know Josie was here most of the time and then left to pick up my prescription and  to go to a doctor’s appointment of her own. When woke up I was alone and in pain. I called my mom who is on vacation in Hawaii and was crying because I couldn’t find a hair tie. By the time Josie came back I was making us papaya sorbet, not that complicated I have a VitaMix it takes 3 minutes, and she gave me the hair tie off her wrist. She then proceeded to do everything I wanted to do and was the best Uncouthy Bestie I could ask for. We watched discs of Will & Grace and, although it hurt, she made me laugh by logging on to Match.com and showing me her profile picture which was the two of us but the thumbnail that Match chose was just on my face. I laughed asking her if that is why she was getting so many virtual winks. She whimpered because it was sadly true. Josie is iPhone and regular Coca-Cola and I am Blackberry and a Diet Coke head but we compliment each other so nicely. The PR girl, Kat, from Formula Pubic Relations that we met at Blogger Prom sent us the new Coca-Cola bottles to try out and we loved them. Josie was into the modern yet retro design and liked that the inside was also aluminum. I, on the other hand,  was high on drugs and emotional and said something of the effect of, “How did she know that I was Diet Coke and you were regular Coke? I can’t believe she sent us both she must really know us and loves us.”


Friday, was perhaps the oddest of all these days. I finally understood why Josie was calling me Chipmunk, as I consciously looked into a mirror. We were still not at top form but as we mentioned a few weeks ago we wrote a treatment for a reality show basically our blog come to life. We have been getting a little Hollywood and have had meetings with people we couldn’t have imagined. A couple of weeks ago at a meeting with a TV executive we ended up spotting Harvey Levin at the table next to us at BOA. We have people interested in being our managers and we are learning a lot about showbiz. We also have learned the importance of connections as a friend of a friend passed our treatment on to a real Beverly Hills agent and we had a meeting on Friday afternoon. We were eating yogurt and bananas in my car on my way there. The valet laughed at the sight of banana peels in the cup holders. The woman we were meeting with was fantastic. Halfway through the meeting I looked at her and said, “Josie and I kind of share a brain and I just want you to know that I can say with all certainty and without talking to Josie alone that we both adore you.” She loved our stories of Frenchy and the Brit and it was a perfect match. Once again, why isn’t this happening in our love lives? Anyway, long story short we now have an agent. Who would have thunk it? We are represented by the lovely and best Claire Best of Marsh Best & Associates! We left the meeting stunned and thrilled and we learned from the valet guy that Brad Pitt’s office occupies he same building. When Josie called her aunt to tell her the good news, it was the latter half of the information that she was excited about. Again, it was a lovely but strange week of surprises. Claire, who is neighbors with Zack Braff, invited us to a party at her house that night in the Hollywood Hills with an interesting mix of fabulous women. The table was filled with lawyers, directors, models, and more from Australia, The UK, and Minnesota. Josie and I brought lettuce wraps with a ton of fresh veggies and fruit in a papaya seed dressing. It was a magical night and I really had to pull Josie aside and say, “Did you ever imagine that today we would be at a party in the Hollywood Hills with our new agent?” The answer was, of course, no. This will always be known as the week I lost my wisdom…tooth and we gained an agent!

Sake’t to Me: Miso Horny


Despite being slightly hungover from the night before, the UGs decided that the best cure for their ailment was to head to LA Sake Fest thrown by their good friend at Drink:Eat:Play. As we always say Dan, the founder, is responsible for our social life as he has brought us to 80s Prom and Dessert Decadence. Yesterday he told us that he had a few more events to throw and then he would be going into hibernation for a couple of months. We will be unsocial girls for that time but you better believe will we do everything in our power to go to his next few events:

Aug 29th: OC Beer Festival
Sept 19th: Septemberfest -America’s answer to Oktoberfest
Nov 7th: Speakeasy

Be sure to check their site for all additional information but basically his events are always packed but somehow manage to also be also line free and never run short on supplies, food, and/or drinks. We arrived at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel and upon entering the Sake Fest room we were immediately transported into an entirely different space equipped with lanterns, sake galore, and geisha girls.



We grabbed some sake and noodles and talked to the girl that we were sharing a cocktail table with and she explained that she just went to the sake class offered at the event. We were jealous because Dan had remarked that the classes were all full. The girl then mentioned that her and her boyfriend were signed up for the second class too but that we could take their place because they were anxious to enter the karaoke room. We were thrilled but when we ran into Dan in the hall we felt like we just got caught by the principal. We went in to our full story, we felt like he didn’t buy it, but he let us in anyway. Like the studious girls we are we headed to the front of the class and were prepared to learn everything there is to know about that delicious rice based alcohol. The class was taught by the only Master Sake Sommelier in the world, Yuji Matsumoto, who works for Kabuki. We learned about the fermentation process, types of sake, health benefits, his preferred sake list, and where to buy and how to select sake. Our favorite part of the presentation, besides the samples, was the chart he created called the Matsumoto Sake Positioning Map. You smell and taste the sake to see the aroma and body and then you know what to best pair it with. He was even kind enough to send us his map so that we could share it with all of you.

Preview of “Matsumoto Sake Chart UG.xls”Yuji was so kind, so knowledgeable, and I am sure if you follow him on Twitter he’d be happy to answer any of your sake questions. He said that his dream was for all waiters/waitress to ask “Would you like a glass of red or white wine or some sake?” He also challenges any wine sommelier to a pairing competition and explained that sake is meant to be served with food. Carina’s favorite fact was that sake contains no sulfites which means you get a buzz but no hangover. Amen to that. Josie’s favorite thing she learned was the phrase, “Drink Sake, Not Bombs”. Here we are with our Sake Sensei:


After leaving class we walked back into the sake room with a new found arrogance. We believed we were sake experts. In our opinion, and with only a half an hour of instruction, our favorite was the Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto. There were all you can eat rolls provided by Kabuki, a big spread of food in the middle, and the karaoke room got very popular as more of the endless sake tasting cups were consumed. It was a very cool, thirst quenching, and educational event and thanks again to the host Dan for continuing to out do himself.



The event ended at 11PM and we left only a little before then. While exiting the Hollywood and Highland Parking Structure we were harassed by two young men. One had a water bottle full of Captain Morgan and told me that he had big bottles and all I had to give him was $10. The funny part about this interaction was that Josie was driving my car so I could research/tweet where to go next and as they were approaching she told me to lock the door and roll up my window. I was busy on my Blackberry and did no such thing but Josie then proceeded to roll down her window and told them that she was 35 and married. Neither of which is close to being true. We had so much fun laughing with/at these men that we ended up making a left on Highland, which is the worst thing to do on a Saturday night when people are leaving the Hollywood Bowl. It took us 45 minutes just to get on the 101, which is only a mile up the road. I tweeted that we were: “Looking for a mellow small lounge in hollywood/los feliz/silverlake/pas with cute boys and light bites.” I have been meaning to try Barbrix for a while and I suggested we go there. As we exited the freeway Josie said something about wanting onion rings and/or chicken wings. We were in Thai Town/Los Feliz area, which once played home to all of my ex boyfriends, and as we drove by Jumbo’s Clown Room I told her that I was pretty sure that they were famous for chicken wings. I knew it was a strip club but I was positive that my ex, who was a big foodie, mentioned the chicken wings there often. We found parking and while we were walking in there was a dancer on her smoke break and Josie asked if they have onion rings and chicken wings. The dancer laughed and said, “There are breast, thighs, and legs in there but I don’t think it’s what you are looking for.” We walked in and were just about the only girls there besides the dancers. We were slightly ignored by the bartender and feeling just more than a little out of place so we exited and Josie said, “Didn’t you say you wanted a mellow classy place.” As we were walking out, I checked our replies on Twitter after posting “Nevermind at Jumbo’s” and we found this gem from our Twitter Friend Darryl_Pierce: “@uncouthgourmand Looking for that same mellow small lounge with cute girls.” We laughed as we headed in to Silverlake in search of Barbrix. We missed it atleast 4 times but we spotted Barbarella. As soon as we saw that I said, “Oh I think that’s what I meant Barbrix is more of a restaurant”. We walked into Barbarella and couldn’t even tell that it was the old Zen Sushi space.


We were both very impressed that the kitchen was open after midnight and Josie was particularly happy about their selection of beer and the 5 beer sampler that she got to choose for $10. I had the Sea Dog blueberry ale and the buratta with artichoke, pesto, and currants. Josie had fries, lamb sliders, and 5 brews. All of the food was quite good and so were the beers, the prices were reasonable, and it was a very interesting mix of people.



For some reason, for a Silverlake lounge, this  place wasn’t hipster infested at all. Although sometimes Josie and I like that and swoon for those boys. This place was spinning hip hop and had a great LA mix of people. In fact, we had to break the news to a Brit that he wasn’t in Hollywood. He was devastated and we made his night even worse when we told him that all bars and clubs in LA close at 2AM. He has only been here for about 6 weeks and Josie was cracking up when he said that his Colombian friends were teaching him to speak Colombian. This was a very cool bar to meet new people and may be a regular for nights when other kitchens close at midnight and for when we want to meet new people.




Contest: The first person to correctly tell us where this Betty Boop is located in Barbarella will receive a free beer with the Uncouth Gourmand Girls

The last final funny moment occurred when we were leaving the bar, at closing time, and the valet guy began talking to me in Spanish. For some reason, when I am drunk I am great at accents, impressions, and speaking in other languages. I had a long conversation with the man and then I looked at Josie and said, “I bet you didn’t know I could speak Colombian”


Funny Bunny Friday


Friday began at a place where the UGs have no place being, the Jonathan Club Beach in Santa Monica. We were headed there to meet with our mentor, Chuck, and his actor friend, Dana. We’re always so conflicted when deciding what to wear when we go the Jonathan Club. After all, there is a strict dress code that Chuck emails to us in advance. The place reeks of money and since we have yet to generate any of it, we haven’t necessarily received our “Members Only” jacket. However, we dressed up second best to the jacket and actually looked like the nice businesswomen that we are. We were proud and thought we had done well with our attire.

In only UG fashion, we started off totally inept. Firstly, I screamed in mortification as Carina drove down the center divider on PCH to ensure we made it there on time. After almost dying, we proceeded to park our own car in the “Members Only” lot. We got only blank stares from the valet guys who informed us that there was no need to park your own car; after all, we were at the Jonathan Club! And if those series of “bumps” weren’t bad enough, when we got there (very classily dressed in the business attire we had spent hours picking) we were surprised to see a bunch of people having a grand ‘ol time in guess what? Bathing suits! When are we going to catch a break in this town?

***Side Note: Chuck’s favorite line about The Jonathan Club Beach is, “This is a very conservative club in a very liberal city.” Apparently, the city and the club are not the “nicest of friends.” This was later affirmed when Chuck gave us a tour of the newly added aquatics area, which the city of Santa Monica objected to and only obliged to because the JC agreed to line the pool room with sprinklers. Get it? A pool room with sprinklers! They must really hate each other, however, their unrest made our tour.

When we arrived we immediately ran into Chuck. He escorted us to the “nicest table in the club” and we sat down. Chuck asked us if we’d ever been there before (I think anyone who knows us knows the answer to that one). I responded to Chuck by saying,”Yeah, I’ve been here. However, I’m usually on the other side of the beach. You know…with the commoners.” He laughed and his friend Dana arrived. Dana Kelly is a theater, commercial, and voice-over actor that Chuck wanted us to talk to in regards to our new UG project. We were immediately impressed by Dana. He’s an actor so he, like us, was just as nervous about the facilities as we, uncouthies, were. In fact, legend has it Dana got kicked out of the club a few years back for sporting a rebellious pair of Chuck Taylors – but he insists that was in a previous life. By the way, in another previous life, Dana also kicked his girlfriend of 17 years out of HER own house – she then realized it was HER house and kicked HIM out. They are still together. Don’t fret ladies, after hearing Dana had a girlfriend of 17 years, we gave him the obligatory Beyonce “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it” dance. He laughed and was in no way offended.

Dana was a funny cat himself. Dana, like us, has encountered many funny failures in his career. Like when he told the director of a Powerade commercial that he knew how to ride a horse and buggy when he clearly had never done so before. So you can believe he wasn’t surprised when the actor horse took off at full speed. Chuck reminded him that the pain was worth it because he was probably drying off his tears on the fat residual checks. Sadly, Dana had no such luck. The Amish Powerade commercial was pulled by Pepsi when Gatorade (Cola-Cola) sued. Dana and the UGs, when will you ever catch a break? Dana had the same good attitude that the UGs have about that kind of thing and we all laughed.

foie gras




The lunch started off with little zucchini muffins that the club is famous for. We scarfed down about a million of the little heavenly zucchini muffins and the meal moved on to a special course that Chuck called in advance for the chef to prepare for our visit. Chuck is always so sweet and generous to us. He had Chef Benjamin come out to meet us and then specially prepare the oh so unctuous piece of foie gras you see below. It was prepared with seared pineapple and serrano ham. If God made butter….

For lunch I had my staple favorite – the caesar salad, which had lots of avocado and parmesan. Carina had the Jonathan Beach Club staple, the sand dabs. Dana had the crab cakes and Chuck the roast chicken, which he pawned off on us in doggie bag on the way out – or so we thought it was chicken leftovers. We enjoyed our lunch and Dana promised to help us out in any way he could. We heart Chuck and Dana and we had a wonderful time. After eating at the club, Carina and I had the grotesque feeling of still being hungry. I asked her if she really thought Chuck gave us leftovers. We reached out behind us and pulled open the doggie bag. To our surprise it was filled with the cute little zucchini muffins that we were ogling over a few hours prior. The surprise made us scream in hysterics down the 110 FWY, as we were elated bunnies.


I feel slightly disgusted (and embarrassed) for saying this but from there we went for round three! We headed to Carina’s favorite new spot, Cham Korean BBQ in Pasadena. Here’s Carina’s review on Yelp.

We had gone by the new “Korean Bistro” last Sunday but sadly, it was closed. I was both intrigued and impressed by the rich wood decor and I was determined to come back. We got there and we were immediately showered with Ricardo’s love. And by love, I mean welcoming exuberance. He was sweet, funny and oh so charming. He introduced us to the proprietor, the staff, and head chef. The head chef used to work at AOC on Third and came to Cham earlier last month. Her work at Cham has primarily been to fuse Korean BBQ with the ethereal complexities of French bistro cuisine. I was in love. From the light salads to the tasty beef that sparkled with residual robust bits from the cast-iron skillet, everything was fabulous.

We sampled a medley of small plates that could fit any budget. I especially liked the Korean rice cakes, which had a semblance to Italian gnocchi, but were in my opinion, much more delicate and intricately crafted. Below are some pictures.


Watermelon salad, potato of the day, rice cakes, bibimbap with bulgogi.




korean rice cake


My favorite part of the experience was when Ricardo, who is half Panamanian and half Chinese, told us that his longest love affair has been with food. I can guarantee that the UGs will definitely be stealing that line. Perhaps the best vantage point in the restaurant is the view you get across the street where you can see the poor chumps on the treadmills at the Pasadena LA Fitness.




After the food comma we induced ourselves into, we decided to part ways and take a brief nap before heading to Art Center College of Design for the viewing of senior projects. A friend of mine, Owen Gee, of Nicely Observed invited me a few days ago and we thought it might be a good way to get in on what’s new in the art world. Plus, I’ve been looking in to the Masters in Media Design at Art Center. Anyone been through it? We got there late (of course) but managed to get through the product design, graphic design, and photography exhibits. Fun, fun, fun! I’ve never seen such a cross section of cute guys! Carina and I were in heaven. We tend to be attracted to a lot of the starving artists, who also don’t have a cellphone or a checking account. When will the UGs catch a break? Ha! No, we are committed to staying single. After all, we have an empire to build.



From Art Center, we moved on in to Koreatown for some Karaoke with Erin on her last night in LA. We got to Brass Monkey where, sadly, the party was dwindling for the downtown crew but picking up for the UGs. We didn’t karaoke, well because, we shouldn’t sing in public but we met up with Carina’s classmate, Jig.





Owen Gee knew of a sweet after party, so we trekked off to Echo Park. Side note: with every passing drink Carina began enthralled by saying “ONG” and telling everyone that he had the coolest name ever. We got to the party after several wrong turns and Owen Gee fearing for his life driving with a UG. The party was still in the works so we mellowed out and decided to grab a pre-party drink(s) with Jig at El Chavo.  We had only 20 minutes before last call and made it just in the nick of time.

We had the famous margaritas at El Chavo and Carina was mad that the Dolly Parton bar was closed. The awesome bartender, Chris, said that was the old people side that closes at 11pm, no wonder Carina loves it. We both polished off two margaritas and some tacos (which apparently was our bartender’s dinner – oops! ).  Carina shocked all the patrons and got our bar mates to leave after saying, “Who do you have to f@ck around here to get some more chips?” The people on a date next to her spit out their drinks and proceeded to leave as soon as the awkward turtle receded. At this point in the night, Ms. Carina was a bit drunk so she was incoherently rambling a bit. At one point, she turns to me and says, “I just want to be in love.” I responded by saying,”What? Do you think you’re a bunny in a meadow! Stop talking like that. You’re going to ruin our empire if you go falling in love like that.” She laughed and agreed. I have to keep that girl in line sometimes. I think I am going to make her sign a no love contract until we make our first few million.

Wanna Know How to Get Dates? Don’t Ask Us


Josie thought of this blog post title awhile ago and I have wanted to write a post on Uncouth Gourmand dating tips for an equally long time. However, there is one big problem-neither one of us are experts and both of us are failing hard in the boy category which means *finger crossed* good fortune in business.

Here is the one and only UG dating tip, it has been months since it was put in to action, and it requires some spillage. A boob popping out of the shirt? No, not that kind of spillage. This spillage requires a glass of something…my preference is red wine. Now in order for this tip to work you must be in a comfortable setting with a man. This will require you to  be in a house alone, therefore, you must have already been asked out. This tip/action was not planned but rather just born from my own uncouthness. In my case, we were watching American Idol, I was already tipsy and managed to spill my glass of wine all over my lap. This is where the genius of the tip comes in. I then proceed to ask if I can remove my pants in attempt to remove the stain. The answer from the said gentleman should be “Yes” and then, ladies, you are on the home plate and you better believe you will be covering all bases later in the night.

Unfortunately, our only tip has not recently been tested as our dating (mis)adventures have been not so promising. Sure Josie is getting sent virtually winks on Match.com and I am getting e-cards and flirts on J-date and occasional scandalous offers but we are just not biting. There are good guys out there that are writing Josie poetry. There are videos made for me, Carina, on Youtube discussing someone that wants to whack off for me on Jdate but doesn’t want to read my blog.

A couple of weeks ago we went on a trio date with a guy and we both agreed it was the best date we’d ever been on. Unfortunately, he said he was extremely intimidated and really saw no use for him in the mix as we were both having so much fun together.

What does all of this mean? We need help. We are in no position to help anyone. How do we get lucky in love? Or, in Josie’s case, how can you just get lucky?

Drinks on the Bus go Down and Down

Party Bus

This has been a long fun-filled weekend that started out far more productive than most. Josie and I are used to doing a lot of messing around (for the millionth time, we are NOT lesbians). A couple of months ago, I pulled out the beautiful notebook she made me and she said, “All we do is dick around.” One of our friends commented, “You call this dicking around? There’s a calendar in the back of this notebook.” It’s true, sometimes we are very good and hard workers. Friday was one of these days, we met with our video guy at SBUX and I brought in chicken tarna from Zankou next door to eat. When Josie arrived she looked at me and said, “You are stinking up the joint”. I responded, “Is that your way of asking for some?” Of course, it was. We then spent the next 6 hours creating our empire on paper and writing a treatment (industry term) for the TV show we want to have. Think “No Reservations” meets the female version of “Entourage”. We had a meeting at Bodega with someone and may be one step closer to our goal. Afterward  we headed to Spaceland for a PBR and to celebrate our hardwork with a beautiful soundtrack. Playing that night was Circus Minor and Black Hard Procession.





It’s nice that there is two of us because we constantly introduce each other to new music, movies, books, and restaurants. I was unaware of these two bands and Josie introduced them to me and I fell in love. I have a thing for drummers and both of the bands had some fine stick men.


The next day we both knew that we would be boarding a party bus, the ATS Party Bus aka “Hippodrome”. This event was put together by our downtown friends, Arun and Veronica, who are notorious for Pub Crawls but this was like a million times better because we got to roll to locations. I tried to pad my belly as I knew it would be filled with a bunch of booze later in the night and discovered the BEST new Korean place by my house called Cham. It was amazing, did the job, and we began our journey at Yxta where we arrived the same time as the bus. We shocked Arun as he was sure we’d be the last two to arrive. We got there at 5:30 and the bus left at 6, giving us just enough time to get a pre-bus margarita by our favorite bartender, Dennis of Yxta.



Our bus was booze filled as everyone brought several bottles and snacks. There was no exact route and we began by touring Boyle Heights. John, the white guy in the first picture was afraid he would be killed. He kept saying, if I saw this bus coming through my hood, I’d shoot at it. Arun got on the microphone and said, “This is Boyle Heights a mixture of Jewish and Latino culture. This is for Carina, half of the Uncouth Gourmands and a Jewtina.” I got some applauds and the racial awkward turtles continued when we toured Chinatown and Arun said, “This is for Kane”, the young Chinese lad in the first photo. John then asked Josie to show her green card and attempted to throw her out the window. John is the man that came up with the “Josie and the Awkward Turtles” line and for that alone he can do no wrong. I’ll allow him throw my partner (business not life) out the window. There was a potty stop at someone’s Silverlake home, a Ryan Gosling spotting, and for those few minutes of stationery bus time I polished off the Framboise we bought and another beer. The conversations got deeper, blushing-worthy as Josie and I disclosed secrets about one another to boys, and the music mix got better and better. We all started dancing as we worked our way up the hill to the Griffith Observatory. I was getting in trouble for being demanding; asking for a sour apple lollipop, more drinks,  and someone to throw my trash and pass me chips. I think, in return for my bad behavior, I got made a very strong drink. Let’s just say vodka straight. When we got to the Observatory we all had to pee and I grabbed Josie’s hand to search for a bathroom. There were plenty of foreigners there and two were speaking in a different language looked at the two UG girls hand in hand and said “Lesbians.” Oh great, it’s not bad enough that most of our blog readers think we are lesbians now the rest of the world agrees. It didn’t help when we took a picture at the top that looks like Josie was copping a feel. This morning she saw the picture and said, “Oh great, I am a lumberjack and you are my wife.”


I don’t know what happened or where we went but when we re-entered the bus the party really began. The lights went down the mix was off-the-hook and we were all shaking our chonies scandalously. Some guy on the bus came up to me that night and said, “Josie is my God”. I looked at him confused and questioned what she might have done. He added, “She made us this awesome Party Bus music mix”. I laughed as clearly she did no such thing. Leave to Josie to take credit for other people’s work. The most amazing part of the night was driving by all the Hollywood clubs and seeing a line of 50 losers waiting outside as we had good-looking people, a ton of free booze, and hot jams right there on the bus as we cruised by them.







We did a final potty stop at the Arclight, where Josie and I began our infamous girl talk in the bathroom. She did her hair and when I said I’d meet her outside, she did her sad puppy yelp and I had to do the “good friend” thing. I was pretty sure the UGs would end up holding up the bus, I am just surprised it took til the end of the night. We saw Tracy as we were walking to the bus and I said, “Good, we aren’t the last ones on.” Of course, Tracy responded, “Um, I actually here to find you girls”. Uncouth! After the bus returned to Yxta, I headed home and Josie head to the Circus -Cirque Berzerk. Before I left I told her to remember that we were having brunch with The Delicious at 1:00 the next day. I then got yelled at from a bus-mate who said, “Brunch ends at noon, what do you ladies know about food?” Clearly Bottega Louie and I believe that brunch should go on until 3pm especially after Party Bus nights.


We had a business meeting of sorts with The Delicious who is one of our blogging idols as she runs two blogs (the other is the best food porn site Tastespotting) for a living. We were all Bottega Louie virgins and that means Josie and I ordered most things one the menu. We both said we wanted to order two things and when I still wanted to try the ricotta lemon pancakes we ordered them for The Delicious. Our dear friend Dawson, the head of Yelp LA, was kind enough to call head and make sure the so-called insanely hot manager, Eric, was working. Sadly, we found that was not the case. I am not that big on breakfast food but I was starving. Josie ordered the ham frittata and the egg sandwich. I had the farmer’s market breakfast and the potato pancakes. It was all quite good but I’d like to go for a meal I prefer like lunch and/or dinner. Also we must see this Eric guy at some point. Dawson said her boyfriends said, “I’m straight, but I’d do him”. Clearly this is someone we must meet!






Look at the corner of the egg sandwich pic for a piece of the Delicious. Or I suppose you can just look at the post below. Anyway, we had a great brunch and really like this girl. She knows business, boys, bloggers, booze and more. I think she feels mutually as she wrote this on her twitter:

TheDelicious -ordering 2 dishes per person? Eating pancakes with fingers? Two glasses of sparkling wine? Brunch w @uncouthgourmand is what im talkin bout

Afterward Josie and I began running errands. First picking up pillows, then SBUX, then I recommend she look at two places but both were closed. We somehow ended up at Macys in Pasadena and Josie met my favorite make-up girl, Angel, who got me ready for Blogger Prom. She did Josie’s make-up and then we ended up at one of my favorite restaurants, Golden Deli. It was Josie’s first time and I think she fell in love. The pho was as pho-nomenal as always and the eggrolls are greasy pieces of delicious gold.

The UGs made two big new rules this weekend:

1. For any future business meetings the Uncouth Gourmands can not be trusted to wear white. We each had to say no to several outfits at Macys today because of that reason.

2. At this point in our lives/business we should attempt to date only: TV execs, accountants, lawyers, software programmers, and/or other successful men. We are desperately trying to stop our cycle of homeless drummers and starving artists. Wish us luck and feel free to apply!

Got Frenchy?


When the UGs went to Europe a little over a year ago we partook in the worst sleeping conditions ever. I may have mentioned this before but we once slept in a hostel in the London ghetto where people were murdered outside, I had an Australian masturbating in the bunk below and shaking my bed, and Josie had a crazy Italian chef who slept with a 8-inch knife below her (not a euphemism). It was pretty bad but we were far more lucky in Paris where we got to stay with a friend of a friend’s friends in a large apartment occupied by three cute Parisian men.


Alex, on the right, contacted Josie to let her know that he was going to do a month in California and Vegas and his first stop was LA. We were both thrilled and she offered her house and I offered my time to show him around. We picked him up from the airport 45 minutes late because apparently we were completely unaware that arrivals and departures are separate despite going to LAX numerous times. We then proceed to get lost and somehow ended up in Norwalk but our friends on Twitter and Josie’s navigation lady got us back on track. It was now past midnight on a Sunday, where would we take our French friend? Little Tokyo. Suehiro Cafe, a late night Japanese diner to be exact. His hair was shorter but he was just as charming and funny as we remembered. When Josie asked if he thought we were charming and funny, he replied by saying, “Yes, but separately not so much”.


Dinner was good. Josie had her signature chicken bento box that included her two favorite things: rice and fried eggs over easy. I had my signature beef sukiyaki, which I always want after my best friend’s Japanese mom made it for me when I was in Tokyo. At Suehiro the beef was not the greatest quality and those zero calorie noodles that all Japanese girls love weren’t cooked all the way but the broth was perfect and it included one of my favorite things bamboo shoots. We grabbed one silly picture and left, Josie had to be up in only a few hours to be at the Flower Mart at 5am for her Monday job task.


The next day, Josie was busy at work and then at a mixer for potential Wharton students. I had all day and only one fun event to attend. It was a milkshake event put on by Got Milk? and the California Milk Processor Board at BLD. I figured I would take Alex to Hollywood & Highland, up Beechwood to see the sign, the Farmer’s Market at 3rd & Fairfax, and then we would get our milkshake on. I met Snoop Dog (sort of), finally got my photography correct so it looked like Alex was holding the Hollywood Sign and then ate at one of my favorite places. I worked across the street from the Farmer’s Market, at the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, for a while so I know the Farmer’s Market quite well as it was home of my dinner most nights. Perhaps in anticipation of my trip to Singapore in October I ate at Banana Leaf, said hello to my old butcher and his pigs, and let Frenchy Twitter about his smoothie.




We had no idea what this milkshake event was going to be like and in all honesty it is the first event we were actually invited to, instead of all the others where we have to ask and then get told, “Okay, you silly girls can come.” It was an interesting mix of people, not the typical food blogger roll call I am used to seeing. There were some new faces I got to meet Reservation for Three and Daemon’s Food but there was also a lot of “mommy blogs” and people with their kids. It was a different change of scenery. I was laughing because as soon as I saw Sarah from The Delicious Life and Tastespotting she was asking where the alcohol laden milkshakes were. I had one thought, that’s the food bloggers I know and love. There was one incredible caramel tequila milkshake but the rest were virginal. I normally don’t mind but milk  and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship: I love it and it hates my stomach. I am a one scoop or child’s cone kind of girl because of this relationship and well if my stomach was bound to hurt anyway I might as well be tipsy. It was very different, I will even say nice, to see an event that isn’t all about the alcohol sponsors. This event was as wholesome (maybe 2%) as it gets…it was milk. My mom, whenever she thinks I am doing something bad (especially with the opposite sex), always says, “Did you have a fun night reading the bible and drinking milk?” Funny as I am lacto and Jewish, as is she.  However, this event did have something else I love-psychics! The entire concept of the event was personality matching with milkshake flavors. The BLD pastry chef,  Mariah Swan, made yummy desserts and put together milkshake recipes. There were tarot readers there and as I always say I love psychics because they just talk about you but psychologist make you do all the talking. I took lessons on how to read tarot cards when I first moved to LA so I can say with some authority my reading was no good but a ton of fun nevertheless. I can guess my milkshake personality is probably fruity and preferably with some amount of alcohol.




I was happy to see that one of my biggest political crushes, Gavin Newsom, had his own milkshake flavor hopefully he has a new job title soon as well. I was a little jealous to see that my fellow Jewtina and the amazing woman that heads Yelp LA, Dawson, won one of the raffle prizes a brand new blender. I didn’t leave empty-handed, I received a gift bag with a “Got Milk?” glass and ice cream scooper.  Also you are all able to get the milkshake recipes online and for info on the event click here. Frenchy and I also questioned the California Milk Processor Board Exec on pasteurization and on why French butter is so much better than American.




The event ended at a strange time of day, a quarter til 5pm, and none of us wanted to battle traffic. Frenchy wanted a party, The Delicious still wanted her drink, and I was up for anything.  We thought about nearby Happy Hours and I suggested El Coyote Cafe as it was a block down. Dawson came to the rescue and looked to her company, Yelp app on her phone, and ensured us that there is in fact a Happy Hour there and that it runs until 7pm. That woman doesn’t stop working but we got her to get a drink with us and margaritas and laughs flowed quickly. The Delicious has a tagline on her site that says, “Where the difference between dating and eating is only one letter.” It is so true, Josie and I always talk about food, sex, and dating and are notorious for calling ourselves sensualists and saying we just love things that makes us feel good. Anyway, there must be a strong connection because get a margarita into these LA food girls (myself included) and the conversation always ends up there. Frenchy learned some new dirty language and we learned that there are some international signs for some acts where our euphanisms aren’t internationally applicable.


After sharing Jdate (I’m a member) horror stories with us Dawson left and she gave us some hope as she was going home to her man Beer that she met on Match.com (where Josie is a member). Sarah’s friend Marc arrived after receiving her Twitter and by that time we were all a little beyond tipsy. The Delicious couldn’t find her phone and this UG lost one of her signature pearl earrings in the cushion. The gentlemen found our items and we ran across the street to Itacho for some small plates and sake. I was a little drunk but I remember the eggplant, flounder, and enoki were highlights.


Frenchy and I then headed to Big Wangs in Hollywood where I believe he Twittered some foreign bad words on behalf of the UGs. Oops, luckily he ended with this, “It was something pleasant and rosy-a french man typed in spanish. What could be more romantic? Sincerely yours” Oh man, we both ended spending the night at Josie’s and were quite hungover the next day. I had to go to school and prepare for a presentation and tried to drop him off at a museum but all museums in Pasadena are closed on Tuesday. Okay, just the ones we tried, the Norton Simon and The Huntington. I took him to the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center and Josie picked him up for dinner. I suppose this is what it will be like when the UGs have joint custody of our future children. The two of them went out with our friend Krissy and her family and apparently Frenchy loved th Grandma and called her, “Very Hot!” After class I joined them at Bodega for some drawing on napkins and a glass of wine.


Frenchy left today for SF and we already miss him although he might have just given us a multi-million dollar idea before he left. The question: Got Frenchy? The answer is sadly no, but hopefully we will see him again before he heads back to France. He proves that the French have much more to offer aside from just the most amazing butter in the world! I swear that is all Josie talked about before we got to France.