Got Frenchy?


When the UGs went to Europe a little over a year ago we partook in the worst sleeping conditions ever. I may have mentioned this before but we once slept in a hostel in the London ghetto where people were murdered outside, I had an Australian masturbating in the bunk below and shaking my bed, and Josie had a crazy Italian chef who slept with a 8-inch knife below her (not a euphemism). It was pretty bad but we were far more lucky in Paris where we got to stay with a friend of a friend’s friends in a large apartment occupied by three cute Parisian men.


Alex, on the right, contacted Josie to let her know that he was going to do a month in California and Vegas and his first stop was LA. We were both thrilled and she offered her house and I offered my time to show him around. We picked him up from the airport 45 minutes late because apparently we were completely unaware that arrivals and departures are separate despite going to LAX numerous times. We then proceed to get lost and somehow ended up in Norwalk but our friends on Twitter and Josie’s navigation lady got us back on track. It was now past midnight on a Sunday, where would we take our French friend? Little Tokyo. Suehiro Cafe, a late night Japanese diner to be exact. His hair was shorter but he was just as charming and funny as we remembered. When Josie asked if he thought we were charming and funny, he replied by saying, “Yes, but separately not so much”.


Dinner was good. Josie had her signature chicken bento box that included her two favorite things: rice and fried eggs over easy. I had my signature beef sukiyaki, which I always want after my best friend’s Japanese mom made it for me when I was in Tokyo. At Suehiro the beef was not the greatest quality and those zero calorie noodles that all Japanese girls love weren’t cooked all the way but the broth was perfect and it included one of my favorite things bamboo shoots. We grabbed one silly picture and left, Josie had to be up in only a few hours to be at the Flower Mart at 5am for her Monday job task.


The next day, Josie was busy at work and then at a mixer for potential Wharton students. I had all day and only one fun event to attend. It was a milkshake event put on by Got Milk? and the California Milk Processor Board at BLD. I figured I would take Alex to Hollywood & Highland, up Beechwood to see the sign, the Farmer’s Market at 3rd & Fairfax, and then we would get our milkshake on. I met Snoop Dog (sort of), finally got my photography correct so it looked like Alex was holding the Hollywood Sign and then ate at one of my favorite places. I worked across the street from the Farmer’s Market, at the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, for a while so I know the Farmer’s Market quite well as it was home of my dinner most nights. Perhaps in anticipation of my trip to Singapore in October I ate at Banana Leaf, said hello to my old butcher and his pigs, and let Frenchy Twitter about his smoothie.




We had no idea what this milkshake event was going to be like and in all honesty it is the first event we were actually invited to, instead of all the others where we have to ask and then get told, “Okay, you silly girls can come.” It was an interesting mix of people, not the typical food blogger roll call I am used to seeing. There were some new faces I got to meet Reservation for Three and Daemon’s Food but there was also a lot of “mommy blogs” and people with their kids. It was a different change of scenery. I was laughing because as soon as I saw Sarah from The Delicious Life and Tastespotting she was asking where the alcohol laden milkshakes were. I had one thought, that’s the food bloggers I know and love. There was one incredible caramel tequila milkshake but the rest were virginal. I normally don’t mind but milk  and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship: I love it and it hates my stomach. I am a one scoop or child’s cone kind of girl because of this relationship and well if my stomach was bound to hurt anyway I might as well be tipsy. It was very different, I will even say nice, to see an event that isn’t all about the alcohol sponsors. This event was as wholesome (maybe 2%) as it gets…it was milk. My mom, whenever she thinks I am doing something bad (especially with the opposite sex), always says, “Did you have a fun night reading the bible and drinking milk?” Funny as I am lacto and Jewish, as is she.  However, this event did have something else I love-psychics! The entire concept of the event was personality matching with milkshake flavors. The BLD pastry chef,  Mariah Swan, made yummy desserts and put together milkshake recipes. There were tarot readers there and as I always say I love psychics because they just talk about you but psychologist make you do all the talking. I took lessons on how to read tarot cards when I first moved to LA so I can say with some authority my reading was no good but a ton of fun nevertheless. I can guess my milkshake personality is probably fruity and preferably with some amount of alcohol.




I was happy to see that one of my biggest political crushes, Gavin Newsom, had his own milkshake flavor hopefully he has a new job title soon as well. I was a little jealous to see that my fellow Jewtina and the amazing woman that heads Yelp LA, Dawson, won one of the raffle prizes a brand new blender. I didn’t leave empty-handed, I received a gift bag with a “Got Milk?” glass and ice cream scooper.  Also you are all able to get the milkshake recipes online and for info on the event click here. Frenchy and I also questioned the California Milk Processor Board Exec on pasteurization and on why French butter is so much better than American.




The event ended at a strange time of day, a quarter til 5pm, and none of us wanted to battle traffic. Frenchy wanted a party, The Delicious still wanted her drink, and I was up for anything.  We thought about nearby Happy Hours and I suggested El Coyote Cafe as it was a block down. Dawson came to the rescue and looked to her company, Yelp app on her phone, and ensured us that there is in fact a Happy Hour there and that it runs until 7pm. That woman doesn’t stop working but we got her to get a drink with us and margaritas and laughs flowed quickly. The Delicious has a tagline on her site that says, “Where the difference between dating and eating is only one letter.” It is so true, Josie and I always talk about food, sex, and dating and are notorious for calling ourselves sensualists and saying we just love things that makes us feel good. Anyway, there must be a strong connection because get a margarita into these LA food girls (myself included) and the conversation always ends up there. Frenchy learned some new dirty language and we learned that there are some international signs for some acts where our euphanisms aren’t internationally applicable.


After sharing Jdate (I’m a member) horror stories with us Dawson left and she gave us some hope as she was going home to her man Beer that she met on (where Josie is a member). Sarah’s friend Marc arrived after receiving her Twitter and by that time we were all a little beyond tipsy. The Delicious couldn’t find her phone and this UG lost one of her signature pearl earrings in the cushion. The gentlemen found our items and we ran across the street to Itacho for some small plates and sake. I was a little drunk but I remember the eggplant, flounder, and enoki were highlights.


Frenchy and I then headed to Big Wangs in Hollywood where I believe he Twittered some foreign bad words on behalf of the UGs. Oops, luckily he ended with this, “It was something pleasant and rosy-a french man typed in spanish. What could be more romantic? Sincerely yours” Oh man, we both ended spending the night at Josie’s and were quite hungover the next day. I had to go to school and prepare for a presentation and tried to drop him off at a museum but all museums in Pasadena are closed on Tuesday. Okay, just the ones we tried, the Norton Simon and The Huntington. I took him to the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center and Josie picked him up for dinner. I suppose this is what it will be like when the UGs have joint custody of our future children. The two of them went out with our friend Krissy and her family and apparently Frenchy loved th Grandma and called her, “Very Hot!” After class I joined them at Bodega for some drawing on napkins and a glass of wine.


Frenchy left today for SF and we already miss him although he might have just given us a multi-million dollar idea before he left. The question: Got Frenchy? The answer is sadly no, but hopefully we will see him again before he heads back to France. He proves that the French have much more to offer aside from just the most amazing butter in the world! I swear that is all Josie talked about before we got to France.


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