Sweet Tooth


My weekend must go on, even in the absence of a wisdom tooth and with the addition of hardcore pain killers. Josie always works on Saturdays so I knew she wouldn’t be able to attend Sino Soul’s paella event that he was kind enough to invite us to. Contrary to popular belief, we are able to do some things apart and had a very independent weekend. Well independent if you don’t count countless emails, texts, phone calls and more. I sent an email to Sino Soul telling him I was still totally in for paella but that I probably shouldn’t drive myself as I was on painkillers and the location was far. The location of this paella event was at La Espanola Meats, Inc. in Harbor City. We agreed to meet at his house, only a few miles from my house, and he would drive me. In his car was his lovely new wife, yup, Sino Soul is a married man, Josie is devastated. Also getting a ride with us was the very knowledgeable Kung Food Panda. Sino Soul (Tony) is the best and ordered more than 16 pounds of paella for a group of 20+ food bloggers and twits (The UG name for tweeters). Apparently, this was the second annual gathering here and the last one was very notorious for  a great deal of booze. I was on Vicodin but still willing to have a glass or two of wine. It was funny because the night before a woman told me that I should handle my toothache the old fashioned way. I replied, “Vicodin and wine?” and she said, “Oh no dear, warm salt water.” Uncouth! Anyway, apparently there was a girl who at last year’s event was on a prescription and mixed it with wine and her head ended up in the paella. She was brave enough to share this story on Yelp. Tony was very concerned that something like this could happen to me, after all, I am an Uncouth Gourmand. Before the food was served we all were told to grab wine and meat and cheese plates inside. I bought a bottle of wine and figured I would share with others and take meat and cheese off someone else’s plate. I did both and Tony cut me off the wine quickly. The wine was all very reasonable priced, as was the paella and meat plates all under 8 dollars.



Like a good UG I was seated right in the middle and probably stole someone’s seat and began eating someone’s paella. The paella was good, the company was better, and Tony’s ice cream was the best. There were two paellas, a seafood and a meat one. The man working there, who told me he did everything and was part of the family that owned the place, was charming. He made me give my card to a local Spanish chef who was shopping and tried to get me a date causing a blushing chef and a blushing UG. I was seated next to B-Side Blog, pictured with the great cupid employee, and TeriLA.


Across the table from me was the lovely Diane Takes a Bite who admitted to me that her name should really be Diana Takes Multiple Bites. We shared an uncouth moment together but she proves to be one cool gal as she takes it all in stride. Also in attendance was ShopEatSleep, EstarLA, and TinyNancer.

IMG_2912As I mentioned briefly Sino Soul has become an ice cream maker and his ice cream was amazing, look for it in the corner of the Styrofoam container. We have all read on Twitter about his olive oil and rosemary ice cream that he brought to dinner parties we were never invited to, and we have sent him vulgar tweets regarding wanting to taste his cream, but I never had it until this event. He brought two kinds, a lavender honey and a Vietnamese coffee. He was laughing in the car about how all the whiteys love the coffee. I told him I like the lavendar honey best but I am Asian in my heart. He smiled. It was funny listening to him in the car go from calling his Wolfgang Puck ice cream maker his wedding present from his wife (unbeknownst to her) and this life altering thing to complaining about traffic being completely stopped. He is an interesting man, one of our favorites in the food blogging world, and we will continue to adore him even with the new ring around his finger.



The next day I was home, still on pain killers, and read on Yelp about a Mochi Crawl in Little Tokyo thrown by Shauna D. Mochi seemed like the best idea for a hot day and for my hurt mouth. I called a local Pasadena blogger and my friend Hot Pink Manolos to see if she wanted to go with as I wasn’t certain of my driving ability. She was busy buying a baby gift for her friend but happened to write a great blog about what a night with the UGs is like. I had a couple of different options but desperately needed a shower and clothes on first. The event started at 2 and after I was through getting ready it was 3pm. I texted some Yelpers I assumed were going but they had already arrived. I decided enough time had passed and I could drive myself. I got Princess Parking, Josie has passed her gift on to me, and set out looking for Yelpers. I was a little loopy and it was the last day of Nisei Week. I couldn’t find any Yelpers and just began wandering into places off the list. I got a green tea cake from some unknown place and then I walked in to somewhere on the list called Mikawaya for this delicious creation called the Mochi-lato. You guessed it, mochi filled with gelato, I went for the plum wine flavor. It was delicious. One of my Yelper friends, Javier J.,  texted me where they were but I had no interest in walking so far, I instead opted for a snow cone and watched the dancers and drummers.





After my various desserts consumed in a short amount of time, I got another text from my Yelp friend saying that the last stop was Beard Papa’s. I walked slowly and ended up walking in right behind my Yelp favorite Dawson. I saw my friend who was texting me at the counter and like an obnixious girl walked over as he was ordering and said, “What are you going to buy me?” He got me the choclate fondant and I was so happy to eat it I didn’t notice that my friend now had a girlfriend who escorted him upstairs. Oops! Normally I would time try to apologize or explain but not this time. I had a Japanese grocery store to explore and a vicodin at home waiting for me as my mouth was killing me. This is normally not a story worth mentioning but this girlfriend just happened to be friends with my date that I had the following night. Small world.

My date the following night was an internet guy that suggested a dessert date, which I loved and found very original…Until I read my Facebook and personal blog bio where I say I love dessert dates. Anyway, this guy researched me quite well and told me that he checked to make sure if I was coming via Twitter. The plan was dessert but after eating nachos and a nectarine for dinner, I wanted more and ordered mac n’ cheese at our date location Cube. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time because the served my favorite dish at Taste of the Nation LA and they always have the greatest tweets. We had an assortment of cheeses, which I let him order: one hard (beecher’s reserve cheddar), one soft (I just remember he said it was from NY like he was), and one blue (gorgonzola piccante). The dessert we ordered was the watermelon panna cotta. The mac n’ cheese was quite tasty and I thought the tomato was a perfect addition.




Some funny moments that happened was when I was upset that my date got his dessert spoon before I did. Our waiter apologized and said he was gay and does it all the time, he even admitted to never thinking of holding doors open for women. It was really quite charming but I normally like the extra date points from a waiter flirting with me.  5 points for the date. Don’t worry ladies he lost the 5 points just as rapidly when he attempted to feed me dessert. I said quite sternly, (he referred to it later as the Joan Crawford/Terminator voice), “I don’t need to be fed.” He should have known better I mentioned something about Barbara Walters and he said, “I know your Mt. Rushmore is comprised of Hillary Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Barbara Walters”. I just now realized that he never named a fourth but I am not sure who mine is anyway and those ladies definitely fill the space of four men. When I awoke, in my own bed-alone-thank you very much, I grabbed my phone and wrote this on Twitterberry: Note to Self: no more 1st dates in WeHo. Waiter will flirt with your date instead of you.

SinoSoul had the best response: @uncouthgourmand HAHA! You got cockblocked by your WeHo waiter! Owned!

Josie and I met up today for lunch and to check in with one another. We decided we needed to invite an old friend of Pasadena to our lunch table and that was the Dianne Salad from Green Street Restaurant. It was as good as always, and I hope you all know that you should always substitute romaine for iceberg. Josie had the southwest sandwich and I made sure she went with half regular and half sweet potato with her fries.



Josie and I discussed our recent dates, I think we can safely say our Dating Drought is O-V-E-R! We talk constantly so I don’t know if it is worth mentioning, but it was nice to catch up. At this point in our lives, we are attempting to go from “Women who Lunch” to “Women who Launch.” Any tips?



  1. You know? I feel bad I couldn’t make it back from the valley in time to take you on the mochi crawl Mikawaya is one of my favorite mochi places. My dentist is in a building across the street, and every time I finish up at the dentist I head over there.

    But the point of this comment was that I should have told you to take the Gold Line!! I’ve taken it down there, super easy, since Union Station is like a BLOCK from where you were. That way you would have been safe and not trying to drive all loopy!

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