A Word on Eating Dog from our Intern

South Korea dog eating

The moment you take a step inside Chisan Halmae Chip in Daegu, South Korea, you are taken with some hefty odor that you think you’ve never smelled before. That’s probably right, because it is more than likely that you have never smelled this before, assuming that you are an average uncouth Angelena. But at a same time, you may also think that you have actually smelled this somewhere before, if not the exact same odor. That is probably also right, because according to what people say, the smell of the dog burning is just like the smell of the long pig burning, because, well, you are what you eat. Think about it. These dogs eat pretty much the same thing as we humans do; more or less, for the most part of history, they ate what we would call now the leftovers – people still want to take a doggy bag for their leftovers. And it is why we are both called omnivores. We may think that we have domesticated dogs, but it may perhaps be more accurate to say that dogs have domesticated us, which is especially true in some forms of Western cultures; those that consider killing dogs for eating or any other purposes as cultural taboos. What was once considered the undeniable right of the domesticating species, i.e. to manipulate the environment in a way that would positively affect the survival rate of the domesticated species, which would in turn positively affect the survival rate of the domesticating species – in this case, the human– has now been shriveled to a daunty, pusillanimous catchphrase:  a companion animal. What was once considered the naturally given prerogative of man as the domesticator has now been folded under the empty slogan of animal rights, and now we face a dilemma that faced a certain famous Danish prince 400 years ago, or something very close to that: to eat, or not to eat, that is the question.

Chisan Halmae Chip is also called Ori Maul, which in Korean means the Duck Town. I know this may sound quite ironic and even unreasonable to some, especially considering the rambling tirade that I just had about human canine consumption. But rest be assured, there is nothing wrong with this name, since this place also sells duck dishes as well. In fact, if you can sort through the alien characters on the picture of the menu below, you will see that the left side of the menu is all canine dishes, whereas the right side of the menu is all duck dishes. But since the mallardian varieties are not the subjects of our discussion here, we will leave the right part of the menu alone here.

On the other hand, the left part of the menu displays a full array of…well, 5 different canine entrees. From top to bottom, they are respectively Puppy Back Ribs; Boiled Meat –literally, water meat–, large and small; clear-broth dog soup – “the real soup, ” as they call it in the menu–; spicy dog soup; and spicy dog casserole.  Mmmmm,  yummy…..


Picture by Kkangji (http://blog.naver.com/this1074)

I have not personally tried out all the dishes here yet, but I must say, their puppy back ribs are just incredible. In Korea, they say that hundred hearings are less than one seeing. So instead of bombarding you with my hundred words long rambling description of the wonderfully chewy and moist texture of the marinated long pig flavor exploding in my mouth, I will show you some pictures of the dishes, in courtesy of the Daegu food blogger Kkangji (http://blog.naver.com/this1074):





The sweet and savory soy-sauce based marinade covering the ribs masks up that characteristic “long pig” smell of dog meat very well, which may really turn off some first time dog eaters, so this may very well be an ideal dish for all those queasy yet adventurous uncouth gourmands out there. Plus, it also looks a lot like pork back ribs, so I’m guessing that it would be probably easy to trick people into eating these without them knowing what they are really eating, if you are the mischievous type – though really, I’ve never tried that before. You don’t need to do that in Korea. I mean, have you ever felt any need for tricking others into unknowingly breathing in a particular gaseous mixture of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, for any reason at all?

I’ve also had the clear-broth soup, partially shown at the lower right hand corner of the picture above, which was not bad at all, but really, nothing to write home about, either. To my uncouth tastebuds, it tasted just like Solong Tang (a popular Korean style beef broth soup), except that it had pieces of dog meat in it instead of thinly sliced beef pieces.

I’ve never had the opportunity of having boiled meat at Chisan Halmae Chip, but Kkangji tells us that she enjoyed every bit of the dish, even though she herself could not dare to touch the paws, which is considered delicacy by many experienced dog eaters in Korea.


Picture of boiled dog skin and paws at Chisan Halmae Chip. © Kkangji (http://blog.naver.com/this1074)

All in all, Chisan Halmae Chip was a very pleasant experience, as any visit to a good dog place is for me. The hefty pricetag may turn off some people, but it is not really that much more expensive compared to other places around; and as far as I know, this is the only place in Daegu that serves those delicious marinated puppy back ribs!

I would like to end this story with a lovely picture of me and my dear late Punchy, who has become a delicious barbecue on a particularly sultry day last summer. R.I.P. Punchy. I dedicate this story to you.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons — living or dead, — is entirely coincidental.


Our 944 Great Chefs of LA Webfire Challenge Webisode

Oh yeah, our webisode is up! Don’t forget to enter our contest to win tickets to the Great Chefs of LA event on November 8th.

UGs have got a GREAT Ticket Giveaway

great chefs of LA

A couple of weeks ago we were judges for Great Chefs of LA Webfire Challenge webisode series sponsored by 944 Magazine. The series is hosted by Candace Kumai, The Stiletto Chef of TLC’s “Cook Yourself Thin,” and is all lead up for when she will  be emcee for the big event: The 23rd Annual Great Chefs of Los Angeles.

The event will be on November 8 at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City. The whole event is going to a great cause the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California. Tickets are normally $150 dollars each but we are giving away 2 (a $300 value, for you math challenged). Here is what you need to do to win:

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We will choose the most uncouth answer and all submissions must be received no later than November 5th at 11:59PM.

To sweeten the deal even more there will be a gift bag for all attendees worth $250 and the chefs and wineries there will blow your foodie minds. These are the truly “Great Chefs”:


Our webisode has yet to air but here is some special behind the scenes footage including some great investigating by the UGs with our great chef of the day Jonathan Burrows. Take a look, it might give you some pointers on what it means to be an Uncouth Gourmand.

Party Bus: 80s Style


Party buses have become a regular thing for us UG girls. Okay, so that is a lie, we have been on one and it was a school bus that was decked out with classy graffiti. Our first party bus ride had a makeshift stripper pole and was definitely all the fun in the world. However, we had a feeling that this party bus ride would probably be entirely different as it was the birthday of our dear friend Dan, who throws all of the awesome Drink, Eat, Play events. Dan has a special affinity for the 80s and even brought us to the totally awesome 80s Prom a couple of months back. This birthday was his Super Sweet 16, Part 2. He asked that everyone be dressed in their best 80s attire. However, we were nervous that we were the only ones that got the memo when we arrived at his house prior to the bus departure and saw that most were in regular club attire. Although Dan was in his awesome Maverick suit and had a night planned for us where we head to the Key Club to hear the San Fransisco based 80s cover band called Tainted Love.


party bus

This bus was super classy and his entire party was full of VIP service. As soon as we arrived at the Key Club we needed double wristbands and had the best seats in the house. The UGs are more “can service” than “bottle service” but for once, it felt great to party with the best. There were bottles of vodka for days and we were most definitely not complaining.

key club bottle service

Josie and Dan

One person we were very excited to meet was Tara of Tara Met Blog. It is actually quite funny because any and every time I go to an event and meet a Tara I always ask, “Oh, Tara Met Blog?” The answer up until this special Friday night has been “No sorry, but I know her.” We finally got a Tara Met UGs moment, and boy did it feel good. We all had more than a bit to drink and she became my favorite person to sing and dance next to. By the way, I think I have found the best solution for girls that don’t want to be touched by strange men. The solution is painful clothes. I bought an 80s rhinestone studded dress at a thrift shop for $4.99 but it is priceless because anyone that touched me that night got poked, pricked, and glittered. It was brilliant. Too bad Josie had to opt for the “can you switch places with me so that guy stops touching me” move.

Uncouth Gourmands with Tara Met Blog




Key Club

The band was so much fun and by the end of the night neither Josie nor I had a voice from all of the screaming and singing. We want to wish Dan a very happy birthday and a thank you for letting us join in all of the festivities. As a birthday present to him, I suggest we all buy tickets and fill the Speakeasy he is throwing in a couple of weeks. I feel the need…the need for speed in buying tickets to the Speakeasy on November 7th


Weekend of Food Events

Uncouth Gourmands at Los Angeles Magazine Food event

This weekend was filled with delicious food, wine, and fun. Saturday, after the night on the party bus, I woke up hungover and starving. Thankfully, I had received news that there was going to be a small food event practically in my backyard. I finally got out of bed in the early afternoon and headed to South Lake Avenue in Pasadena for their first annual Taste of South Lake. It wasn’t exactly that high-end but it was free and had the exact type of food I was looking for: free tacos from Rubios, mac and cheese from Magnolia (my favorite mac in Pas), and a $1 burger from The Counter. I asked the guy at The Counter when they would be finally opening their doors and he told me they have been open for three weeks. I was flabbergasted and said, “What?!?! I am a neighbor and a food blogger, how the hell did that happen so quickly?” He laughed and replied, “Don’t you follow us on Twitter?” I am the ultimate Twit but must have somehow overlooked that major fact. My $1 mini burger got me very excited and I look forward to going soon, anyone interested?

The Counter Pasadena

It was a nice relaxing time and I watched Chef Jamie make a pumpkin holiday risotto. The whole audience got yummy samples. I am very interested in hearing her radio show on KFWB after learning that an exercise guy was going to come on and teach a pumpkin workout. I think this is a genius plan for keeping in shape over the holidays, you just grab an appropriate sized pumpkin and lift it for a workout…brilliant!

Chef Jamie

On Sunday, both Josie and I headed separately to a much larger, expensive, and classier event in Malibu. It was the Los Angeles Magazine Food Event. It was very far away but so beautiful. As I was driving deep in to the Santa Monica Mountains and pulling on to the Malibu Family Wines property I saw a beautiful landscape, horses, and zebras. It was such an OMG moment. Josie and I arrived within 2 minutes of one another despite coming from completely opposite directions at different times. As soon as we were walking in we were honked at by the lovely Jo of My Last Bite, or as Josie and I refer to her, “Our Chef Groupie Idol”.




Enough about the gorgeous ambiance, let’s talk food. Josie’s favorites of the day were the risotto balls from Little Dom’s and the butternut squash fritter. She literally sent me up to get her some after she already had two plates. She also instructed that I only bring her back a plate with two balls on it.

risotto balls

squash fritter

My favorites were the spicy tuna in a tempura cone by Hampton’s in the Four Seasons and the crab cakes from Parker’s Lighthouse.

spicy tuna cone

crab cakes

One of the desserts I really enjoyed was the black sesame tangerine terrine from Wilshire Restaurant. I mostly just enjoyed that the chef serving had to utter the tongue twister and watching them slice up the dessert.

tangerine terrine

Here were some other delectable bites we consumed:




It was a beautiful day, a super classy event for our uncouth selves, and a lot of fun. Towards the end of the event and a couple of glasses of wine in we parked ourselves in princess seating at the Karma Lounge for a Top Chef Panel hosted by Lesley Bargar Suter, the dine editor at Los Angeles Magazine. We listened to Betty Fraser, Chris “CJ “Jacobsen and Fabio Viviani talk about their toughest judge. No surprise to us, the honor went to the Uncouth Gourmands wet dream…Anthony Bourdain. *Swoon*

Josie and Carina Malibu Event

A Post-Birthday to Remember

Uncouth Gourmands

Josie has the ability to occasionally blow my mind. After making a 5 course birthday dinner for me and a group of people that I invited, which included an LA Weekly food writer, she still felt obliged to take me out. How is that possible? On Friday, after a long day that caused our investor to walk in to our office/conference room with a bottle of wine and gourmet nuts saying that we put in a good week, we still had some energy to go out. Josie let me pick the place and I chose 38 Degrees in Alhambra after reading great things on Yelp, especially from a Yelper that I used to date, and reading their weekly beers on tap from Food GPS’s LA Beer Blast. It’s funny because while I feel like I am in Alhambra all of the time to eat I never go to this downtown area and had no idea how bustling it was on a Friday night. Everyone was dressed up in their hoochie mama clothes and I felt like such a nerd in my stripes. They were letting a lot of drinks on draft run out because they were preparing for Oktoberfest the following day. Josie was still able to have a sampler and I began with a Framboise (girly, I know). We were hungry girls and I was in burger mode, which usually only happens once a month, and yes it is before that time of the month. I had the Smokehouse Burger and Josie had the Mini BBQ Short Rib “Sloppy Joes”. The food was well-priced and pretty darn good for any gastropub. Like a good Jewish girl I gave Josie the bacon from my burger and she said it was homemade and perfection. I had no complaints and we both cleaned up our plates quite nicely.

38 Degrees Alhambra

sloppy Joe sliders

burger fries

We talked to the beer sommelier and the general manager while eating and learned a lot more about this place and the concept. Basically, they wanted to bring the food from their favorite restaurants: Smitty’s, Parkway Grill, and Houston’s to Alhambra. We get that, but was most impressive was how reasonably affordable they were compared to the named restaurants. I am not that big of a beer connoisseur but my other half is and she was impressed by their selections. It was the same thoughtful selections that you see at Lucky Baldwins but are so often overlooked at the big chains like Yard House.  When Josie was busy chatting with management and ordering dessert, I had a long chat with the bartender. I was asking him if he had this amazing bottle of beer I once had, it was a white Belgian from Canada. I tried it once with the former bartender from Lucky Baldwins at Old Towne Pub. He ordered it for me because he knew my beer taste. It was love at first sip. This bartender knew exactly what I meant and pulled it out of the fridge and kept it on ice for us. So what is the name of my most favorite beer? La Fin Du Monde, which translates to the end of the world, and it is brewed by Unibroue. It is so good and I split a bottle with Josie who almost died when she saw that it was $19 a bottle. I am worth it, or at least I keep telling myself that.

best beer

After this delicious bottle it was nearly 1:20 and Josie suggested we go to the Langham for last call. I had a glass of bubbly and Josie had a beer more to her dark liking, an Old Rasputin. While Josie and I are virtually the same person and can even at times share a brain we do have some very strong differences. I am a Blackberry and she is an iPhone. I am Diet Coke and she is Coca-Cola Classic. Perhaps the image of a flute of champagne and a pint of dark ale is our best summation. Regardless, after her thoughtfulness and generosity I worry that the lesbian rumors about us may have to be forced into fruition because it will be impossible to ever find a man so caring and aware of my neurotic and constant mention of likes and dislikes. She keeps track and knows that I always want artichoke hearts, egg salad, and bamboo shoots. She also knows to always put mochi and yogurt chips in my fruity fro-yo. I know that she always requires extra dressing, a huge bowl of rice, and lemon slices galore. I make sure that she has granola and graham cracker crumbs in her tart, chocolate, or peanut butter fro-yo. We are building some type of lasting relationship and we are both equally Uncouth Gourmands, which is our strongest bond and allows us to toast regardless of what our glasses are or what they are filled with.


After a full work week and endless birthday surprises from my partner, I headed home to see the other woman in my life, my mama. I flew in to San Jose on Saturday afternoon and I began celebrating a long weekend in Santa Cruz with my family. My mom picked me up at the airport and I told her that all of LA is abuzz about a restaurant in Los Gatos called Manresa. Los Gatos is a small affluent town in between Silcon Valley and the beach town of Santa Cruz where I grew up. It is where I spent a lot of my high school days when I wanted to get away from my hippy upbringing and wanted to get in touch with my preppy side. I actually think that the reason I live in Pasadena is because it is so similar to Los Gatos except in a big city. Pasadena is equipped with a Bentley dealership, J. Crew, and an Old Town area just like that of Los Gatos. It is close to interesting areas (read: a LOT more culture)  but somewhere where I, as a girl, am totally comfortable living alone and walking freely at any time of night.

Manresa is closed from Monday to Wednesday so we made a reservation and showed up on Sunday night at 5:30 just the two of us as my brother had a babysitter. I told the babysitter that we would be back at 9pm at the latest. I know how tasting menus work and yet we didn’t even finish dinner until 9:40. My mom said when making the reservation that it was my birthday and upon walking in we were seated right by the window and there was a discreet birthday card waiting for me signed by all of the staff at Manresa. It was a charming touch. My mom and I both wanted the full restaurant experience from Chef David Kinch, who beat out Bobby Flay on Iron Chef, and went with the tasting menu. It was not cheap at $160 a person with no wine included. I had a few glasses of a sparkling riesling and my mom got a chardonnay. We were told by our fabulous waitress, Debbie, that the menu would start at the sea, go to the garden, go back to the sea, then to land with a poultry and a meat dish, and finish with two desserts. She mentioned that it changes over the course of the night and that it is best to get there early. The first thing we were served were some amuse-bouches.


The very first thing looked just like dessert but was actually quite savory. It was a black olive madeline and a red bell pepper gelee. The next thing we were served came on the waiter’s platter and was a foie gras croquette they recommended taking it all in one bite as it was hot and could squirt. I really am not trying to be uncouth/vulgar, I swear. However, I had to eat so quickly I forgot to take a picture and I was kindly asked by the host to not use flash, I apologize for the sub-par photo quality. However, this foie gras one bite was hot and delish, it warmed me up and definitely tantalized my palate.


soft boiled egg

The next amuses were a foie gras soup with a fried squash blossom on top and a soft boiled egg with sherry vinegar and maple syrup. It was all delightful little one bites and I could tell my mom was loving it but wanting something substantial. It was around this time they brought out fresh bread and butter. My mom has never been to France and I always tell her that the number one reason to go is for the butter. She has yet to have french butter but was going crazy about the butter they presented to her. She told the waitress and she mentioned that they have a cow in Watsonville and that they make their own butter. My mom used to teach special ed in Watsonville and was once again impressed by all of the touches.

eating bread at Manresa

Manresa in Los Gatos

garden salad

The real courses began with oysters that were a little to salty for both of our tastes but I could tell instantly that they were extremely fresh. I wish they were plain instead of covered in seaweed and buckwheat. However, I heard the table next to us with a surfer remark that it was so salty it reminded him of just picking an oyster up and eating it on his surfboard. I think that is a great compliment. I have always been more a fruit person and my mom has always been a little bunny (it’s no wonder I am a funny bunny) that loves vegetables so she loved the Into the Vegetable Garden salad. We learned that they have 2 acres on a farm in the Santa Cruz mountains area of Bonny Doon where they grow everything. This sealed the deal. I was in love. It was like he was making and serving my backyard. Chef David Kinch even oned up his Bobby Flay victory when it was revealed that he lives in Santa Cruz. I knew I had to meet this man and the waitress arranged a kitchen tour for us at the end of the meal. I was now on my second glass of bubbly and was ready for whatever courses would be thrown my way. The next one was by far my favorite, it was an abalone soup with sea urchin and foie gras in a light gingery broth. It was incredible. Sea urchin has become one of my favorite foods and I was amazed that we had now seen foie gras in 3 dishes.


black cod

manresa chicken

The next few dishes were black cod and a farmed chicken breast both were good but not mind blowing like that soup. The last dish once again won me over. It was a Napa Valley spring lamb and tongue confit with carrots with orange purée and exotic spice. It tasted very Moroccan to me and as someone that normally doesn’t love either lamb or tongue, I was truly impressed. I couldn’t get enough of this particular dish.

lamb manresa

We asked if we could get both dessert courses at the same time as we had a babysitter to get back to and they happily obliged. I am quite positive that this is the kind of restaurant that never says the word, “No” unless of course it has to do with camera flashes. The dessert course was the The Flavors of New Orleans equipped with beignets, bananas, and pralines and then a pumpkin soup which was poured over ice cream. One of my other favorite touches was that the last thing brought out looked just like the first, except it was a regular madeline cookie with a strawberry gelee. It was the perfect bookend to an absolutely exquisite meal.

dessert manresa

We were taken back to one of the cleanest and best run kitchens I have ever seen. The only one that compares is the Baazar and they have a much larger operation going. There was something so charming about seeing the chef working, knowing the area where their garden is, knowing where their cow and thus butter comes from that made this meal so enjoyable.

manresa kitchen

Uncouth Gourmand with Chef David Kinch

Chef David Kinch made sure we enjoyed our meal, which of course we did and I can honestly say it was one of the top dining experiences of my life. It was also so special for my mom to get a taste (pun always intended) of the food world that I have become such a fan and groupie of. The next day my mom made me lasagna and she was back in her own kitchen. We may not have had our napkins folded back in to a cone every time we went to the bathroom but it was no less of a great experience. I think 2 weeks is a long enough birthday celebration. I am done. I can buy my own food and drinks now, but thank you to all that joined in my festivities. I am sure that this will be a truly great year in my life.


Janis Ost and Carina Ost

Growing Up is Tough Stuff

Uncouth Gourmands, LA weekly, dating sensei

In honor of Carina’s birthday I opted to prepare a romantic dinner at home. I got up early on Monday morning, picked up some flowers for my home, and laid out about 20 cookbooks across my always clean home. I set out to create a five course meal for my birthday sweet and told her to invite a few people. She did no such thing and decided to be “discreet” and announce the invite on Twitter. It’s ok though, it’s not like we have 900 “followers” or anything. What followed was a confirmation from a very elite guest, a food writer from the LA Weekly, Derek Thomas. What, a colleague of Jon Gold was coming to my house to eat a meal I prepared? I was nervous beyond words. I told everyone one thing before eating, “expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed.” These turn of events led to one of the funniest nights in recent UG history. It was a labor intensive 5 course meal, aside from Carina impregnating some tomatoes, I did it all by myself. Here’s the menu and  pictures course by course.


corn bisque

romaine wrap


blanched peeled asparagus

tofu plating uncouth gourmands

tofu asparagus

fruit oolong tea

uncouth gourmands dinner party

I’m not surprised Carina liked the dessert course best, I did try to replicate one of the first desserts we had together at King Louie XV in Monaco or as we’d like to say, our first summer together. I must say, I was pleased by Derek’s enthusiasm over the food. It was probably not the best meal he’s ever eaten, but I’m positive he had a fabulous time. Dating Sensei, Margaret, rocked our little worlds. Attendees included: Margaret, Brian Breth, Derek Thomas, Zena warrior princess, Carina, and I. It was a night of uncouth talk, too much bubbly, and an endless supply of laughter. Here are some discussion highlights.

After 5 courses we all had the urge to walk it off. Fortunately, where I live in my parent’s back house there are 15 acres and 300 horses to walk around. I never imagined the day when I would see Carina in a tractor.

Josie racetrack

carina tractor

girls at starting gate

What we set out to provide and what we ended up with were at opposing ends. It’s so interesting that a night that was supposed to be classy ended up, in this case, with us running around like horses. At the end of the night, I felt proud and tired at the same time.

UG CMI direct

The following day our UG investor, Chuck, cleaned out the back most conference room at his office for UG brainstorming. He’s so sweet. In order to sound grown-up, we like calling this brainstorm “work,” but it hardly is. We still have yet to make a dime, our bank balances are quickly dropping, and there’s no end in sight. But in all honesty, there’s no other place than here, right now, with anyone else we’d rather be.

The day ended with us interviewing our first employee, Young Jin. Young Jin is actually an intern, but he’s a breathing body and we’ll call him whatever we want. 🙂 Here’s us interviewing him.

On Thursday night, we headed to the Brass Monkey for karaoke. Even though I’m not good at it, it’s kind of become my new favorite thing. Here’s the conversation between our friend Bijan and Carina while I was singing:

Bijan: Clap when it’s her part.

Carina: Why? Is she bad?

Bijan: Just be a good friend.

I think you get the picture. The highlight of the evening was going to be that I would, alas, get to again see Mr. Fig. I know, I said I’d throw out his number, but I was feeling rather lucky and I wanted to give it one more shot. I’m a pretty passionate individual and when I see something I want, I tend to go after it. So Carina advised me to be direct and tell him how I felt. Did I get anywhere? No. Rejection, I suppose, is also a part of growing up. Here’s my Facebook status update the following morning:

Carina to Josie: You declared your love and he declared his like.

Here’s Carina and I while hopes were still high:

To Carina: There’s no one I’d rather be burning the midnight oil with. You complete me as a person and as a colleague. Happy Birthday, my dear.

Chuck: Many thanks to you. Your untrammeled optimism and faith is always un-fleeting. You are our biggest cheerleader.

Claire Best: Our agent and our Hollywood confidant. Thank you for all your persistence.

To Mama and Papa Mora/Mama Ost: Most of all we thank you, Uncouth Gourmand breeders. Your confidence and “support” in us means the world. We swear, this business school education will pay off one day. Want to buy a piece of Uncouth Gourmands? Everyone else wants equity, but you guys. Please be patient, we may not be ready to cut the financial umbilical cord. We love you.