Weekend of Food Events

Uncouth Gourmands at Los Angeles Magazine Food event

This weekend was filled with delicious food, wine, and fun. Saturday, after the night on the party bus, I woke up hungover and starving. Thankfully, I had received news that there was going to be a small food event practically in my backyard. I finally got out of bed in the early afternoon and headed to South Lake Avenue in Pasadena for their first annual Taste of South Lake. It wasn’t exactly that high-end but it was free and had the exact type of food I was looking for: free tacos from Rubios, mac and cheese from Magnolia (my favorite mac in Pas), and a $1 burger from The Counter. I asked the guy at The Counter when they would be finally opening their doors and he told me they have been open for three weeks. I was flabbergasted and said, “What?!?! I am a neighbor and a food blogger, how the hell did that happen so quickly?” He laughed and replied, “Don’t you follow us on Twitter?” I am the ultimate Twit but must have somehow overlooked that major fact. My $1 mini burger got me very excited and I look forward to going soon, anyone interested?

The Counter Pasadena

It was a nice relaxing time and I watched Chef Jamie make a pumpkin holiday risotto. The whole audience got yummy samples. I am very interested in hearing her radio show on KFWB after learning that an exercise guy was going to come on and teach a pumpkin workout. I think this is a genius plan for keeping in shape over the holidays, you just grab an appropriate sized pumpkin and lift it for a workout…brilliant!

Chef Jamie

On Sunday, both Josie and I headed separately to a much larger, expensive, and classier event in Malibu. It was the Los Angeles Magazine Food Event. It was very far away but so beautiful. As I was driving deep in to the Santa Monica Mountains and pulling on to the Malibu Family Wines property I saw a beautiful landscape, horses, and zebras. It was such an OMG moment. Josie and I arrived within 2 minutes of one another despite coming from completely opposite directions at different times. As soon as we were walking in we were honked at by the lovely Jo of My Last Bite, or as Josie and I refer to her, “Our Chef Groupie Idol”.




Enough about the gorgeous ambiance, let’s talk food. Josie’s favorites of the day were the risotto balls from Little Dom’s and the butternut squash fritter. She literally sent me up to get her some after she already had two plates. She also instructed that I only bring her back a plate with two balls on it.

risotto balls

squash fritter

My favorites were the spicy tuna in a tempura cone by Hampton’s in the Four Seasons and the crab cakes from Parker’s Lighthouse.

spicy tuna cone

crab cakes

One of the desserts I really enjoyed was the black sesame tangerine terrine from Wilshire Restaurant. I mostly just enjoyed that the chef serving had to utter the tongue twister and watching them slice up the dessert.

tangerine terrine

Here were some other delectable bites we consumed:




It was a beautiful day, a super classy event for our uncouth selves, and a lot of fun. Towards the end of the event and a couple of glasses of wine in we parked ourselves in princess seating at the Karma Lounge for a Top Chef Panel hosted by Lesley Bargar Suter, the dine editor at Los Angeles Magazine. We listened to Betty Fraser, Chris “CJ “Jacobsen and Fabio Viviani talk about their toughest judge. No surprise to us, the honor went to the Uncouth Gourmands wet dream…Anthony Bourdain. *Swoon*

Josie and Carina Malibu Event


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