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great chefs of LA

A couple of weeks ago we were judges for Great Chefs of LA Webfire Challenge webisode series sponsored by 944 Magazine. The series is hosted by Candace Kumai, The Stiletto Chef of TLC’s “Cook Yourself Thin,” and is all lead up for when she will  be emcee for the big event: The 23rd Annual Great Chefs of Los Angeles.

The event will be on November 8 at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City. The whole event is going to a great cause the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California. Tickets are normally $150 dollars each but we are giving away 2 (a $300 value, for you math challenged). Here is what you need to do to win:

1. Post a comment below describing why you are an Uncouth Gourmand

2. Follow Great Chefs of LA on Twitter @greatchefsofLA and tweet “Enter to win 2 free tix to @greatchefsofLA on @uncouthgourmand -it pays to be a UG”

We will choose the most uncouth answer and all submissions must be received no later than November 5th at 11:59PM.

To sweeten the deal even more there will be a gift bag for all attendees worth $250 and the chefs and wineries there will blow your foodie minds. These are the truly “Great Chefs”:


Our webisode has yet to air but here is some special behind the scenes footage including some great investigating by the UGs with our great chef of the day Jonathan Burrows. Take a look, it might give you some pointers on what it means to be an Uncouth Gourmand.



  1. I am an Uncouth Gourmand because I still like to put the pitted black olives from a can on the ends of my fingers and eat ’em that way!

  2. Because I always take an extra bite home with me…usually spilled on my shirt, but it never ruins my meal!

  3. I should win cuz I’m just cool like that…. And cuz I say so 😛

  4. Call me an aspiring Uncouth Gourmand because I’m too broke to eat out at anything but taco trucks and restaurants with dubious health grades. Love tacos to death, but some days I secretly dream of eating at a place with–gasp!–tablecloths. Being treated like a VIP by the best chefs LA has to offer wouldn’t be so shabby either…

  5. Because I like taking swigs out of milk and juice cartons, despite my boyfriend’s constant plead to drink out of a cup like a lady. I also enjoy eating sunflower seeds and tossing them right out the window (don’t hate me tree huggers) or eating cherries and spitting the pit out on the ground because I am too lazy to find a trashcan, but I like to think I am helping the environment by planting cherry trees everywhere I go 🙂 I am as classy as they come.

  6. I am an Uncouth Gourmand because I tend to burp out loud
    & proud after a delicious and satisfying meal!

  7. Resident UG here because: i wait to say “excuse me” ’til after i have reached over your plate to get the rolls & butter. i always taste the cake icing with my fingers. i open and taste the wine before the guest of honor gets to the table. i’ll send a dish back – even if i ate almost half of it. if there is something being served generally that i really like, i’ll bring up a story of how much it tastes like one of the “road kill specials” we used to have on the farm or how much it tastes like prison food. i always excuse myself after desert and avoid being at the table until the bill is paid. only redeeming quality is that i’ll have the car started and waiting for your escape.

  8. I’m an Uncouth Gourmand as I’ve been known to eat uncooked rice and pasta as it seems much easier than dealing with the whle cooking and then doing dishes process.

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  10. I would say I’m an Uncouth Gourmand because I sometimes throw away really tasty treats that are unhealthy so I am not tempted to indulge…then later my lack of will power kicks in and I go and dig it out. And maybe…just maybe, I eat it! 😦

  11. What makes me an Uncouth Gormand is the fact that I don’t eat most vegetables and I really don’t eat beans of any kind (yuck, blah, ugh *as I shiver with revulsion). I will call Doritos and a grape Wlelchs dinner. I can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve cooked dinner during my 5 1/2 year marriage but will complain about what I DON’T want for dinner. The nerve!

  12. I’m an uncouth gourmand because I pick mercilessly off of other people’s plates. It doesn’t matter the restaurant or location, or how well I know you. If you have something that looks tasty I’ll take a big bite right off your plate. At Christmas, I even bought an extend-a-fork to more easily access the plates of those across the table.

  13. I am an Uncouth Gourmand because I licked all the dishes clean at the kitchen table at Le Bernadin and made Ripert aghast.

  14. I would dare to say my uncouthness knows no bounds. I insist on bringing a bottle of ranch and packets of ketchup and hot sauce with me wherever i go out to eat-especially at nice steakhouses. I pour soy sauce directly onto my sushi in lieu of dipping (I don’t want too much of that “fishy” taste). And then there’s just the little things like refusing to learn to use chopsticks, eating salsa/guacamole/spinach dip etc. with a spoon, and insisting that not only is every crumb or scrap eaten from my plate, but from those of my dining companions as well. Oh, and I’ll sometimes stash particularly tasty treats (cookies, an egg roll, shrimp cocktail even) from a buffet in my pockets to take home since they are loath to provide doggy bags.

  15. I guess I’m and Uncouth Gourmand because i love white wine with anything…even

  16. Because I always lick my dessert plate clean… especially if there’s caramel involved…

  17. I am an UG because I’ve been known to smash tater tots and pass them off as potato pancakes served with caviar and creme fraiche.

  18. i eat cheetos for breakfast.

  19. I am an uncouth gourmand because I have actually made something called “Yumghetti” (involves ground beef, cheese and 2 cans of Campbell’s soup) multiple times and I eat it too.

  20. I am an uncouth gourmand because I’m not afraid to eat at restaurants with a B rating. C’s might be pushing it…

  21. 1) I am just as happy with a $15 bottle of wine as a $250 bottle.

    2) I tend to eat most of my meals with the tiny fork because I think it is the cutest utensil.

    3) Everything is better with peanut butter.

    I am a UG and damn proud of it.

  22. 3 words: food truck fiend.

    I love nothing more than chasing down a truck, paying cash and enjoying hot, greasy, delicious food or sweets with my fingers while sitting on the curb.

  23. Cause it’s not about where you eat or what it looks like…it’s about the taste and texture. Plus, it’s totally legit to eat sushi with your fingers. Just sayin’.

  24. i am an uncouth gourmand because i would eat bacon with every meal if i could.

  25. I would fall into the Uncouth Gourmand category due to the fact that I can’t come close to dining regularly at some fine dining establishments represented at Great Chefs, yet I have the palate that curses me for it.

  26. Im uncouth cuz i hate using paper napkins so I wipe my hands on my clothes when eating.

  27. i am the original OG, i mean UG, because even when im full i still keep on eating!!! and whenever my roommates make dinner im always there to eat up the left overs, what can i say, i hate wasting food!

  28. I’m not as clever, nor as astute,
    as some who have posted before me

    But I bet you’ll find my crappy ole rhyme
    will not make you regret that you chose me

    I don’t eat with my fingers or belch out loud,
    pass gas or dribble on my chin

    I clean my plate, use a napkin on my face,
    and sip nicely from my glass of gin

    If these are all faults and you judge me as lax
    I’ll take it in stride knowing deep down inside
    My Mom would be proud I’m not crass!

  29. To maximize my uncouth gourmandness, I sneak bottles of wine into concerts, turn happy hours into meals, and rock every restaurant opening party.

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  31. […] than any other. We had the honor to be guest judges on the 944 Webfire Challenge webisode, got to give away two tickets, and somehow ended up with enough tickets that we got to bring dates. Shocking, I know. […]

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