Halloween in (West) Hollywood

Indian and Rachel Ray costume on Halloween

Josie and I had a very difficult time coming up with a joint dynamic duo costume this year. Thanks to the help of the wonderful article written by our boys at Freshman in the Kitchen on culinary themed costumes we decided on Padma and Rachael Ray. Not to be a Bragging Betty but even though I was gone for the night and drove back from Anaheim, I still put my costume together. Josie, on the other hand, after a long day at work decided to still be an Indian but was going with the American variety instead of the hot super model Top Chef East Indian kind. I was all alone in my TV foodie costume, but oh well. The first party of the night was the Yelp Hipster Zombie Halloween Party at the Viper Room. In typical UG fashion we arrived seconds after the open bar closed. Oh well. One of the first people we saw was Beer the boyfriend of the lovely Dawson, who was the host of this fabulous yelp event. Beer showed us his fire crotch and it is always a pleasure to see this king and queen of Yelp. We just learned today that Dawson is no longer with Yelp. OMG! We are heartbroken. She eased us through our first Yelp event, hosted the awesome 007 party, and has been our favorite to see at all events from Milk to Chocolate to Taco Crawls. She holds a special place in the UG heart and we know that her next chapter will be just as fruitful as she will continue to wow us all with her unmatched talents.

The next portion of the night led us to a boy that I have been dating’s house. He was in the shower when we arrived but that didn’t stop us from breaking and entering. He and Josie have been referring to one another as “nemesis”. I don’t know if it was because of Josie’s peaceful costume or not but it seems as though all was clear on the reservation. Josie and I took off for the West Hollywood carnaval for a girl’s night on the town. I have learned that Josie has one hell of a gay man following as she was the hit of Santa Monica Blvd. Here she was with a girl wearing nothing more than body paint on her chest.

Indian topless halloween


Jackson 5 costumes

Later in the night we had taken a picture with a Twitter costume with signs that read “Show me your Twitter” and “Stop Twittering, I’m covered in Twit”. We also saw the entire Jackson 5 family. It was one hell of a night and it felt great to be a part of something big and wonderful. The next morning I awoke starving and with a hankering for a tuna melt. I remembered hearing that Betty from Top Chef was given the honor of the best tuna sandwich at the Los Angeles Magazine Food Event. I knew that I wanted to head to Grub. There was a problem, it was daylight savings and it was only 8am. I waited for an hour and called the restaurant to make sure that I could order a tuna melt for breakfast. It was all set and we headed out for this hidden gem of  a restaurant. I  played spy and snapped a photo of someone’s bagel which was wrapped up like a beautiful present in lox wrapping paper. My date had the chorizo breakfast burrito and he stole most of my lemon and basil cocktail.

grub hollywood

lox wrapped bagels

grub burrito

grub tuna melt

Okay so what was my thought on this tuna melt? It was great but I am not sure it is the best in LA. My favorite tuna melt probably belongs to Home in Los Feliz. After I once saw a man at the table next to masturbating in between a copy of Marley & Me, I stopped going, here is my Yelp review on the incident. However, the delicious herb laced tuna is going to have me return. Grub was well-priced and I am anxious to try their mac and cheese and devour more of those yummy potato chips.


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  1. Hi UIG,

    Great Halloween post. Looks like an awesome time.

    btw – I found you via a search for “Dating” on WordPress. If you’re interested, I’ve started a site for real-time updates from your dates, http://www.LuvvBugg.com. I built it cause all my girlfriends were telling me these crazy stories from their dates, so I thought it would be cool to capture the moment and also allow their friends to comment, provide advice or a joke in real-time. Given the subject matter of your blog, I thought you might want to check it out. Cheers, Scott

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