The Luck of the Draw: La Loteria

LA Easy Meals

Congratulations to our UG Great Giveaway contest winner….Andee from LA Easy Meals. We will see her at the Great Chefs of LA event this Sunday! She won our UG hearts with this great entry:

Because I like taking swigs out of milk and juice cartons, despite my boyfriend’s constant plead to drink out of a cup like a lady. I also enjoy eating sunflower seeds and tossing them right out the window (don’t hate me tree huggers) or eating cherries and spitting the pit out on the ground because I am too lazy to find a trashcan, but I like to think I am helping the environment by planting cherry trees everywhere I go :) I am as classy as they come.

We are very happy for this lovely lady who is also the food writer at the! If you didn’t win you can still buy tickets and if your lucky you can get them at a discount on Goldstar today.

Enough about all of this luck the UG girls had a very bad night last night. Like really bad. We thought it would be awesome as we were meeting with some good friends for food and then we would all be joined later with our intern, the one that wrote the great dog article, for a  free Crystal Castles show. We rushed from the office (i.e. conference room) and made it Hollywood at a reasonable hour to try La Loteria. I used to be a regular at their Farmer’s Market location but this would be our first time in their semi-new brick and mortar location. We arrived and were thrilled by our Princess Parking good luck. We checked the sign and saw that you don’t have to feed the meter after 6pm. I looked at my phone and it was 5:59, we high fived and thought what lucky girls we were. Josie and I have been on a tight budget recently and thought that we would be good and order conservatively, i.e., no alcohol and cheap entrees. We met are friend Kane (sometimes I refer to him as Waldo) and Jonathan (from Craft Beer Fest and 80s Prom).

La Loteria

We ordered the squash blossom quesadillas as an appetizer and stuck to the watermelon agua frescas. I was planning on just ordering ceviche and soup until the waitress described the red snapper in tomatoes, green olives, and capers to Kane. I quickly changed my mind and threw budget and caution to the wind. Josie was still good and just ordered her favorite breakfast: chilaquilles. The girl loves being able to order breakfast for dinner.

squash blossom quesadillas

red snapper at Loteria


Dinner was good but as much as I liked my fish and plantains, I can definitely say it definitely wasn’t worth $20. We left our meal full, but surprised that we had a $100 bill for 4 people with no alcohol. We headed for the show and got the heads up that the show sponsored by Kia was already at capacity. We parked anyway and all had to walk several minutes to a still line. We met up with our intern and I think we disappointed him with our inability to work the door and get us all in. We had a plan b and a friend of a friend was playing at Villa in WeHo. We knew that we weren’t dressed appropriately but figured we were early enough that it may be okay.  One problem was that Villa was closed. Our friend that was driving got great parking and didn’t want to lose it. We all walked to the Belmont as it was the only place nearby where we could get a drink. One of the bar areas was closed and so everyone was cramped around the main bar and it took forever to get a drink poured. It wasn’t one of our best nights. I offered to give Young Jin, our intern, a ride home. It was around 10:30 and it wasn’t looking like the night was going to get any better. Our friend dropped us all on the street that I said was right by Loteria. I had only one mixed drink but figured I must be mistaken because my car wasn’t there. It was a total “Dude, where’s my car?” kind of moment.  We asked the valet who said all of these spots were designated for valet after 6pm. We looked back at the sign and realized that three signs up it said, “Tow Away after 6pm”. How did we miss this? We occasionally get parking tickets, but never towed cars. A cop gave us the tow number where the guy called me “sweetie” and said he “was open all night”. It was very surreal. The cops flagged us a taxi and we all went a couple of blocks away to retrieve my car. I was the only one allowed throw the gate and then went on a golf cart with a man to get my car. It was $243.80 and Josie had tears in her eyes. We took our young intern home and felt defeated. Our wise intern reminded us that life is a probability game and that you can’t flip heads all of the time. That’s true. Good fortune had to be in our future. Life is La Loteria. Sometimes it is great and sometimes it sucks! In terms of La Loteria Grill, I think it is best to curb the probability in your favor by going to the Farmer’s market location where parking is in a lot, free with validation, and where you are not tempted in to purchasing a $20 piece of fish. Hopefully, this just means that we will have the luck of the draw soon!


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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Can’t wait to meet you girls there!

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