The Men SPEAK Classy and The Girls Are EASY

Drink Eat Play, Uncouth Gourmand Girls, Social Domain LA

Saturday night was the night of the Drink-Eat-Play Speakeasy event at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel. I had to work on Saturday, so I was running a little late. Surprise, I’m Latin and I’m late ALL the time! Since we were already late, we didn’t have enough time to check out the opening party for, Agura, which our friendly blogging neighbor, SinoSoul, kindly invited us to. We’ll have to check it out soon and report back. The main reason I was late was because I was having a hard time choosing a 20’s era themed outfit. On the contrary, Ms. Carina did not and actually tweeted this, “We are going to the @drinkeatplay Speakeasy tonight but I am afraid that my pearls may bring my dress down. Them pearls are heavy.” If you don’t understand that tweet, look at the above outfit – Scandalous!


Ice test

It seems our unfortunate delay got us to the Speakeasy just in time. The whiskey to laughter ratio was 1:1. I was driving so I did a lot of sipping and pouring. Carina, on the other hand, was the uncouth one of the night and didn’t “cheerlead” any of her drinks. “Cheerlead” is our new term for when someone doesn’t finish their drink. If she didn’t like one whiskey, she simply added it to the one she did. How that makes logical sense to any sober person, I’m unsure. Needless to say, I lost her in the crowd only to find her about an hour later with a new friend, Sandra, talking to some good looking men and giggling. Sandra is a good friend of, John, who runs Social Domain LA. Here’s a tidbit of the conversation I walked into:

Sandra: (to the good-looking guy) What’s your name?

Guy: Matt

Sandra: Mac? As in Big Mac?

Carina: No, Matt, as in a doormat. We’re going to walk all over you.

Dios mio! I should’ve known better than to leave her alone in a ballroom full of whiskey. The other uncouth moment of the night came from after running into this one vendor over and over again. Here’s the last encounter:

Carina: Running into you again?! What are following us? You can on Twitter.

Man: Yeah, I’m like a bad song – You can’t get rid of me!

Carina: More like a VD.


uncouth gourmands at Speakeasy

Ms. Sandra (above) was the girl of the hour (she was also the girl Carina ditched me for). I hope I’m not getting traded in for a wittier, perkier model… The best cocktail of the night was a tie between The Edison’s liquor concoction, which was topped with Edison Beer and Varnish’s “Lemon Cayenne Pepper” drink. Refreshing and yet so bad – A common theme in an Uncouth Gourmand life. In fact, Cedd Moses, the owner of the 213 Downtown Group, gave me a personal tour if his favorite booth(s). The 213 Downtown Group is responsible for bringing you such bars as Seventh and Grand, Varnish, The Doheny, and my personal favorite, Tony’s. Arun, a good friend who lives in downtown said, “Cedd Moses is responsible for giving me all the good places to hang out in downtown.” The UG Girls surely agree.

flapper girls dancing

11PM came around and we were sad to say goodbye to the Speakeasy. We laughed and had so much fun! Dan, the owner of Drink, Eat, Play, really outdid himself this time. Of all his events are great, (no joke) but this one was the best. Drinks were great, there were boys in ties (you don’t see that much in LA), and the participation from the vendors to the attendees was excellent. From there we headed to Viceroy in Santa Monica where our friend was having her birthday party. We got there at around midnight and the line was around the corner. The UG Girls, of course, walked right up to the front and without having to say a word, were escorted right in. I have a feeling it was Carina’s dress and pearls and not our blogger status. 😉

Uncouth Gourmand Girls


UGs at the Viceroy

But just as our luck is good, it always turns ugly. The birthday party was over and we had to mingle with some creepy guys whose pick-up line was, “Hey, I’m a doctor and he’s a dentist. Would you like a drink?” Smarmy. Our friend, Kane, came back and had two more drinks with us. Liked the place, but didn’t like the Friday night crowd. We’ll surely be back soon to try the new Happy Hour menu, though. We hear it’s pretty stellar. Beer, beach, and boys – What more could we ask for? We ended up leaving at 2A and drove Kane home. Carina and I had some deep conversation and decided to detour into downtown and hit up The Original Pantry Cafe. Carina had never been and, well, it’s my favorite breakfast joint in town. She was thoroughly impressed by the one line cook who cooks for the entire restaurant without tickets and with one swift spatula. I am always impressed that even with only one cook, you get your meal in less than 5 minutes.

the pantry

breakfast at the pantry

We gabbed about what it means to have male friends and, even if, that was possible. Any commentary on that? Male friends, has that become an oxymoron? I, Josie, have never had male friends and am really starting to get disappointed by some of my male relationships. Carina, who has far more male friends than female friends, tells me that men are better friend and less maintenance but they are unreliable and you just must deal with that. She also explained that it was weird with male friends when you are both single and it is weird if one of you is in a relationship. The whole thing sounds weird to me, but I want to know more. What are your experiences? Do you care to tell me over fried eggs or when I have a fox around my neck?

It was a long night. We hit up Hollywood, Santa Monica, and downtown. But hey, we live in LA. The people that have the most fun, are the ones that are not afraid to drive in search of it.



  1. I agree!! Fun is worth the drive! I am a mama of four from the suburbs of Minneapolis…but me and my hubs still find time to drive into the city for great eats & drinks and fly off in a plane to have a weekend.

    We like your spunk at UGS…’re like a younger version of us, minus 9 kids and 2 husbands with more time!! You go you CA UGS Girls!! Hey—and keep your eyes peeled on our blog….we’re giving away a Breville Espresso Machine…yah, the big bad new one!! It’s like a semi-truck for espresso…and you might need it with all your late nights 😉

    -Chris Ann

  2. Hi! Any more pics from speakeasy? We lost our camera that night 😦
    We were the crazy girls on stage

    • @Chris Ann – Um, yeah I’m so down for any contest! Our bank balance is dropping faster than our dates!

      Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot to us. Sometimes I feel like we’re talking to a giant gaping void (i.e., the internet). It’s nice to hear that someone relates back to these crazy gals. Who isn’t a UG, really?

      @Ruth – Bummer about your camera. You guys were hilarious! You on Twitter or FB?

      A fellow Uncouth Gourmand,

  3. Oh you girl and your giant pearls. You look so glamorous! It sounds like a wonderful time was had. I absolutely looove the Pantry. I want to have cocktails with the UG girls!

    • Sandra,

      The pantry is awesome, right? People either love it or hate it…When’s a good time for cocktails? We would love to meet you!


  4. Hey there Josie,

    I fixed your keyboard last night and was bored today so here i am.

    I can speak volumes on the subject of men and women being (or not, for that matter) friends. i’m sure you’ve seen the movie “when harry met sally”? if not i suggest you do. this is where i have acquired much of my personal theory on the topic. Although, i have a lot of personal experience that goes both ways. Like Carina, i have far more female friends than male friends. Maybe less now that i’m a little older. hm… i wonder why? either way, it’s nearly impossible because the sex almost always gets in the way. i have one friend who is a girl and we’ll more than likely never engage in sexual activities, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t thought about it. and i’m sure the same thing happens for girls too. am i wrong here? let me know.

    hope all is well.


    • Jordan, Jordan, Jordan!

      I am so glad to hear from you! Thank you so much for helping a sista’ out! You guys were hilarious. I’lll let you know when I write up that post about y’all.

      About “When Harry Met Sally”: Best movie ever! I just saw it for the first time and yes, it is so true. You know, I don’t have a lot of experience myself with male friends, but there are most definitely some that I have NEVER thought of sleeping with. Just no interest, I suppose. This is a weird time for me in regards to the topic because as I said, I’ve never had male friends. Women just seem more dependable…. 🙂 Ergh.

      There’s a pub crawl on Saturday in DT if you’d like to come and it’s free! I know you live around there – Let me know.


  5. […] Best Event: Hands down, this one goes to the Speakeasy event of Drink-Eat-Play. For the first time in years, I saw men in ties after 6P, the ladies were […]

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