NOLA Talent Mixes it up at the Edison

UG girls at the Edison

We have been invited to Radio Room, a monthly event at the Edison, for a few months now but, unfortunately, have never been able to attend. The concept is extremely cool, it is when they get bartenders from across the country to come in for a one night only event. Last night they had mixologists Danny Valdez, Ricky Gomez, and Kirk Estopinal from the Cure New Orleans come in. Strangely enough I went to the opening of Cure on my first and only trip to the Big Easy. I remember being very impressed by the interesting cocktails at Cure and the new cool space but I must say it has nothing on the Edison. The Edison is an incredible space that always blows me away with a rich history and secret rooms. Anyway, the mixture of the NOLA bartenders and getting to be in the Edison without having to wait in that long weekend line was a huge sell.

Here was the one night only cocktail list:

cure mixologist at Edison

  • Big Black: Jameson with black tea-infused dry Vermouth and bitters
  • Celery Stalker: Plymouth Gin with housemade celery bitters and bubbly
  • Chamomile Kilt: Glenlivet Scotch muddled with fresh lemon, mint and housemade chamomile simple syrup
  • Fall Side Car: A classic Cognac Daisy using Martell VS, Limoncello and pimento dram
  • The Lounge Martini: Plymouth Gin with Limoncello and apricot brandy
  • The Nervous Light of Sunday: Plymouth Gin, fresh lemon, bitters and grapefruit zest
  • The Tea Rose: Plymouth Gin infused with Orange Pekoe tea, St. Germain and rosewater

I had the Big Black because of of my love of tea and Jameson and Josie had the Nervous Light of Sunday, which was a refreshing punch. The drinks and the mixologists were the stars of the night. However, they shined much brighter because of the wonderful big band playing background. The band was Elliot Deutsch Big Band, and they were awesome!

big band at the Edison

edison bar downtown

big band music

It was a fun night and even though we had an out of character “early night” it was still well worth it. By the way, the man of the hour-who always tells about these awesome events-is John of Social Domain LA. His site provides all the info for food, wine, and drink events in Los Angeles.

social domain and uncouth gourmand girls at the Edison

In an effort to get better about telling you, our readers, about events ahead of time (like John and the great Caroline on Crack) we want to tell you about the Edison’s  Midnight Mission toy drive. On Wednesdays, up until December 16th, if you get to the Edison before 9pm with an unwrapped toy you can get in for free (normally a $10 cover). A great cause, a night of cabaret, and well-crafted cocktails means that the UGs will be all over that!

Edison Midnight mission toy drive


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