Girls Having a (Matzah) Ball!

I was recently told that I am not disclosing as much about my relationship and dating adventures as my other UG half, Josie, this post is an attempt to correct that. I am going to strive to be as honest as possible. We all know that Josie pines for Mr. Fig aka Mr. Tartless but perhaps my own dating escapades are more unknown. One of my good friends, who just happened to be best friends with my ex, had a show in downtown. His band The Mo Odds are awesome and I was excited to see my friend Tony especially after he asked me on Facebook: “Am I neglecting you?” We have been missing our tennis and wine club for more months than I care to count. Josie and I were going to see him at Casey’s bar but when I arrived there was no one there. Apparently, I had the wrong time and they were really set to go on at 11. It was now 10pm and I had a second party to attend, a Shabbat birthday dinner. My friend Barrett has become both my business and religious mentor. He also has become a yenta and told me that I must stick to kosher meat and pressured me in to dating Jews exclusively. Clearly, he knows what he is talking about because he is following his dream career doing what he believes in, found his perfect shul, and has an amazing Brazilian girlfriend whose birthday we were celebrating.

Lilian is awesome and while not being born Jewish has definitely proved to be the Jewish woman I dream to become. Every week she thinks of fun ways to celebrate the sabbath through interesting culinary choices. Being kosher, does not mean not being creative. On our Shabbat dinners spent with this cool young downtown couple we have had traditional Mediterranean, kosher Chinese, Indian, and Italian food. Her birthday was no exception and this week’s theme was southern with fried fish, barbecue beef ribs and chicken, corn, and mashed potatoes.

It was a fun night with delicious kosher food. I ended up giving a ride home to a guy that was supposed to ask me to dinner a month ago. Apparently, he had my phone number incorrectly in his phone so that never happened. This was not the typical guy. He has drivers, lives in a hotel, and his family’s winery has 80% of the kosher wine market. He was making Josie and I crack up all night and when I took him home I got talked in to going back to the hotel for breakfast the next morning and then going to shul. I have been to the very cool and hip Chabad of Downtown Los Angeles a few times and really like it there. I can’t read/understand Hebrew but I like eating pickles and talking to everyone after services. I don’t like singing but am all about pounding on the table and taking l’chaims. I was planning on a Saturday at home reading and watching movies but this guy is clearly not used to the word “no”. He made up parking spots for me, talked to door men, read through the Torah quickly so I could get out at the time I desired, and after returning convinced me to go to the movies. We were shuttled to the theater down the street and afterward had dinner. I was planning on none of this and one cocktail and half a bottle of champagne later I went home and fell asleep. By the way, the UGs will be taking a tour of the Herzog Winery in Oxnard in the very near future!

Josie called me and woke me up from my nap telling me that the very lovely Lisa from the Party Bus was having her party at the same place I had mine, The Rockwell. I was going to tell her that she was on her own, as I was way out of it, but I read her FB status that read: “My dear Carina will you take me on a date tonight?” I knew I couldn’t leave my other half hanging. As good UGs, we brought pear and gooseberry tarts and madeleines that we made for the birthday girl.

It was great seeing Lisa, Arun, Kane, and the vivacious Veronica who is finally back from Australia. I was busy talking to someone all night that went from Harvard to Burning Man and had an ancestor that was responsible for telegraphing the Emancipation Proclamation to all the armed forces. It is times like these, meeting all of these fascinating people, that make me so thrilled to be single in LA. I have been slightly down lately because the guy that I have a crush on told me he loved me twice but he was sleeping and had no recollection of it in the morning. I love declarations of love and have an affinity for crazy men that tell me that they love in the first week. It was far too early to hear such terms but I got excited and then disappointed. Oh well, it is good to have less pressure on that particular gentleman and just have fun. I went home on Saturday night with my favorite date, Josie. We woke up and got breakfast at Twohey’s in Alhambra. Josie is a champ and got the lumberjack breakfast and I had the tuna melt with the famous onion rings.

The food was classic diner and very filling. The story behind Twohey’s and their famous logo of the man with his nose plugged is that a woman was seated by a man who got his burger with pickles and onions and uttered “Oh Stink-o”. It was so good it stuck and is perfectly uncouth! The best part about this place is the people watching and the excellent management. The sweet manager, who is a member of the family business, came up and made sure we were enjoying our meal. I commented to Josie about what a nice Jewish man he was. When he returned Josie asked if he was Jewish. He responded, “Look at me, I am Greek…we are all cousins”. We gave him our card and he came back a few minutes later and said,  “Ladies, I looked at your blog and you two are having too much fun!” Truer words have never been spoken! We are having a ball or at the very least a matzah ball!


  1. your mentor is the right. kosher is the way to go. I’ve said it before and ill say it again, “I’ve never met a jew that i didnt like”

  2. Wendy,

    I agree! I think that we all need Jewish men in our lives. After all, they DO know how to treat a lady – their mother’s teach them well. I’m so glad to have you on our team. Thanks for everything, my love!


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