Quad It Up with the UG Girls!

Thursday may prove to be one of the biggest and craziest days for us, UG Girls. We are hittin’ up a Tweet Up Happy Hour at an undisclosed location and then the 15th Anniversary party of Good Luck Bar! We can definitely use some good luck and these drink prices are a major score:

Good Luck Bar, Los Angeles

celebrating its 15th YEAR with
a special anniversary event
Thursday November 19
Starting at 7:00 PM



a visit from the KOGI TRUCK select BEERS for $2

DJ TRAVIS KELLER (Buddyhead.com)


After all of this fun we are heading to a Roller Disco at the Echoplex. I went several months ago and had a blast. I am an expert on quads and own an awesome pair of white skates with purple shoelaces. Josie told me that she has never really skated so she will be the tipsy girl that falls on you. Let me just say that ALCOHOL + SKATES = BRUISES & GREAT FUN. If you want to get in for only $5 RSVP here and look east my wayward son. Here are some pictures from my last time at the Down & Derby Roller Disco. FYI: There will be a line so get there early. If you see us in line and you are ahead of us…please let us cut! Skate on, Uncouthies!


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  1. […] had been planning our epic Thursday since last week and even invited you all to join us in an earlier post. Things were right on schedule until Miss Josie stayed late at work and decided to call it an early […]

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